Wednesday 27 November 2019

Apocalypse Now!?

I get the feeling that the Apocalypse, which began some fifty years ago, is reaching a crescendo Now. There is a tremendous urgency towards the goal of a global totalitarian takeover by the 'Ahrimanic' powers of evil: that is to say, the type of evil which is cold, calculating, systematic, anti-spiritual, anti-human, bureaucratic and transhumanist.

As has been usual in recent decades, the Ahrimanic evil is fuelled by old-fashion 'Luciferic' evil: by stoking-up the traditional 'instinctive' sins such as pride, resentment, fear, greed, hatred, anger, lust, sadism - that is by stirring up all kinds of conflict, setting groups against one another (especially by universal, coercive mass immigration; but also by resurgent socialism, feminism, antiracism, environmentalism and the sexual revolution's LGBTQPP... endless supply of causes and victim groups). The Mass Media have a key role here.

But what is aimed-at - what is supposed to be the 'answer' to these created problems, is a total system of surveillance and control; funded by a massive shift to replace the current technological infrastructure with a new generation of self-styled 'smart', 'green' and 'sustainable' technologies - AI, 5G and so forth...

The interesting aspect is the sheer urgency. There is a very obvious attempt to create a worldwide sense of emergency, of imminent cataclysm, of terrible things that are Just About To Happen... unless, we hand over complete power to the Establishment (preferably the-day-after-tomorrow, or quicker).

And this handover - this Power Grab by the Global Establishment - is being aimed-at Very Soon; on a timescale of months, not years.

That is the message of the Climate Emergency/ Extinction Rebellion Establishment-created movement. This is the message of the impatient attempts of the Establishment to manufacture a soft coup to get rid of President Trump without waiting for next year's election.

I don't know why this should be, but I am more convinced with each passing month; what is being attempted - now and on a daily basis - is the biggest shift in power in the history of the world; the attempt of a tiny global 'elite' (possessed-by and serving demonic powers) to impose a complete system of behavioural and thought control.

And it is now; this is the Apocalypse; this is what it looks-like from the inside!

If the urgency of the Establishment has a reason, then that will soon become apparent; one way or another (depending upon the individual choices of millions of people) we shall -within the year - see huge changes in everybodys' lives.

It is difficult to believe, I hardly believe it myself; but - as I say - there must surely be a reason for the extreme urgency of this power grab. I don't know what that reason is; but it must be expected to take effect on a timescale of months*.

I can't say I am exactly looking-forward to discovering the answer; because I don't suppose the surprise will be a pleasant one. However, I haven't long to wait.

*Note added: My guess is that it would be a Thing that could be caused by the Establishment, but plausibly blamed on Climate Change - and that there would need to be an awareness campaign before it happened, so that the public could be made to believe the link. What springs to mind as the kind of thing would be to cause a devastating tsunami by breaking a huge chunk off a glacier with a covert explosion, blamed on the spring melt. Something of that sort...


mobius said...

Good! I'd prefer not to leave it for the grandkids to deal with.

Matias F. said...

I think the sense of emergency by the Establishment is justified in this case. There is a growing risk that the post 1960's revolution in the West is no longer regarded as 'winning' which could be crucial with regard to the masses of opportunistic followers the Establishment relies on for execution of its orders. For instance, in Finland the same people that now are at the top of the New Left Establishment, were almost all card-carrying communists until 1983, when overnight it became clear (for them) that the Soviet Union was not going to win against the U.S.

On a larger scale, the same kind of event could happen, which could disillusion Leftist activists, leading to diminishing effectiveness / chance of success in complete takeover. The various scenarios which could lead to disillusion are:

1. Economy: the economic crash that was supposed to happen in 2008 but was successfully postponed by a concerted effort of all central banks, is imminent (years, if not months). If governments go bankrupt, the prestige of top level bureaucracy collapses.

2. Environment: it has been speculated that this could be a very cold winter because of some kind of solar minimum. I can't evaluate if this is true, but if it is, this would mean a need to redouble the propaganda to maintain momentum in the revolution in the name of climate control.

3. Sexual revolution: the transgenderism fad has led to immediate disastrous results for the people involved. A progression to the next fad has been made much harder.

4. Mass immigration: has been going on for so long that the most extreme examples (Sweden) seem to be in a state of civil war (almost daily shootings and bombings), which can't be suppressed by the media.

Of course it is possible to dismiss these scenarios, because these disasters have been credibly foreseen, which has made no difference before. I can only argue that maybe "this time, it is different" or that quantity sometimes has a quality of its own. If things can't go on forever, they won't go on.

To clarify, I am not suggesting that 'the people' would wake up and revolt, I am only taking about the possibility that the mass of New Left followers are demoralized from executing the power grab. For them, the feeling that they are 'on the right side of history' is everything.

a_probst said...

Sometimes I shouldn't read you in the morning.

Seriously, the fear in people that Something Is About To Happen has been always at least smoldering for the past sixty to a hundred years, occasionally stoked by two world wars and the fear of a third. It has contributed, I think, to mass enervation and demotivation. (The notoriety of Spengler's morphology added fatalism to the mix.)

I will stay attuned.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AP - Well, it's not so much that *I* think it is about to happen, but that it looks as if They think something is about to happen; and (unlike me) They can perhaps Make it happen...

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This is not something I see around me. Were it not for this blog, I would never have heard of 5G, the Extinction Rebellion, etc. Perhaps the reach of the elite is not quite truly global yet.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - Since the driving force is supernatural, not a human elite - the reach potentially goes everywhere; since all Men have evil in their hearts. I would guess that the plan is to make the Globalist empire so dominant, that fifth columnists within every other place will brings the remnant to heel before too long. The main (partial) hold-outs against the dominance of secular hedonism are China and Russia - and there are plenty of globalists within both of them (eg the current Hong Kong business).

David Betz said...

Dear Bruce

I happened across your blog recently and just read this excellent piece. It may interest you that a new think tank CIEO has been started in the UK which is dedicated to the defence against the threats which you describe. It’s a start at least. One of their first research outputs is Defending Democracy in which there is a chapter by myself and two colleagues on ‘Creating a Climate of Crisis: Democracy in the Age of Climate Alarmism and Digital Serfdom’. I had not come across your work before now. It would seem we’re converging on similar ideas. I shall follow from now on.

Best wishes

David Betz

Bruce Charlton said...

@DB - Thanks. However, I am probably a lot more hardline in my views than you have yet realised - for example I regard voting as intrinsically evil, for reasons referenced below; so I am not a defender of 'democracy'!