Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What can beat antiracism as the primary moral imperative? For sure, not anti-antiracism. (Clue: The only answer is Religion)

Decades of secular conservative, libertarian, reactionary, reasonable, humane responses to the insane evil of primary antiracism have been utterly futile.

Logical analysis, humane reason, appeals to decency and moderation, appeals to national or personal self-interest, satire and mockery, attempts to usurp antiracism with other secular Left ideals such as compassion, alleviation of suffering, equality... all utterly ineffectual.

After all this, antiracist witch-hunts are more frequent and more severe than ever before.


'Racism' remains undefined to a point way beyond absurdity, anyone is vulnerable, the consequences of antiracist mania very obviously extremely harmful...

But it makes no difference.

The scale, organization, duration and public/ police/ official visibility of child and other sexual slavery abuse 'scandals' unveiled after 'Rotherham' is off-the-map for Britain in known history - and these are a direct product of antiracism.

But nothing has changed after 'Rotherham' etc, things continue to get worse. 'Rotherham' is merely the tip of an iceberg of suffering, and fundamental national and personal damage from antiracism which will only cease with utter societal destruction unless it is defeated.


Why does antiracism rule supreme and invulnerable to consequences?

In a nutshell because for the modern secular (which is Leftist) mind - in other words for the mainstream mass of people with power, influence, education, and authority - nothing is worse than racism. Thus, antiracism is the highest human value.

Antiracism trumps all. This is the situation.


What can be done about this situation?

Well NOT trying to attack the moral primacy of antiracism - that will not work, this has not worked - it has indeed been if anything counter-productive.

(We have to assume that everything done so far is likely to be counter-productive.)


So what is strong enough to beat antiracism?

Religion, obviously.

Not any religion - but some religions: a few traditional, patriarchal, monotheistic religions or particular groups (or sects) within those religions.

So that is it. Matters are very clear. Antiracism cannot be defeated as a primary goal but only as a secondary by-product of  higher goals: religious goals.

Therefore, if you believe it is vital to defeat antiracism as the primary moral value of The West, then you must accept that we must have Religion.


Matters are not just simple but clear: there is a choice of possible Religions.

All you have to do is make your choice, and then live by it (as best you can).

Therefore, unless you are already an adherent of one of these religions; your moral priority (merely from the perspective of the necessity to defeat antiracism) must be to investigate these religions.

Socio-politically, nothing could be more important.


(This is not the best reason to investigate and choose your religion; but it is one reason - and it is a sufficient reason.)