Friday, 10 July 2015

If that is what you want - OK - have it! (See where it gets you)

God is not destroying us - we are being allowed to destroy ourselves.

In the past few years I have written three books: Thought Prison on Political Correctness or New Leftism; Not Even Trying on the corruption and collapse of (real) science; and Addicted to Distraction about the mass media.

The themes are linked by a common cause - which is that, as a society, The West is being given what it wants.


Leftism was rooted in apostasy and atheism - the rejection of God, Christianity, the Church. Instead of a life devoted to the pursuit of holiness we wanted a secular society based on the pursuit of happiness - now we've got it.

Science was the basis of the industrial revolution, it unleashed unprecedented power. Science was the product of a small number of self-motivated truth seekers; instead we wanted to make science a measurable and manageable industrial process - and we got what we wanted - a vast and expensive bureaucracy; but there is no science in it. No more science, no new power.

We wanted the entertainment, and distraction of the mass media. We chose to be connected with the mass media in preference to human society or solitude - we got it.  We want to reject common sense and believe that life is however we choose to define it - and the mass media provided a world that made this happen.

We want to believe-in that world of the mass media - instead of believing what we know from experience - and we have been allowed to believe that the mass media is reality, and that reality is whatever we want.


Western society has become routinely dishonest, corruption is accepted. Virtual reality, propaganda and lies are preferred to truth - and we are being allowed our world of hype and spin and disinformation.

Education was regarded by radicals as a scam - they have made it one. Positions, jobs, prizes and qualifications are doled-out out to to those radicals favour; content is eluted. The old radicals said that school was glorified child-minding - modern radicals have extended this to college - we now have adult-minding... for ever more of the population at ever greater cost, stretching ever further into what used to be maturity.


Alienation, isolation and daydreams are preferred to the solid realities of family: we've now got alienation in spades. What used to be the preserve of a few rich bohemians is now mass produced, and democratically available to all.

We like to argue that life is meaningless and purposeless, to convince ourselves and others that this is true; that God is (long since) dead, that morality is an invention, that beauty is relative and subjective, that truth is whatever people can be made to believe - well, we have been granted our wishes: nihilism used to be confined to a handful of radical philosophers and artists - now nihilism is normal.

Marriage and the family are seen as evil, and incrementally subverted and eroded - expanding promiscuity and social media are instead preferred - it's here!

We wanted to be able to have sex without babies, sex without marriage, sex with anybody we fancied - we got it; plus universal depictions, discussions, dramatizations of this. The sexual revolution has moved beyond 'liberation' into a psychosis - the promotion of sexual virtue is prohibited and punished - the promotion of sexual delusion is mainstream and mandatory; because we are being allowed to believe and enforce whatever we want.

We made choices, they have consequences which we see, experience, live - and still we stick-by the choices.


The fact is, we need to be destroyed. And we have decided to do the job ourselves. And we are being allowed to do it.


Even after decades of self-inflicted decline, modern Man is too powerful - because we consistently abuse all the power we have, and every new power.

Supposing the world was still full of scientific geniuses, and that people were still as intelligent, educated and self-motivated as they used-to be? -  Supposing we still made major technical breakthroughs? - What would we use them for? - Supposing there were still great composers, writers, philosophers? - What kind of beliefs would they be inspiring in us?

No, we cannot be trusted with power, therefore power is being stripped from us - but not by the direct action of God, simply by allowing us to have what we so persistently ask for.

And the whole process is concealed by our rooted cultural preference for dishonesty and delusion. Another choice with consequences.


In giving us what we have asked for and allowing the consequences to unfold, I think God has a very simple plan - to strip-us down to the basics, which are very hard to deny.  And start again.

Since we have rejected Christianity, we are now a sub-Christian society - because we are not pagan. In our active moral inversion and purposive promotion of evil and insanity, we have become sub-pagan, worse than pagan.

(Paganism was good but incomplete, hence distorted - we are not incomplete but inverted. For pagans good was good but lacked Christian balance and completeness; for us most goods are relabelled evil.)


Everything depends on our choices - for sure; but the anticipated end of our willed self-destruction probably will not be a recovery of Christianity en masse - because we are too-far-gone in our depravity of chosen belief; but the end will something much lower than that.

The recovery of the West can probably not be anything much better than the mere restoration of natural religion - the acknowledgement of realities such as the soul, good and evil, our involvement in reality, the reality of gods.

From this, in time, Christianity may be rebuilt; indeed this may happen quickly, since the superiority of Christianity is so obvious to pagans.

But even then, no Man can be forced to believe, nor does God wish it - and anyone one, even in desperate extremis of alienation and nihilism with nothing to lose, may still choose to live by lies. There is precedent for such a choice.


We may not like, we probably will not like, the unfolding consequences of our choices; but the consequences are nonetheless consequences - they are caused by our choices.

If we insist on holding onto bad choices, bad consequences will continue to follow.

And the consequences of The West's choices are clear and predictable - We are walking open-eyed into destruction - having chosen it.