Friday 4 November 2016

Brexit threatened... Yeoman of England - step forward!

With the excellent news that the Government's devious policy of Brexit-in-name-only has been sabotaged by rogue members of the cosmopolitan UK-ruling elite (who have decided among themselves that Brexit is 'illegal' without a vote in Parliament, which will surely defeat it)

- the English people (who favour Brexit by approx 2:1) are having their noses rubbed in the fact that the sadistic demonic upper/ professional/ intellectual class have zero intention of stepping-off the down-escalator to national destruction and spiritual suicide

- and if the English people want a different destiny they will need to get it by new means and from new directions.

Time for the Yeomen class of England to step forward, as a body - to take-over national leadership!

By Yeoman I mean the class of skilled workers, small businesses, foremen, family farmers, Non-Commissioned Officers (the Sergeants and Corporals) - the people who actually do most of the constructive work which gets done.

I wrote about this in my 2011 anti-SJW book Thought Prison

Under the name of the NCO class - and their moment is now.

Members of this class familiar (uncharacteristic in their fame as writers - but of this class in terms of origin and outlook) to readers of this blog would include the likes of Charles Williams, Colin Wilson, David Icke, Joseph Pearce - as Charles Williams wrote, this 'middle class' (by one definition) has always been a major source of the most significant Englishmen.

The Yeomen wre the Anglo Saxon rulers, under the Norman Yoke; William Langland as contrasted with Chaucer; Shakespeare and Ben Jonson as contrasted with Christopher Marlowe and Philip Sidney; William Blake as contrasted with John Dryden; Charles Dickens as contrasted with Anthony Trollope... and so on.

The class is not perfect, by any means - nor do all good things come from them. The Yeomanry was the origin of Nonconformism (with its many strengths and defects) the Old Trades Union-based Labour Party (likewise with virtues as well as fatal flaws) - and was latterly corrupted, weakened and subverted by secularism, materialism and Leftism.
For the past couple of generations, the English Yeomanry has become demonised in the mainstream media and among the elites by the rise of the upper class New Left of feminism, antracism, diversity... the whole package of nihilistic hedonism.

But this moment - here and now and starting today - is when the Yeoman class could be reborn as a multitude of national leaders (not one leader, but an un-stoppable, multi-headed hydra of local leaders); if they can re-find their spiritual strength and self-confidence.


This topic is explored and the theme is elaborated - sometimes very amusingly - in today's podcast by that stalwart 'yeoman' mentioned above - David Icke:

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