Thursday, 17 November 2016

Establishment engineered and funded hate-mongering post-Brexit, post-Trump - this is spiritual warfare, not politics

The US seems to be getting a dose of that post-election Establishment engineered and funded hate-mongering which was also - but less successfully - tried in the UK after Brexit.

In other words the mainstream Leftist institutions of the state (politics, civil administration, police, law and the charities and NGOs) collude with the mass media to cause, organise, pay-for, misreport, mislabel, amplify and encourage civil disorder under the pretense it is a spontaneous popular uprising against what was actually a spontaneous popular expression of popular will.

Hatred among the defeated Establishment and their supporters and clients is being stoked-up and rationalised and excused; and the victims of this hatred are... well, the mass of ordinary people.

How should this be interpreted?

Well, my warning is that the 'political' level of understanding about this matter is mistaken and counter-productive.

The mainstream and secular Right seem to interpret this strategic mass hate-mongering as a political 'push-back' designed to reverse (or neutralise) Brexit/ the Trump Presidency.

But it isn't. It is much worse.

This is the attempt to provoke mutual hatred, fear, and resentment for its own sake, to poison the motivations of everybody; not to achieve some political end. The Establishment want a permanent state-of-hate in The West - regardless of the political consequences.

They want the Leftists, the politically correct, the social justice warriors, and their pandered victim groups (feminists, sexual revolutionaries, antiracists etc) to be in a constant state of hatred towards the ordinary people - and they want this feeling to be mutual.

The point is that for the global conspiracy; hatred is the goal - and they don't want either side to win! 

They want to create in The West the same kind of situation they have so successfully created and perpetuated in The Middle East - that is a constant state of negative spiritual warfare, without resolution, with no winners but only losers and everyone a loser.

We need to get a better measure of the scale of evil we are up against - this is not politics-as-usual; this is demonic strategy with the gloves-off.