Thursday 31 October 2019

Positive possibilities of this time and place

In the previous post, I finished by saying:

This era really is one of potentially unprecedented awakening. It is not an era for great works, but an era for great insight and understanding - for learning things never learned before.

Such an attitude seems important, if a siege mentality (and ultimately demoralisation) is to be avoided. And it is implied by our actual situation.

Since this is a materialistic, spirit-denying age in which you see Beings as Things; it is not surprising we always look to external explanations for our problems; and if external things are the causes, then we seek external solutions: socio-political solutions.

Yet there are two sides to this era - and the inner factors are primary. The driving force of change has been the development of human consciousness. And this is part of divine destiny. To put matters crudely: We needed to become capable of not believing in God, so that we can truly choose to believe.

So the inner consciousness of Western Man has, incrementally, become detached from the world (alienated), and detached from external authority; so that now it is (for most people) the power of tradition and external authority has been lost, unconscious instinct and common sense are ineffectual - and we can disbelieve anything.

The foolish and invincible credulity of modern Western Man (mainstream leftism in general including 'global warming', the 'trans' agenda etc) is actually an expression of dis-belief in tradition, instinct and common sense. Therefore people believe only what is short-term expedient; and are grossly demotivated such that life has become an affair of short-termist hedonism, distraction, and petty status competitions. 

However, this is a narrative of loss... By this account; yes, we have more freedom, but it is a negative freedom due to loss of authority. Yes matters are clearer to us as Good and evil diverge, and things come to a point - but this is again an advantage for the negative reason that evil has become more extreme, open and insane - and is therefore easy to discern.

What we most need to know is our positive new strengths. Surely, God would not have put us into such a situation unless we were equipped to benefit from it. How has the evolution of consciousness equipped us to better lead Good lives?

As socio-political conditions move towards a greater totalitarian evil; and the mass of life is more obviously false, fake, dishonest, manipulative, ugly - designed to induce resentment and despair... As public avenues for creativity and expression are closed off; as Good public discourse is suppressed and punished...

That which is loving and creative; that which is virtuous, beautiful and truth-full... Each individual person's proper and destined path - All this, here and now, at each moment - will be much clearer than ever before.

And the detachment of modern human consciousness will be seen as a marvellous strength, indeed a divine strength - the capacity (when making the right choice, following the right path, doing the right thing) to become a primary source of divine loving-creativity.

So long as we remember that his mortal life is for experiencing and learning; and not for achieving any fixed and final state of being; we will not become dismayed at the temporary nature of our successes - at the fact that gains are usually incomplete and never permanent; but we will acknowledge and take-seriously all such positive achievements; confident, with faith, that all such (mortal, temporary) learning-experiences are eternal in their significance.

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