Thursday, 2 February 2017

The British Parliament votes for Brexit by a large majority!

This is, or should be, a very big surprise - because just eight months ago at the time of the EU Referendum the mass of British MPs and all of the major political parties were solidly against Brexit.

Now most of these ex-Remain-ers have publicly voted to Leave the European Union.

Will some of these individuals wake-up this morning and realise what this implies? That they have publicly acknowledged that they have been utterly wrong about the best and necessary future of Britain for the past two generations? Will they repent in their hearts, as they already have by their actions?

Will they recognise that the overwhelming consensus of the Establishment has always been wrong on this massive question; but the mass of ordinary middling British people have always been right?

And what is the essence of the EU project? Well, secular Leftism of course! Progressive politics, perpetual revolution, destruction of marriage, family, patriotism; a centralised mega-state regulated by a tiny elite controlling a unified and cross-linked media-bureaucratic-corporate-legal-mercantile complex that reaches everywhere; and which is based on the principle of incremental and progressive subversion, destruction and eventually inversion of The Good.

Brexit is against this - so Brexit is well-motivated and a Good Thing; however it happens to turn-out. And the British political class are now, officially, pro-Brexit...

Even considering that politicians are among the worst and most corrupted of people; this fact of public record must create a considerable cognitive dissonance - which will resolve itself one way, or the other.

(For example: Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party - which formed the UK government most recently from 1997-2010 - last June sent around a personal letter posted to all households and telling us we should vote Remain; but yesterday he imposed a 'Three Line Whip' on his MPs, ordering them to vote for Brexit or else face party discipline.) 

The vast edifice of demonic evil - built-up by the global conspiracy if evil over so many years - is shaking, wobbling, frightened; more vulnerable than for a long time.

But in the end, everything will hinge on the private decisions of individuals; perhaps even of one single individual - this is how the world works (although we never know the specifics, in mortal life).

The threads of causality converge on a point of decision, then diverge-out from that point.

At that point it might be You - You will, soon, be brought to some point, and will make a difficult choice. You cannot ever know that your choice is not the one at the convergence point of a vast portion of the web, your choice the origin of many other changes.

And anyway, nothing is insignificant in this world - everything matters, because anything might be crucial.

(There are no 'unimportant people'.)

How you decide, how you perform on that single test of integrity, could determine the future of the nations.

Be ready.