Tuesday, 23 June 2015

If a leader emerged who might be a saviour of the West - what kind of person might he be?

If a leader was to emerge who might save The West (or some significant part of it) from self-hatred and indirect suicide, from the dead-ly combination of alienation and nihilism... what kind of person would he have to be?


He would, I think need to be a break from the recently-typical type of pseudo-leader - the promoted middle manager, the hysteric and the psychopath - who has so effectively served the interests of New Leftism (the ruling bureaucracy and the mass media) over the past fifty years.

There would need to be something magical, uncanny, unpredictable about him. His focus would - although this may seem paradoxical - be on the aesthetic good and the truth rather than on morality (since Leftism is all about moral outrage as an excuse and justification for lies, ugliness and hatred).

He would, of course, need to be a natural leader, a man of spontaneous authority (not, therefore, an intellectual); and in the background, in the shadows (as it were), there would probably be a grey eminence, a wizardly intellectual and poetic adviser, a Merlin-type magician.

Most likely, this person would be of noble background (although I'm not sure what kind of 'noble' this would be - but a kind which is recognized as such, without need for argument or emphasis).

Of course, this leader would be chosen of God (in that sense 'anointed') and his qualities might well come from what seemed to be a difference in nature - a prophet, reincarnate, suspected angel?...something of that sort.

He would not, of course, be perfect or flawless; but his imperfections and flaws would be of-a-piece with his strengths and leadership qualities. Therefore these defects would not be hidden nor minimized, although they would be repented. In sum, his dark side would indirectly reinforce his status as leader.


Now, it could well be said that what I have depicted sounds more like an Antichrist, a dark sorcerer (an Adolf Hitler type, in other words) than the Christian leader which would be needed to save us.

But my point is this: from where we are now, after half a century of New Leftism - a fake leader, an evil leader would almost certainly be someone who built upon the evil heritage of New Leftism, political correctness, and social justice: therefore the really dangerous kind of evil leader would not be the kind of person I described above - since that would be to risk losing all the progress-towards universal nihilism and alienation which has been the demonic triumph recent decades.

From where we stand, the Antichrist (and, of course, there may be several or many of these) would be a bureaucrat or a mass media man - and certainly not a real leader of the wartime Winston Churchill type which I have described above.