Thursday 10 October 2019

Extinction Rebellion/ Climate Emergency is 'divide and rule': the Establishment trolling the masses - and what else?

The top-down organised and funded pseudo-protests (in support of the Global Establishment) called Extinction 'Rebellion' (part of the so-called Climate Emergency) represent a clear example of the modern rulers at work.

The primary effect is to create resentment and conflict among the population. And this, of course, benefits the rulers - on Machiavellian grounds of divide-and-rule. So that is one tick.

The other tick is that the protesters are asking for something which there is literally zero chance of the Establishment doing; which is to dismantle or destroy (immediately, as a matter of emergency) the entirety of the structure of the modern global economy and governance.

This would - if done, which it certainly won't be - lead, very quickly, to the deaths of several billion people.

(Hence the names: Extinction as a matter of Emergency, on the excuse of a Climate Rebellion.)  

Now giga-death would, of itself, not trouble the people that run the planet - indeed, They might well regard it as a plus.

But in destroying the world economic system They would also destroy the apparatus of totalitarian government; the escalating system of omni-surveillance and micro-control. And that, They are Not going to do.

 So why did They dream up, fund and implement this 'protest'? What do They want?

They will say -

"You beg Us to dismantle the world economy - Yes, We want to do it, We will do it! Give Us the power, please... (Ah nice...) Thanks very much...

"Now We need to monitor and control everything that has to do with Carbon Dioxide or that can tenuously be linked to heat production... Is that OK?... Yes? Thanks.

"The System is in-place. Job Done.

[Faint voices, barely discernable... something about 'the climate', murmers about 'sustainable environment'...] 

"You will all shut-up and listen, or else:

"From this moment onwards We will be telling You what to think, do, and believe..."

Full Stop. Double Underline. 


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This post is the first I'd heard of "Extinction Rebellion." Can anyone with direct knowledge confirm that the "protests" are taking place? At any rate, I don't think the movement will catch on in East Asia, where a certain department store chain might take issue with the logo they're using!

And, seriously, "Extinction Rebellion"? Is this another instance of the apparent rule that evil movements are required to explicitly identify themselves as evil?

Bruce Charlton said...

They have blocked commuter traffic in my city.

I hadn't considered that this was the rule in action, but it's possible.

Bruce Charlton said...

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior comments: "...Extinction Rebellions logo is curious. It could be a digit, created, invested with dark magic intent and codes. But what’s caught my attention about the logo is it’s an Infinity Loop. As thought the behind the scenes real creators of this ER movement, are trying to imprint a new infinity loop in the public consciousness. ..."

Cererean said...

Isn't it supposed to be an hourglass? I.e. we're running out of time?

Which is true. They have come down with great fury, knowing that their time is short...

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The second thing it made me think of (after the Sogo logo) was the magical rune for “poison” (presumably meant to suggest the abdominal markings of the black widow spider) in Dungeon Master, an old computer game I played as a young child.

Or, for those who go in for *that* kind of conspiracy theory, it’s a different arrangement of the components of the Star of David.