Tuesday 29 October 2019

The surprising survival of Good people in an increasingly evil world

There aren't many of them, but there are some reasonably well-known net-Good people in public life; people on the side of God and creation - people publicly and effectively opposed to the mainstream, wealthy, powerful and  influential agenda of evil; and known to the Establishment...

And yet these Good people are still alive and have continued their Good activities.

This seems surprising. Yet there are examples from now and from history. 

It seems - and this is Not surprising - that God is able to preserve such people in spite of what look like impossible adverse conditions.

Thus this era really is one of potentially unprecedented awakening. It is not an era for great works, but an era for great insight and understanding - for learning things never learned before.

And God can be seen at work in making this possible.

(It is, of course, up to each one of us to take this astonishing opportunity.)

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Jared said...

One of the places I find I can learn a lot is the LDS temple. Along with my home, I find it to be a place of enlightenment. Perhaps what sets the temple apart is the spirituality and the truth that attends you when you serve in the temple.
I believe we can heal from the adverse effects of the world by attending the temple.
While it may not be the path that everyone is currently able to take to join the LDS church and attend the temple, for those who feel they can join and gain a testimony I think this is an excellent way of realizing what Bruce was referring to as learning and special learning in these difficult modern times.
I attended the temple today with my daughter, whom I baptized in the temple baptismal font for and in behalf of 5 different women who have passed on, so that they could have the opportunity in the spirit world, to accept baptism in the manner Jesus taught.
It was special to baptize my daughter. One of the special experiences was to wait with her in the waiting room, watching the other people be baptized and listening to the temple organ play LDS hymns.
We are encouraged to approach our study of the scriptures with a question in mind, and sometimes we are also encouraged to attend the temple with a question in mind. And this time I had a question that I really wanted to know.
And the Holy Spirit (the Holy Ghost) really answered my question as I waited in the waiting room, and as I waited for my turn to baptize (there were others who had got there before us).
Some of the things about how we respond to life, that we think are just a result of the particular spirit and body we have that we were born into this life with, are really things we can learn and understand how to address. We have learned how we will respond throughout our lives, and we can improve, but it takes a template to be able to know how things should fit. The temple provides this by allowing us to reflect on our lives and consider things in the light of the Spirit while the Spirit is strong.
Some may be able to reach this enlightenment through prayer, and I don't want to take away from that. I just have gained so much from this blog, including the last post on veterinary medicine and that analogy, that I thought I would share what direction I was thinking of going in how to apply this latest post, and the experiences I have had.