Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Attitudes and the Thought Police: opponents of Leftism cannot be subversive


New Leftism, post-mid-sixties Leftism, has been about shaping 'attitudes' - and this leads directly to the Thought Police

For Leftism it is not sufficient to go along with the ideology, because Leftists know from their own behaviour that this leaves the door wide-open to subversion.


Leftists work strategically by feigning compliance to religion, to traditional morality, to beauty and truth; but their private attitudes conflict with with all these, and they work in a thousand - mostly indirect (hence deniable) - ways to subvert, mock, undermine, eventually invert religion, traditional morality, truth and beauty.


This is what Leftists do - and they suppose that this is what their opponents do - and this is why Leftists always end-up adopting Thought Police tactics, and persecuting people on the basis of their inferred attitudes - but they are wrong.


They are wrong because subversion is destruction, and destruction only works in one direction.

The opponents of Leftism - the true opponents - are constructive, not subversive; builders not destroyers; makers not wreckers. 

The opponents of Leftism cannot use subversion, because there is nothing in Leftism for them to subvert: or, rather, subverting actually-existing Leftism only leads to more extreme and abstract Leftism.


So the true opponents of Leftism cannot be strategically and covertly subversive in the way of Leftists; and their private attitudes are irrelevant to their effectiveness; because (unlike subversion) the process of construction, building, making must be, can only be, explicit.


This means that the Leftist focus on correct attitudes, and the use of Thought Police tactics to enforce the required attitudes, approaches fairly close to being pure evil - since it is unnecessary, ineffective, a projection - hence in practice an excuse for envy, hatred, cruelty and open-ended destruction of The Good, wherever it may be found or merely suspected to exist.

Of course, this does not in any way serve the interests of Leftists, since they will themselves be consumed by the chaos they foment: but that fact merely confirms (for a Christian) the demonic motivations of Leftism: a hatred of humanity which aims at nothing short of universal and permanent misery.



stephens said...

"This means that the Leftist focus on correct attitudes, and the use of Thought Police tactics to enforce the required attitudes, approaches fairly close to being pure evil" - PC adherents are not merely rejecting God's words (as fairly harmless fictional nonsense) but increasingly seem to want them silenced.
Street preachers are now being arrested (see 25:35 in on video link below)for preaching God's word.
It is hard to watch this happening on the streets of England but vocalizing biblical guidance on immorality is now taken as an intolerable attack on the common PC good.


The Crow said...

We seem to be getting somewhere :)
This business of attitudes, and judgments based upon implication and inference, is a core symptom of leftism.
Difficult to define it, or clearly see it for what it is, when you don't suffer from the madness that causes it.

Anti-Democracy Activist said...

Here I quote John Derbyshire about the left:

"Liberalism, remember, is a totalitarian ideology. It conforms to the general totalitarian principle of no center. That is to say, there is nothing in the middle of the spectrum, nothing that is not total. You totally approve of this or that, or else you are totally, raving hostile to it. You either love Big Brother, or else you must be plotting to assassinate him. If you are not loving, you are hating. This is the totalitarian mindset."

Just so.

As for not being able to be subversive to the left, I disagree completely. Leftism is a utopian cult, and these can be subverted any number of ways. They tear down because they wish to build up something in its place. Yes, you and I know that this utopian dream is a false promise from the Prince of Lies, and *his* objective is ultimately to have leftists tear down what was good and leave only ashes in its place. But that is neither what the leftists nor the lumpenproles believe. And perception is its own sort of reality.

I agree that the left can't be defeated or subverted by using exactly their own tactics, but who would want to use those anyway? The left are bawling children, sniveling beggars, bloody-shirt-wavers, self-righteous tut-tutters, cheats, tattletales, bullies, hypocrites, playground taunters, witch hunters, cliquish snobs, and smarmy gits. I wouldn't stoop to their level if you paid me, and I wouldn't be any good at it if you did, because the mentality needed to do what they do is completely alien to me.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to subvert them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ADA - I think that most people are seriously kidding themselves who believe they are subverting the Left - unless by subversion you mean something like simply being truthful, or Good, or making beautiful stuff. Subversion is the wrong mindset altogether.

Totalitarian is a slippery word - it is used mainly by atheists, and is applied to 'theocracies' as well as to secular communist and national socialist societies - but 'theocracy' includes (or can include) some of the best Christian societies in history (in my judgement) - so totalitarian is a slippery concept...