Friday 8 January 2021

A vision of life as a Christian, now

...It seems something-like a glowing, golden orb that is floating in dark space - floating without perceptible attachment to society - or to any of the forms of 'information' and 'evaluation' such as the mass media, official systems, science etc... 


I am now aware that whenever I partake of any aspect of The System (any aspect) I am being fed with an ideology - I am not getting information, not 'news' - and I am being drilled in mis-understanding. 

This is so, so obvious - and more so every day! Real and important things are utterly absent - ignored, denied, mocked, demonised. Utterly fake things are fabricated and treated as the most important matters in the world. Known truth is inverted in so crude and blatant a fashion as to be breathtaking! - then these inversions treated as common sense assumptions, that 'everybody' knows...

The subject matter is irrelevant - all subjects are merely bait for us to engage with a system that is evil in its purposes and methods. 

It is hard to grasp this high prevalence of evil and its pervasiveness in public communications; hard to grasp the degree of blindness (self-blinding) of so many people to this fact. 


My first reaction to this, is a sense of being cut-off from goodness. To ask how can I know? How can I evaluate, without help; instead with active hindrance everywhere? 

...That was when the golden orb picture arose, and what made it glow was divine 'knowledge'. 


When The System is so fully and obviously evil, it becomes much easier (and indeed more simply 'rational') to disengage, to ignore (rather than to engage and try to discern what is valid). 

I sometimes find myself very curious about what is 'going on', or what 'it all means' - and in the past I would have sought-out an 'authoritative' and honest source of information and interpretation... 

But now I know-for-sure that no such source exists. 

I know-for-sure that the sources which purport to do this 'for me', are simple propaganda units for Satan. 

I know - because I see it in their eyes - that the great mass of people in public and in public life, are agents of Satan - doing Satan's will whether as dead-eyed automata (mostly), or snake-eyed psychopaths. 


I also know that God will never leave me bereft of that knowledge and understanding which I need to live My life as best it should be led.   

This implies that my addictive craving to have opinions about what 'people' should do about 'issues' needs to be set aside. God has catered for my actual life and its actual scope; but does not provide me with group ideologies about what great masses of people (about whom I know nothing) ought to be doing...


I have often considered the several sources of divine guidance - God the Father as creator, who arranges my life and circumstances to bring the experiences I need; the Holy Ghost as my personal relationship with the ascended Jesus Christ - all around me all the time; that which is divine in my Self - my inheritance as a son of God. 

There is no shortage of knowledge and understanding to deal with everything real that happens to me.  


(On the other hand, there is no possibility at all of 'dealing with' a fire-hose deluge of 'news' and the supposed interests of millions of 'other people' - except by imbibing the System-approved attitudes and opinions along with the News. Which is simply imbibing evil: 24/7.)

Situations arise, and we know what is right to do; know this for our-selves and our situation. And knowing what is right is The Main Thing. 

Doing the right thing may not be possible, we may lack the courage.  But we can always know it.


More often, however, it is the opposite. We dwell in a sea of evil, including evil-serving people; yet there is near zero awareness of the fact; and the pervasive value-inversion means that the most evil-serving people are the most moralistic. 

As well as the most powerful, influential, high status...

In such a situation our primary duty seems to be: consciousness of evil


This does Not mean dwelling-upon, thinking-about, engaging-with evil. What it Does mean is that we need to know evil as evil; and we need to know this consciously and explicitly


In a core sense, I understand this knowing-of-evil to be itself Christian repentance

But the point I am trying to make is that if it is true that this world is one in which there is a System that is intrinsically evil in its workings (which are materialist-atheist-leftist); and furthermore the System as-a-whole is being manipulated into greater and greater purposive evil... Then (to live well) we must be able to discern this fact - both in general, and specifically. 

Since we are being soaked in a marinade of evil; if we are passive and unconscious of the fact - we can hardly avoid absorbing this evil, can hardly avoid becoming assimilated to it.


So there needs to be a known contrast between our recognition of environmental and pervasive evil on the one hand; and an active awareness of the sources of Good on the other. 

It can - indeed - be a beautiful thing to experience this very direct and autonomous sense of the presence and power of the divine; shining-out (like a golden orb) in an ocean of darkness...

Beautiful also to discern other glowing lights in the darkness, with which we may experience an immediate and direct link. 


Francis Berger said...

Excellent post! I personally refer to this as "system-distancing", which I think of as a primarily spiritual action - a simultaneous moving away from (freedom from) and a moving toward (freedom for).

Lately, I have got to thinking about system-distancing as an aristocratic impulse as well. More specifically, that it is not fueled by any fear-based need to defend against contagion, but rather by the dignified revelation that one has far more valuable, meaningful, and pressing things to do in mortal life than nibble at evil’s baited hooks all the time. Put another way, the process begins when the call of God resonates in our divine selves and begins eclipsing the infernal circuses the devil puts on.

Epimetheus said...

Interesting. A little while ago, I was forced to watch TV while I got vehicle maintenance done, and the nice medical scientist man onscreen said I should imagine all other human beings as surrounded by a black viral cloud of disease and death.

Now I'm wondering if one couldn't do exactly the opposite: everyone has a big crown or halo of golden or maybe rainbow light around their head, trying to get in. If you look into their eyes with kindness, maybe it succeeds a little.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Besides being True, this is very simple and yet so difficult to achieve at the same time.

The fact that it can be so difficult despite being so simple, points to the presence of "disturbance" in our minds which is clearly impeding us from attaining our goals.

This disturbance (or collection of disturbances) is the "false self". And this false self needs to be fed continuously, and is very adept at finding ways to feed itself (in this sense, it has a relationship of a parasitism to the real self - it is not "self-feeding" like the real self, but needs constant input from the outside, which to distort and use to further its aims).

With regards to the news media and its ancillary tentacles in social media, specifically, weaning myself off of it completely (Which is what I know I must do, having been "told" this directly) is proving to be fiendishly difficult - I find myself falling over and over.

As an ex-smoker, and ex-drinker (was not technically alcoholic, but quite heavy regardless), I can say with heaviness that this is proving to be much harder to let go of.

But as you correctly point out on this blog, over and over in different ways, we have the power of repentance at hand, and can continue to ask for help, hope and "realign again" when we fall. What is important is having the right principles, the right alignment, which cannot be erradicated nor diminished through sin.

It is not reasonable to assume that we can "disengage" from media addiction merely by willpower alone - we NEED to have direct access to the Holy Ghost to do this - it has to be driven by positive means, not by negative ... the latter means (negative means) are the purview of the false self and to use them is to enter into its quagmire territory and try to fight it using its own weapons.

In short: Proper principles (" be like a wise man who built his house on the rock"), prayer ("ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.") and Repentance (" I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance") will guide us to the Golden orb.

Bardsey said...

Timely. A few years ago I saw something like this, accompanied by a sense of quiet, glad submission on my part. As one does it had receded from memory, but the moment the words "small golden orb" appeared I recalled it with fondness and love. I don't want to speak much more about it, but it is good to be reminded of this and I have already held the thought of this light in my heart for several hours.

Avalon John said...

Thank you again, DR, for another post that I needed today, this minute.

My wife and I have had this same feeling since at least a few months before the birdemic that we were alone on a tiny island of calm and peace in an sea of despair and chaos. Occasionally we've bumped into another such islands of people and for an hour or a minute or just a few seconds where just looking into the eyes of others like us was enough to reinforce what we instinctively know: We are not the ones that were insane or evil, or even just blithely/willfully blind idiots in denial. It is an evident miracle, God is actively nurturing us. We need to spread this message.