Sunday 10 January 2021

Do not spiritually surrender for sure, Now, and voluntarily; so as to avoid being defeated - maybe, later, while resisting

From Frank Berger (slightly edited):

Sure, the enemy has innumerable means through which it can destroy us physically, but nothing it wields from within its vast array of firepower can destroy us spiritually.

The best the enemy can do is persuade us to spiritually destroy ourselves, and the most efficient means of achieving this is to have us abandon the side of Good and consciously join the side opposed to Good. 

The enemy very much wants us to believe that we cannot defeat it; that we are hypocritical, worthless sinners who don't deserve to be on the side of Good; and that joining its side represents the pinnacle of prudence and pragmatism. 

The enemy very much wants us to believe this because it knows it can do little else to prevent us from joining and remaining on the side of Good. 

With this in mind, the best way to beat the enemy is to remain committed to the right side of the battlefield.

We beat them by not joining them.

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