Thursday, 26 September 2013

The worst brass section I have ever heard on a classical recording


This is a curiosity!

Now, I have far from 'perfect pitch/ exact intonation' - but this LP is truly excruciating; reminding me of lunchtime concerts from (unauditioned, unrehearsed) orchestras of students

From Händel: Orchestral Works - Part 1/3 - Water Music

Recorded 1974 - La Grande Ecurie & La Chambre du Roy

Go to Part I: WATER MUSIC (Complete)
and then

VIII. Minuet (21:49)

to get the full flavour of the thing.

It is utterly incomprehensible to me how this recording was released  - but presumably there was an interesting story somewhere.

It may be that people were making (ahem) 'allowances' for the musicians playing on original instruments - presumably natural/ unvalved French Horns etc.

Or something...

(In the seventies I sat through a few rather similar debacles at live performances featuring natural trumpets - Bach concerti, Cantatas, Passions and the like. It was important to know the piece well, so as to understand what the musicians were 'getting at' - otherwise it sounded like Charles Ives on a bad day.)