Friday, 3 February 2017

Trump and Brexit are a step-back from self-hating slow-suicide - but Not a step in-the-right-direction

Trump's first couple of weeks have shown that he meant what he said in his campaign, and he has implemented his expressed intentions with the effectiveness of a new-broom CEO revitalising a flagging corporation.

Trump is a step back from a positive ideology of self-hatred and a covert policy of personal self-damnation and the active pursuit of national suicide; but he is not providing a new goal. Trump may revitalise the corporation, but will not turn-it-around to point in a new direction.

The mission statement of USA-Inc. remains the same: (approximately) peace, prosperity and comfort - and all of it in this mortal life.

But this idea of the USA is not about what it needs to be about - salvation and theosis - nor does it provide the necessary eternal perspective.

Even if Trump was wholly successful in achieving all his core objectives - it would still leave the fundamental problem untouched: even this degree of success would not Save The USA, not remotely - and indeed the USA would not be especially worth saving; because it would still be based upon a metaphysical neglect of The Good and the pursuit of material, hedonic goals.

(Neglect of The Good is preferable to Inversion of the Good - but Neglect is not good enough.)

Trump will probably provide secular, this-worldly outcomes more effectively than his recent predecessors; but the USA is still on the road to damnation and self-destruction - because that is the inevitable outcome of any and all secular polities.

Much the same for Britain and Brexit - a very valuable step-back from actively and deliberately implementing a totalitarian atheist super-state dedicated to evil...

But Britain still utterly lacks a positive religious awakening (in this respect much worse-off than the USA) - Christianity is the only thing that could potentially set us on the proper path; the only thing that might save us from what is otherwise certain destruction.