Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Colleagues lost to Global Warming mania

I often muse on how many close colleagues, i.e. men who I have at some point allied-with, or 'worked-with' on projects of various types, I have lost to Global Warming over the past couple of decades.

It amounts to quite a high percentage, considering that I have not had all that many collaborators.

(On the other hand, I too have changed - and much of what I worked for I now consider bad; much of what I work for now I would have considered bad in the past. That, no doubt, is how my current position would seem to them - it is I who have changed, who have deviated from the norm.)

It has been surprising and dismaying to recognize that people who seemed to have good judgement, seemed to understand how things worked, ended-up on the wrong side in the biggest, most obvious, most expensive, sustained and harmful scientific fraud of all time.

The causes have been various. One cause is the lure of grants, jobs, promotions, status etc. Another is that I misjudged and over-estimated people.

But the main cause is the recidivist Leftism of the Western intellectual elites. The intelligentsia have proven themselves to be Leftist uber alles and in the face of common sense, personal experience, science and reason.

It is clear that for the past generation, Leftism (and Leftism embraces all mainstream political views in The West, including nationalism, conservatism, libertarianism, and populism) almost-always leads-to corruption, sooner or later.

(The only non-Leftist groups are some traditional religions - none of them dominant or powerful among the Western ruling persons and institutions.)

Far too many once-decent men have incrementally drifted into habitual groupthink, selective blindness, habitual untruth, aesthetic and moral inversion - becoming in the process a species of deluded all-but zombie (dead souled - yet still moving, working, debating, judging, advocating).


Note: When I say these colleagues or collaborators were 'lost'; I really mean lost-to-me qua colleagues or collaborators. Not necessarily as friends! But lost because my scientific-respect was lost. wrt. evaluations, if they cannot see the beam/ tree/ forest in their own eye, then their capacity for discernment in the smaller (yet vital) 'motes' I work on, has been thereby made un-trust-worthy.

Further Note: You cannot get apples out of Oranges. Garbage in: Garbage out. A truth-free system cannot generate truth (no matter how complex the mathematical procedures.

If science is to 'work' - all the participants need to seek truth and speak truth, all the time - and when they stray from this it must be explicitly noted, sanctions applied, confession and repentance are necessary. Or else the liar will be excluded: permanently. 

Historically, this has been extremely unusual behaviour for human beings, and it is very hard to fake. The fact that Climate Change research does not come anywhere remotely near this required behaviour is - I would have thought - about as obvious as anything can be.