Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Readers question: Is England as much of a draconian politically correct society as it appears in the media?

My response: Yes. Since the 1980s England has caught-up-with then overtaken the USA wrt PC. And in England, unlike the US, there is no significant opposition.

Because English people are so docile/ cowardly about such matters, and so advanced in their apostasy from Christianity (which is what makes them so docile/ cowardly) conversation of a non-PC type has simply shut-down. There is now almost nothing non-PC in the mass media of UK origin, and no Christian group of non-PC views that is other than tiny and almost powerless.

Interestingly, the main victims of PC witch-hunts nowadays are insufficiently-PC Leftists. There are so few people who are genuinely 'Right wing' in the UK (a fraction of one percent, I would guess) - and no organized powerful group that is not Left wing - so that the exemplary victims, the scapegoats, which the system needs can only be found among those among the Leftist mainstream who are showing some glimmers of residual common sense.

The idea of an 'extreme Right wing' party in Modern England is a group that is atheist, explicitly socialist in economics, and pro-sexual revolution - but exhibits some kind of minor deviation from the mainstream in the direction of patriotism or racial politics.

Yet, somehow I sense that all is not lost - a strength remains, latent. Since it is not in the people, maybe it is in the books, the buildings and the land?