Wednesday 13 January 2021

What is my attitude to the idea of alternative mass media platforms?

What is my attitude to the idea of alternative Good/ Christian mass media platforms? My attitude is that there can be no such thing, at least not in the medium term. 

In a world (i.e. this world) where mainstream mass media platforms will exclude and suppress the truth (I mean, the Christian truth), then there can be no alternative mass media platforms - over the medium term. 

Of course the main mainstream will be the first to exclude and suppress; but in the kind of world that can and does convert the main-mainstream to the mouthpiece of Satan, there cannot be any alternative platforms at the mass level. Alternatives are trivially easy to find and destroy - and there are a million mechanisms by which they can be destroyed.

In the short term, They cannot do everything at once - and some Christian-compatible platforms will survive for longer than the main-mainstream - but we are talking in terms of a few weeks or months lag, being optimistic. 

My belief is that overall all mass media are intrinsically net-evil. Good can never be more than a counter-current; and the media are getting overall more evil, more rapidly.  

The lesson Christians ought to draw from their exclusion by the mass media, is that they ought not be getting their information from the mass media - because they imbibe such information only via mass media's conceptual interpretation which is (now and increasingly) an inversion of Christian values. 

This has, of course, been the situation for a long time - but people are slow and reluctant to acknowledge the fact. 

There do remain a few, a very few, Christian counter-currents still in the mass media (I hope this is one of them); but - if present trends continue - this cannot long remain the case. 

And - if present trends continue - there will be nothing that can be done about it, because mass media are a core part of The System; and The System is Satanic in its methods and goals - that is anti-Christian.    

If the short-term makes a decisive difference, then perhaps alternative platforms may make a decisive, overall positive difference. Maybe that is why They are engaged in a frenzy of exclusion, just now?

But at some point soon, there will be no possibility of making a decisive positive difference to The System. 

The System will soon have become too thoroughly evil for any 'reform' and Good can only be found on the far side of that destruction. 

Myself, I think we passed that point many years ago; but even if that point still lies ahead - surely that point is coming soon? 

Even if the tide is turned against Satan, and I believe that is still possible (that is indeed the big news of this day) - the turn of the tide will start small, and become evident from the wholesale transformation of that vast mechanism of damnation that we call The System... Including The System being massively downgraded in its power and significance (which would, of course, have many devastating material effects - including Satanic sabotage - en route to a better world).  

But if not, then what? 

If not the mass media, then what should we do instead? 

For example: Look out of the window, go from personal experience and common sense; rely on guidance from the Holy Ghost, our inner divine self (our conscience) and intuitive direct knowing. 

Make knowledge personal and inter-personal; trusting only those who are known to be honest and competent - no matter how few these may be.

What we thus learn will be simple and few compared with the deluge of media; but that is the nature of true knowledge. 

In sum - we should regard the exclusion of Christianity from the mass media as a wake-up call, belatedly to wean ourselves from its spiritual domination; so we should not try to replace it with alternatives - which endeavor is, anyway, futile... 

A world that needs alternative mass media is a world that will not tolerate alternative media.


Jacob Gittes said...

I so much agree with this post.
For a while I've been practicing what I call "epistemological nihilism." I now assume that all knowledge or images or perceptions that I do not see myself with my own eyes, or are related by a trusted man or woman whom I know is false. Or just speculative.

Most people think I am mad to be so rejecting of all forms of knowledge that come from outside myself, but it seemed the only way to go some time ago.

It is hard for me to understand why most people cannot give up the addiction to being told what to believe, and told what is true and false, but an obviously corrupt authority.

What is so scary about being forced to begin anew, like a child? It seems like a great freedom and opportunity for liberation and exploration.

Doktor Jeep said...

"....Good can only be found on the far side of that destruction. "

Hello Sorath my old friend....

Bruce Charlton said...

@DJ - You misunderstand, read it again, more carefully.

Sorath is the spirit of destruction For Its Own Sake, and for as long as there is anything to destroy. For Sorath, there is (literally) nothing "on the far side".

Gary Bleasdale said...

It is possible that the entire "media-phenomenon" was being tolerated by God, precisely because almost all of mankind had fallen under the spell of materialism, and lost the ability to gain knowledge outside of it.

In that sense, it was also being tolerated by God, because there was still some "good" appaearing within it, even though this good was conveyed in an opaque and distorted way - with a very high noise to signal ratio. It was mediated, and thus, prone to much and serious error. However, apparently, that was better than nothing considering our circumstances.

However, the demons, now having been prodded into a frenzy (and thus having initiated a powerful cycle of their own self-destruction which they do not have the wherewithal to stop) and having begun a final and complete purge of even these good but "high noise to signal ratio" outlets, have condemned themselves to irrelevance.

Whilst they think that they are acting strategically to finally "control the mouthpieces" and establish the (by far) most comprehensive and sophisticated system of mind control in history, they are signing their own death warrant ... they are becoming more irrelevant by the day, and thus, their destruction by God is assured - "sooner, rather than later".

Thus, we are all faced with the necessity of the mind to "opening up" to new sources of real information. This new epistemology (or rather, change of heart) will need to lead to a new metaphysics to make sense.

This will happen at the level of the individual and families, not at the level of groups. Nevertheless, selected groups may be supported by God, although only as a means to support certain individuals within them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Doktor Jeep - Just noticed your comment about landlords at Vox Day. From personal experience, very true!

Jacob Gittes said...

This is a quote lifted from an opinion piece in the "paper of record:"

"One way to think about the attack on the Capitol is as a clash between long-festering, partisan digital fantasy and stark physical reality."

Interesting look at the epistemology of the establishment and mainstream. In "physical reality," the protestors - most of whom were peaceful - were allowed into the capitol by the police. In physical reality, 95% of them stayed between the velvet ropes, and even tried to stop the obvious agents provacateurs. You get my drift.

What is interesting is how even though the physical events that the lying media claims are true need to be cast as somehow based in physical reality, not in logic, reason, or some higher truth. How can a gestalt or philosophy or metaphysics that is such thin gruel be attractive or compelling to anyone?