Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Alt-Right recognises we live in The Matrix; but fundamentally misunderstands its purpose

Just like The Matrix movies - the Alt-Right misunderstands the nature of The System; and it does so because it interprets the system's goals in economic, national, racial, sex-political terms.

To analyse Life (including politics) in terms of power-differentials, economics, nationalism, racialism, or sex-politics is objectively and historically Leftism; hence the Alt-Right are (merely) Leftist heretics - and this can be seen by the clear motivation of the movement to take-over The State Apparatus in order to sort-out the economy, harness and encourage national pride, reverse the racism and sexism of the Left and so on.

It's not that these objectives are bad, actually or necessarily, but that these are all Leftist objectives which merely tweak the system without reversing its direction - all of them were historical objectives of radical political movements, mostly in the 18th or 19th century, and all flowed-into modern New Leftism (political correctness, SJWs) for the simple reason that they are this-wordly and gratification-orientated and justified (i.e. utilitarian).

To interpret Life in terms of economic, national, racial, sexual variable just is The Matrix - and it interacts with and amplifies our false selves. To break out from The Matrix requires our true selves perceiving reality beyond sociological abstractions and second-order, short-termist gratifications.

The only true opposition to Leftism would be to put spiritual and religious goals as primary and central to politics; and this isn't something to be smuggled-in when people are looking the wrong way, or on the back of 'sensible' common-sensical reforms to immigration, the economy and the law.

No - if we want to reverse the rocket-propelled sled to suicide and damnation, we must subordinate ALL secular objectives to the primacy of spiritual goals.

Perhaps/ Probably we cannot at this point and from here, go directly to Christianity (although that is the eventual goal); but at least, and as a first-step, we absolutely-must reject the materialism, scientism, positivist, hedonic focus of modernity; and restore spiritual objectives as the natural and universal focus and motivation of human life.