Thursday, 22 November 2018

The revelatory significance of Anti-Brexit

While I expect that Brexit will be sabotaged by the Establishment (unless it sparks a genuine spiritual awakening among ordinary people) - and even at best it would be just a microscopic first-step towards something wholesome; the prime significance of Brexit is what it reveals about those who so vehemently, so vitriolically and incredulously oppose it. Those who so-very-very-much want to be bound-and-subordinated-to the European Union...

Anti-Brexit has been a stripping away of masks from those who regard-themselves and present-themselves as motivated by progressive, radical, artistic, humanitarian impulses.

I can certainly understand that it is off-putting to the intelligentsia to reject their own kind and instead align with the great mass of English people who so viscerally-dislike the EU (what it has-been, where it wants-to-go) and want as little as possible to do with it (as opposed to now being utterly ruled by it) - but the lack of self-awareness, the degree of self-blinding involved in this I find genuinely astonishing!

My interpretation is that this is a kind of self-hatred - a hatred of England and the English: not for the modern corruption, godlessness, materialism, hedonism... but a hatred of what was Good about England; a rejection of our destiny, a rejection of responsibility.

To be so starkly and angrily pro-EU is a conclusive, undeniable rejection - albeit naturally enough - of meaning, purpose and spirit in life; an emphatic embrace of the slow death of totalitarianism.