Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Can the cancer of Leftism be brought to recognise its own absurdity?

Cancer is absurd.

A single cell gets the idea that the rest of the host organism should be organised for the cancer cell's benefit. If it succeeds, it fails - because the cancer dies along with the organism.

Leftism is an alliance of cancers - who have combined so as better to exploit the host organism - the more Leftism succeeds, that faster it fails - because an alliance of cancers will kill the host faster than one cancer alone.

The question is - can the cancer be brought to recognise its own absurdity?

Can a cancer become disillusioned with its project - can a cancer look ahead and predict where it is heading, and draw back from that terminus?

Can a cancer recognise that the ideology of cancer is nonsense; that there is no justification for cancer from any perspective?

Can a cancer recognise that the 'freedom to be a cancer' is not freedom but merely delayed-suicide: an act of self-hatred even as it is an act of blind pride?

What, then, is freedom? It is the pursuit of one's own unique destiny - in a sense when destiny is a part of the divine creative hope in an eternal perspective. And what makes sense of it all is love: Love is the cohesion and purpose of the universe.

Might the cancer come to recognise this hope, set aside suicidal pride, and ally itself with creativity-in-love?

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