Friday, 10 February 2017

The assumption must be that all news is fake - the wisdom is in knowing the exceptions

We have now had two solid months of propaganda about 'fake news' the real lie being that some news is not fake.

By creating a discourse over which news, or which news sources, count as 'fake'; the false assumption has been reinforced that some news and sources are 'real'.

As always with corrupt modernity, the discussion is brought down to factual specifics - when facts are strictly meaningless and consequently endlessly debatable. With fake news (all news) it is the intent, the motivations behind the facts which are fake - and these are typically crystal clear.

And that is the really big lie - the biggest fake of all.

A news source could only, even potentially, be real if it was trying its best to be truthful... Now we would surely agree that that does not apply to a single one of the mainstream, named, large news sources. In none of them is truthfulness the primary priority, which means, as a minimum, that other factors (profit, ideology, careerism - whatever) are more important than truth on any particular issue.

They will always, always, Always be trying to mislead. 

What chance that we can rely on them to be truthful? Realistically - none.

News is fake. That must be the baseline assumption, the habitual assumption - at minimum the assumption when it comes to important stuff.

What then isn't fake? Well, truth can only come from a person - not an organisation. (Maybe in the past some organisations were truthful - but not any more.) And truth on a theme could only come from somebody who was honest and competent.

So, we must make a judgement of who is both well-motivated, and in a position to know - and that should be our chosen source on any particular theme.

And if we can't find such a person - then we will not be able to be told - and if we are called upon to act will have to do our best alone... by meditation, reflection, intuition. These are very difficult to accomplish without our own (perhaps covert) agenda distorting the outcome - but are at least potentially truthful - but the news is not: not even potentially.

This is not specific to news. All science is fake science, all art is fake art, all education is fake, same with law, medicine and everything else. That is the correct baseline assumption.

All fake except for the exceptions - and it is how we locate and evaluate the exceptions which determines whether we ourselves are fake.