Thursday, 10 November 2016

That unfulfilled promise - What happened to Wikileaks/ Anonymous's promises? (Residual Leftism?)

Going back over the events of the US election, one aspect was that Wikileaks (and Anonymous - if such a group really exists in any coherent fashion - about which I am unsure) lost credibility by making very specific predictions and claims (at the level of information, time, place and person) which were not delivered in a timely fashion:

This was clearly an error - although it is not at all clear at present where the error lay. For example, Hillary Clinton was neither charged nor arrested. Thus the Alternative Media in general, and Wikileaks in particular has lost some of its hard-won reputation for accurate information and delivering on promises.

Why such errors?

1. I think one reason is a kind of naiveté - the false assumption that people will get what they deserve according to civilized standards.

The media (whether Mainstream or Alternative) can (potentially) accurately state whether somebody ought to be arrested or charged with a crime - but they cannot predict whether this will in fact happen.

There are too many other factors at work. In particular, those whose job is to act; may for many reasons choose not to act, or somehow be prevented from acting.

2. Secondly, the Alt Media were very foolish indeed in stating I some detail what they intended to do; because that enabled powerful people to stop it from happening.

It looks to me as if there was some combination of sabotage, bribery and intimidation which meant that what were probably sincere intentions were not fulfilled.

The lesson is surely that it is stupid to behave like a Marvel villain engaging in a gloating monologue, describing all the terrible things you are Going-To Do.

IF you really intend to do something, for Heavens sake get on with it.

Don't warn them: Just Do It!

3. I regard it as significant that these Alternative organisations are all of the Left - they all see themselves as idealistic and uncorrupted Leftists, fighting a fake and corrupt Establishment which they fail to recognise as also Leftist in history, aims and methods, and basic world-view (ie. the global conspiracy and their puppet Establishment are precisely 'the pragmatic Left').

Being Leftist inevitably means that the Alternative Media world view is significantly distorted compared with true reality.

Most of the idealistic Left get a free pass for misbehaviour from the pragmatic, most of the time - indeed they are encouraged in misbehaviour by hidden hands and funding agencies (e.g. the recent Establishment organised race riots and current Astroturf anti-Trump riots). Thus Wikileaks used to be a darling of The Establishment.

But during this election the Establishment were very afraid; and the Alt-Left were for a while being treated like The Right gets treated all the time. The kid gloves were off. The slander, dirty tricks, bribery, corruption and sabotage were all wheeled out against them.

This just is what the Left does - and why not? They are Godless materialist hedonists!  What's to stop them doing whatever is expedient?

The Alternative Media need to reflect on their encouraging yet also chastening experiences over the past days, weeks and months; and learn from their own systematic weaknesses and distortions.