Friday, 13 September 2013

Being creative is an ability to recognize problems (but not necessarily to solve them)



dearieme said...

It's fascinating how often tales of creative effort seem to be incomplete.

I read just today about Mr Colt and his famous revolver. But the blogger says, essentially, that the creative idea wasn't his, he just developed a design used in the Indian Army.

I say "just" possibly unjustly; development is no easy matter. No doubt the development itself was full of creative acts. But the first order acts, to wit the identification of the problem (introducing a suitable pistol for horsemen) and the start of its solution (the revolver principle) had already been accomplished.

Once a whole civilisation begins to throw up acts of creativity, their interactions must become very hard to disentangle.

dbk_999 said...

I guess this adds one more reason why creatives aren't always liked very much. Identifying problems, but no solutions, will be viewed as mere 'complaining' by non-creatives.