Friday, 23 November 2018

Bureaucracy just-is totalitarian (and vice versa)

Bureaucracy is at the very heart of the modern world - it is the common factor that unites all organisations and nations and super-national organisations - because all such are primarily bureaucracies, and only secondarily whatever the organisation is supposed to be doing.

(Another surrent term for this is 'convergence' - because bureaucracy is intriniscally Leftist*.)

At an obvious level, the organisations become organised for the benefit of managers rather than doers: because there are more managers than functionaries, and the bureaucratic systems take all power to the managerial role.

This means that organisations do things that benefit (senior) managerial careers - things like reorganisations, initiatives, and publicity seeking activities.

But aside from providing an environment for a certain type of careerism; what does bureaucracy aim-at? Well, we can see for ourselves: control.

Bureaucracy aims-at an ideal of machine-like, computer-like organisation - and the main obstacle is human beings. So all bureaucracy intrinsically aims at first ever-closer monitoring and then ultimately at micro-control of the personnel (actions, attitudes, motivations - because all behavioural control aims-at thought-control).

Hence the vast apparatus by which people spend more time in data collection than in actually doing stuff.

As a single representative example: the engineers who come to maintain my central heating spend about half an hour on the job and a half hour afterwards filling forms and logging their activities so that the bureaucracy may monitor and control him. The cost is that he probably does only 2/3 of the maintenance work he could otherwise accomplish - productivity reduced by more than 30 percent.

Or, more extremely; after nearly thirty years of this stuff, the amount of actual medicine practised in a day by the average British doctor has halved (at least).

So, we can see that bureaucracy is aiming at something very different from doing any-kind-of-job; it is aiming at monitoring and control of... well, of every-thing and every-body, ultimately.

And because this trend is 1. across-the-board and 2. bureaucracy is unopposed, and indeed encouraged, by those with power and influence - we can infer that the ideal of total-control is 1. intrinsic to the nature of bureaucracy and 2. a strategic goal of those in power.

Now - the obvious 'functional' rejoinder is that bureaucracy is tending towards a situation of 100% monitoring and control, 0% functionality (a populace whose function is merely to-be-monitored, to-be-controlled) - and that is true; and great strides have been made towards this implicit goal.

Yet, obviously, this would be an end to human society, the death of human society. Yet still the process of bureaucratisation unrolls and is implemented... This implies first that those who are behind the process care nothing about whether human society continues or not; and that instead the goal of controlling actually-existing-humans - here and now, in the immediate term - is over-riding.

All this is no mystery if we recognise the Hidden Hand behind global bureaucracy as demonic.

My conclusion is that bureaucracy is both intrinsically and purposively evil; and this is The Reason why it is expanding so rapidly towards ever more complete totalitarianism.

*All bureaucratic organisations are substantially Leftist, and Left-tending - including churches; this being, indeed, a major mechanism for the Leftist corruption of churches.