Wednesday 23 October 2019

Assuming the conspiracy theorists are correct about the Establishment wanting a totalitarian world government - why do They want this?

Francis Berger asks a very necessary question on his blog today - and provides a plausible answer:

A big problem with secular right conspiracy theories – at least for me – is their failure to consider the ultimate objectives of the Establishment: what are they conspiring to do?

I would fully endorse Francis's characterisation of the question and his answer.

The following text has been lightly edited by me - read the whole thing.

What do those on the secular right believe the conspirators ultimately want to achieve through their sinister plotting and scheming? 

Well, according to the secular right, the Establishment’s conspiratorial objectives are as follows: the destruction of the family; moral inversion (especially through sex); power consolidation; economic, political, and social tyranny; enslavement; disenfranchisement; civilizational dissolution; the abandonment of tradition; the eradication of nations; perpetual surveillance and spying; and the establishment of a globalist, one world government. 

The objectives themselves appear solid enough... But there’s the rub. What force, motivation, or desire drives the Establishment's conspiratorial objectives?

Let’s imagine the Establishment succeeds in achieving all of its objectives. One world government has been established. The Establishment owns and controls everything. People are family-less, impoverished pervert-slaves with no sense of identity and no place to call home. They can’t remember or are afraid to recollect anything from the past and are at the complete mercy of the Establishment. 

Great! Mission accomplished. But here’s a question – what does the Establishment do after that? 

Simply lord over everyone to ensure maximum misery is in effect at all times? Torture people for the fun of it? Conduct bizarre transhumanist experiments in an effort to create some kind of Nietzschean superman? Depopulate the planet and let it heal so that it becomes a global five star resort where the Establishment can enjoy a permanent holiday while being catered to by a select group of servants they spared from the sword or the gas or the virus? Nuke the planet and unleash the ultimate Gotterdammerung that consumes everything including them?

When assessing the Establishment’s plots and schemes, the secular right focuses exclusively on physical and material considerations in this world – and that is where their theories fall short. 

Because, above all else, the Establishment seeks to establish and maintain a system of damnation through which it can perpetually turn people away from Heaven and the Divine

The establishment works to create conditions in which people willingly reject God and actively embrace their own damnation. The objectives outlined above, such as destruction of the family and the dissolution of nations, are all simply means to that end. 

The Establishment does not wish to outright destroy us during our mortal lives; instead, it seeks to inspire us to destroy our immortal lives through the choices we make, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take in this world. 

That is what the secular right refuses to acknowledge and that is what their conspiracy theories ultimately miss.


Francis Berger said...

Thanks, Bruce. The idea that the Establishment seeks to create a system of self-damnation is really YOUR (brilliant) insight, so I cannot take credit for it. All I did here apply the insight to conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, reading a few of your posts on the subject of damnation got me thinking about conspiracies, especially ones to which the secular right subscribes.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - In broad terms, I think we would agree that conspiracy theorists are correct about many of the 'means' being used, but do not acknowledge the 'end' at which they are aiming. The CTs usually assume that the goal is to inflict misery, disease, suffering and death on th emass of people.

One effect of this , paradoxically, is that the CTs underestmate the size and power of the forces of darkness - because they have to explain why the Establishment are not able to accomplish more effectively what seems like an easy objective.

For example, some CTs believe that there is a plan for massive population reduction of humans. Yet the world population continues to increase very rapidly - driven by the third world. Yet - by massive and unrestricted third to first world immigration, and subsidies and medical services going the other way - the Establishment maintain and indeed fuel this population growth.

Of course, if the spiritual is ruled-out as unreal, then conspiracies can only explain in terms of the material. But if the spiritual is acknowledged as real, then 'things' are much more comprehensible.

Dave said...

What individual members of the Establishment desperately want is to not be seen as less left-wing than any other member of the Establishment, because that makes you an impediment to human progress. Progress in what direction? More sexual perversion? More socialism? Faster white genocide? They can't say, even among themselves, because if they knew what they'll be demanding in 2024, they'd be demanding it now.