Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Reasons for the need to wake-up

Awakening is a good term; because it is clear that we cannot sleep through the necessary spiritual awakening - else Life will continue to develop as a living nightmare of conflicted instincts.

We must acknowledge the reality of the spiritual; which entails repenting the error of materialism. None of this can happen unconsciously; especially when public discourse is inculcating and enforcing our blindness and falsehood.

(Indeed, it is exactly this public discourse which ensures we will learn the lesson that we need to learn to be saved; awareness is what is required of us, and to bring forth and compel full awareness entails opposition.)

Rescue, therefore, may come (and would come, if it happened) from an undetectable and denied source - but rescue will not come from people who don't know what they are doing. The rescuers must know what they are doing, and know that they know - or they will be a part of the problem.

The situation (here, now) is one in which awareness is the point at issue.

The spiritual dimension may be expressed simply - too simply for the intellectual elite to 'take seriously'... the repudiation of error may be regarded as crude, slashing - and lacking in nuance and precision.

None of that matters a jot. Public discourse is painted with a broad brush - always and everywhere. What matters is the nature and subject of the painting, and that its painting is purposive, deliberate, self-aware.