Thursday, 26 September 2013

Anorexics must be regarded as fat


It used to be believed that anorexics were deluded about their body mass - that although anorexics absolutely believed they were fat and needed to diet, that this belief was in fact a delusion, and that in reality anorexics were dangerously thin and needed to put on weight.

However, apparently, the US Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations, the Supreme Galactic Commander and (most importantly) a bunch of anorexic journalists in the elite mass media - have all decided that from now onwards anorexics are to be regarded as fat - because they are suffering people, who believe they are fat, and therefore to treat them otherwise would increase their suffering.

From now onwards, anorexics will be able to claim as a right all the privileges previously withheld from them by people of normal body mass - diet pills, membership of weight-watcher clubs, and extra-large clothes from those shops for obese people.

Any person who contradicts a skeletal anorexic when they claim to be 'gross' or in need of 'losing a few pounds' will be disciplined and sent for remedial therapy.

Anyone who now states or implies that anorexia is a delusion will be susceptible to an wide range range of penalties - ranging from manufactured international media hate campaigns to fines, sacking, prison.

Anyone who tries to 'treat' anorexia as if it were an illness will be thrown to specially trained packs of wild dogs...

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News just coming-in. It seems that all of the above is made-up; none if it is true.