Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Relief, not pleasure - hope but not optimism

I am very relieved that Clinton is not going to be the U.S. President; but not optimistic that Trump will himself be an agent of positive change.

This pessimism derives from his nothing/ conciliatory acceptance speech. My prediction is that the first hours and days tell you what to expect; and that if radical transformation is not there and at the front from the very start, it never will happen.

By this, Trump will be just another mainstream secular Leftist politician - better than his evil, incompetent, warmongering and dementing opponent; but not a positive good.

However, the unleashed forces that brought Trump to power... well they do fill me with both hope and also a dash of optimism!

This could be the next step towards a real spiritual awakening in the West - so far 2016 continues not to disappoint. The dominoes are lining up...