Sunday, 11 November 2018

The evil Global Conspiracy is invisible because of metaphysical self-blinding

Why cannot people perceive the reality of a malign, covert top-down strategy - considering that it has been so successful for more than 200 years, and is still running according to plan? And - one might be tempted to add - considering that there is so much evidence for its reality?

Well, as I have often said; evidence is secondary to metaphysics; and the Evil Global Conspiracy is invisible because of our metaphysical assumptions; therefore its existence can never be proved by evidence.

More precisely the Conspiracy is spiritual, and has spiritual goals; whereas mainstream modern thinking is materialist/ positivist/ scientist/ reductionist - which means that it excludes even the possibility of a spiritual dimension.

So a Global Spiritual Conspiracy cannot exist for most modern materialist people, because such things are not real. Evidence is irrelevant.

Things are - in actuality - even more extreme than that; because mainstream modern people cannot even conceptualise the goals of strategic evil, because such goals are spiritual not material.

By contrast; the modern notion of 'evil' is simply 'material selfishness' pursued with indifference to the means (i.e. being prepared to inflict suffering and death as a means to that end). Modern people cannot really conceptualise evil 'for its own sake' - but only as a means to self-gratification; and therefore actual evil is reinterpreted or invisible.

The mass of Mainstream Conspiracy Theorists are generally correct about the identity and actions of the Global Establishment - but because they too are materialists, they utterly misunderstand the motives of The Conspiracy; and nearly-always emphasise that the Evil Elite want power, pleasure, sex, luxury for themselves... whereas genuine evil would desire primarily to harm others. Thus evil is more like spite than greed.

MCTs point at problems such as poverty, violence, disease and death - and explain them in terns of being deliberate inflictions of the Global Establishment. But against any specific examples of such sufferings; the world population continues to rise, life expectancy continues to rise, standards of living continue to rise, and the prevalence of inter-national and civil-wars is much lower than it could be.

The 'evidence' is ambiguous - as would be expected if what is being measured is not what is being aimed-at.

The reality of the situation is that of course there Is a Global Conspiracy, and there always has been - the side of evil in the spiritual war. It's just that they are far more successful, powerful, pervasive than ever before.

So, in a world of evil triumphant-but-invisible; what does it mean, from the individual perspective? We are each and individually challenged to perceive reality and to respond appropriately.

Much of what happens in public discourse has the fingerprints of strategic evil all over it for those with eyes to see; and if we fail to observe that fact, then our failure is spiritual. But if we do notice, and do not respond as the manipulation intends; but instead think as as we ought to think, know waht is real rather than fake - then we have grown spiritually. Which is the point of an extended mortal life.

One of the great manipulations of evil has been to make most people regard Good in terms of specific, atomic, detached acts (such as giving money to someone poor, diseased or miserable); whereas in modern reality such acts are more likely to promote evil than Good.

But (as a generalisation) each individual person, and act, is a balance of Good and evil; terefore in an ultimate sense ther are extremely-few-and-rare Good or evil persons or acts.

Good and evil are sides - they are not people or what people do. 

The primary way to be Good and to do Good is to be on the side of Good.

Therefore, we need to acknowledge the reality and nature of the Global Conspiracy, and be able to discern the fingerprints of evil. And on the other side, we need to discern, without our-selves and the world; the impulses of Good - to acknowledge and value them.

We need to join the side of Good. 

That is one of the most important things for us to learn; hereand-now; in the modern world. It is remarkable how very few people have learned it yet; it is remarkable how few people are able (or willing) to make this vital discernment. These are the facts we live-with.

Well.. no matter how many are on the side of evil; we cannot be like them, nor serve them, nor advance their causes.

No matter how few are on the side of Good, we must join them.

And nothing can stop us - except our-selves.