Tuesday 1 December 2020

Since the millenium, we have entered the era of domination by Sorath - who is consuming Ahriman, as Ahriman consumed Lucifer

My idea here is that the Ahrimanic impulse - which is evil in its cold, rational, systematic manifestation - has over the past couple of centuries consumed the more traditional Luciferic ('devilish') evil of short-termist personal lust, pleasure and torment. And is now being-consumed, in his turn, by 'Sorath'. 

The archetypal Ahrimanic evil is epitomised by a manipulative bureaucrat who presides over a state or corporate PSYOPS/prison/death machine; while Luciferic evil would be characterised by proximate evil: for example those who personally beat, rape and torture helpless prisoners.  

The final turning-point of the Ahrimanic consumption of Lucifer was when the Luciferic revival of the 1960s ('sex & drugs & rock-n-roll') was captured by the state bureaucracy - leading to a pervasive and intrusive system of monitoring and control for political correctness. 

Modern leaders are primarily Ahrimanic - and often anonymous/ hidden/ personally-timid; while old-style leaders were often Luciferic gangsters and pirates who cultivated a reputation for recklessness and the enjoyment of inflicting cruelty.  Luciferic evil now operates at a low-level in The System - among the mooks, minions and henchmen; while the ruling architects of evil have an Ahrimanic nature.

The Luciferic values were condensed and operationalised into systemic and materialist form; their spontaneity and pleasure were drained-away. 'Free Love' and open-ended promiscuity became compulsory sensitivity-training, and the threat of harrasment prosecutions. Spontaneity ("Turn-on, Tune-in, Drop-out") was incrementaly transformed into a world of proliferating committees, laws, guidelines and procedures; checklists, forms and feedback... 


But from about 2000; there was a further move towards the purest, most absolutely negative form of evil - which could be named Sorathic (adapting this from Rudolf Steiner's identification of Sorath as the most extremely evil of beings). 

Sorthic evil is neither about pleasure nor about control; it tends towards the purely destructive.

If Luciferic evil is motivated by short-teremist pleasure; while Ahrimanic evil is motivated by God-denial, spiritual blindness and reductionism towards a meaningless world of mechanical procedures; then the Sorathic impulse is driven by negative impulses - primarily fear, resentment and hatred.

Sorathic evil will therefore tend to destroy both the lustful pleasures of Lucuferic evil, and the complex functional bureaucracies of Ahrimanic evil. 

This is the Sorathic world we inhabit in 2020. 

A world in which the Luciferic lusts of sex/ drugs and the rock-and-roll lifestyle are forbidden and punished; and also a world in which the global system is being disabled and destroyed - even as its Ahrimanic architects have successfully accomplished a silent global coup, and are trying to perfect it into the grandiose schemes of The Great Reset/ Agenda 2030. 

In 2020 we observe all modern institutions, corporations and every kind of bureaucracy as rapidly declining in efficiency and effectiveness - under pressure from an ever-increasing culture of fear, victimology, entitlement and resentment. 

Sorath divides Mankind into more-and-more, smaller-and-smaller, self-identified victim groups; each resentful-of and pitted-against each other. The aim is eventually for each person to feel alone, consumed by feelings of thwarted entitlement, and hatred of the world; and living in permanent fear of a whole world of other people, each of whom resents and hates the solo-victim just as he hates them. 

And then - eventually - Sorath's intent is that everyone, without exception, should die in fear and despair.


Thus we see that Sorath takes Luciferic and Ahrimanic and pits the one against the other, to weaken and destroy both. Whatever gives pleasure is thwarted. Whatever has been created, and is complex or functional, is reduced to chaos. 

Chaos is indeed the key term. Ultimately, Sorath is driven by resentment directed against God and all of His works; and resentment of Man as a loving creating-being and all of his works. Sorath wants to reduce creation back to a primal state of chaos

And then - when all else has been destroyed - to destroy himself as a act of spite against the God who created him. 

Such is Sorath's fantasy. 

Note: JRR Tolkien depicted Sorath in his Silmarillion legendarium under the name of Morgoth



Doktor Jeep said...

Taking down the Luciferism of the boomers, and the organizations of the Karen's and millennials who were raised on structure and demand absolute control...
Take down the institution of Science! The one that tells us free sex (boomers) was Ok, and there are 57 genders(millennials)? Take down the institution of finance, which is entirely debt-based usury? Take down the corporations that fund BLM, antifa, feminism, and degeneracy?
Under chaos there is more freedom to live and love, when the institutions embarked against us are just as bad at tyranny and control than maintaining any objective towards the opposite, like a failed USA just as bad at tyranny as it was at protecting freedom.... All crushed by the weight of their own diversity, stupidity, reputation management overhead, and vindictive hate. When no institution dispensing lies is trusted or believed and only the truths at hand in the real world matter.. And when the guy whose job it is to make sure you are spotted sneaking a Bible or gun from your car to the house was too busy wanking.. When the doctor is not trusted so you seek homeopathic instead of allopathic medicine... When the internet is not trusted so we seek out real people in the real world... When the people sent to bust your church are such affirmative action wonders they can't even go 20 feet without needing a break...

This Sorath almost sounds like an ally. I can already see what he's going to sell: burn THEIR (usurers, SJWs, leftists, cucks, etc.) system down.
Sorath is obviously a Gen X'er.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

All the more evidence that despair is a sin.

Chent said...

Sorathic evil remembers me to "The Nihilism of Destruction" by Fr. Seraphim Rose.


I don't see these three evils as independent. Lucifer teaches people to be selfish. This selfishness productes chaos (a fight of everybody against everybody), which is Sorathic evil. In order to avoid chaos, totalitarianism (Ahriman) has to be implemented.

I see it as an arms race. In order to avoid Sorathic chaos, Ahriman totalitarianism has to grow faster than Sorathic chaos grows. Until today, this was true because people retained a bit of Christian inertia. This is why the last decades have been the age of Ahriman.

But, as new generations get farther from the cultural Christian milieu, Sorathic chaos increases much faster than Ahriman totalitarism. This is why the future belongs to Sorath.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Chent - All good points!

GFC said...

Sorath comes across much like Morgoth, and Ahriman like Sauron.

@DoktorJeep "This Sorath almost sounds like an ally." Don't think that way. It is coming for you too, in equal measure as it is for every other human being. Conflict among these facets of evil is ultimately illusory, or rather the conflict may come among human beings attached to one or the other facet, but their spiritual source is one and the same spirit, and these different manifestations just different stratagems that suit particular circumstances. All lead to the same place, the great NO to God.

Francis Berger said...

Intriguing post. It has provided me with clear insight into why I no longer find the quixotic globalist agendas to be as pressing as I did six months ago. If Sorath has the upper hand, Ahriman doesn't stand a chance.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GFC - I interpret DJ as showing us how Sorath would appeal to people - how this kind of evil would present itself - not describing what he personally believes.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - Thanks. I only thought of this 'insight' yesterday, but it immediately struck me as having some core validity. We shall see if the idea holds-water with further consideration.

Freddy Martini said...

Bruce, interesting that Sorath is almost...Soros. Destruction for the sake of destruction. You are right. Normally, we would have asked, "Why are they doing this?" and the answer would have been, they want more control - or they want more sex, drugs and rock and roll. But, you are on to something here. This is different. Annihilation and destruction are the goals. It is like, The Abomination of Desolation.

Thanks for the good work. I read you every day. Take care.

William Wildblood said...

Maybe the various names just are the masks of evil, masks that show potential attractiveness, i.e. sex, control etc. Now these masks are coming off and finally revealing the gaping void behind them.

If that is so, the fact that the masks are coming off does seem to indicate we are approaching some kind of end point.

Bruce Charlton said...

FM - Thanks! - You aren't the only person to have noticed this!

William - Indeed. But even though evil is unified by its opposition to God; I still find it useful to contrast the different masks. The thing about this 'Sorathic' evil is that it is contradictory and has no sustained or coherent worldly purpose; which makes it easier to miss, because we are used to dealing with the selfish kind of evil of 'interest groups'. Sorath does not personally benefit from the evil he does - indeed it costs him effort. The (negative) enjoyment is simply in the destruction of that which is Good because created.

My name is Matt said...

Excellent observations and verbalization Mr. Charlton. My mind is rather blown right now!

Sean Fowler said...

@ Bruce. And after this state of primal chaos has been achieved and allowed to run riot, with its ensuing, starvation, misery, despair and disease. What then? A “ saviour”. A strong man who will restore order. What freedoms will a despairing populace accept or crave be taken away from them. What kind of total, all encompassing world dictatorship will a starving man allow.
Perhaps this seemingly mindless, destructive Socratic evil has a purpose. To bring the whole house down in order to build anew in its own image.
This has been my take on things for decades. Seems to be the plan.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

William, isn’t it funny how often the phrase “the masks are coming off” springs to mind in 2020, of all years?

William Wildblood said...

Good point, and, believe it or not, I hadn't made the connection. But it's there. Masks, lies, deceit etc etc

Bruce Charlton said...

Doc - "I think these beings rarely cooperate,"

Fair point, I assume demons compete and fight each other (like orcs; or as depicted in The Screwtape Letters); but they do synergise, in the sense that one kind of evil tends to fuel another, to make something worse than either could accomplish alone.

The above example of Luciferic counter-culture feeding the Ahrimanic bureaucracy is one - another example is that the Luciferic media hysteria about the birdemic is feeding the Ahrimanic state apparatus of oppression. In the other direction is that the soul-crushing life so many people live in Ahrimanic bureaucracies often fuels Luciferic sins such as sexual infidelity and drugs, as people try to escape the meaningless materialism of their work - or, people use their System work (in organisations evil in motivation and effect) to pay for their 'real lives' of lust and intoxication.

Bruce Charlton said...

MM - I won't publish your comment because it is so full of what I regard as errors, that I just can't be bothered to correct them all! If you disagree with my reasoning on particular Christian issues and you want to set-me-right, then you should first read my rationale for particular views.

I have been writing Christian theology and philosophy here for the past decade, as my understanding developed in response to considerable thought and living with ideas; and based on the conviction that it was My responsibility to determine My faith upon which My eternal life depends.

I don't trust anyone else to do this for me. Esepcially I am not likely to change these hard-won vital convictions just because somebody from the internet says otherwise, am I?

Bottom line: if you don't want to hear what I have to say about Christianity, then don't read this blog. Try it. Most people in the world find Not reading this blog very easy indeed!