Thursday, 5 September 2013

Percentage shares of world populations under political control of civilizations 1900-2025


From the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P Huntington, 1996.

Extracted from Table 4.3. 'Pop' refers to world population total in Billions rounded to one decimal place. Other numbers rounded to nearest integer. * refers to projections.

Year      Pop       West     Islam      Sinic     Afric

1900       1.6          44          4              19           0

1920        1.9         48           2              17           1

1971        3.7         14           13            23           6

1995        5.8         13           16           24           10

2025*      8.5         10           19           21           14

This Table had a profound influence on my thinking - a case of scales dropping from eyes...

Of course, since the book was written 18 years ago, the precise estimates for 2025 have changed - but the direction, speed and severity of changes in the size and composition of the world population over the past century are stunning - and presumably unprecedented in world history.

But, naturally, nobody talks about this stuff.



JP said...

One must also wonder about any figures for "the West" after 1970 - namely, how much of that 10-15% includes non-Western (Islamic or African or Sinic) immigrants?

"The West" might be even smaller than it seems from the raw population numbers.

FeminizedWesternMale said...

It is called slow genocide, and it is unofficial policy of the multi-cult crowd. Miscegenation, and open-borders - as the mantra goes, Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FWM - But look how early it began. A lot of this began as an unplanned, unconscious side effect of fertility reductions in the West combined with the diffusion of Western prosperity to the rest of the World (this was a choice, but probably made in ignorance) causing major reductions in child mortality - in other words a reduction in birth rates in some places combined with a reduction in death rates in others.

Now, of course, there is actual destructive intent, in which population shifts are being used by the agents of evil in a way which seems obvious to me, and which explains why mentioning what is happening is punishable - but naturally is not obvious to the majority who do not believe in evil.

Crosbie said...

Does India count as population under Western political control in 1920?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Crosbie - I assume so, since it was. India was the really BIG deal in the British Empire, skimming-off the cream of the British upper classes as administrators and (if memory serves) inducing Queen Victoria to add And Empress of India (or something similar) to her list of titles...