Friday 1 January 2021

The paradox of so-called "science" in 2021

We lived in a constructed, 'virtual' world - a world of untruthfulness and inverted values; which the masses receive passively from the global mass-media-bureaucracy System (passively and mostly unconsciously in the form of structuring assumptions).  

Furthermore, The System by 2021 encompasses all the major social sub-systems - such as government, law, religion, military and police, health, arts... and 'science'. 


(Note: The System is not 'everywhere. It does, now, encompasses all of mainstream, big money, high status public discourse; but it does Not encompass all of interpersonal discourse, does Not encompass all marriage and family life; does Not encompass the real and divine Self of each individual person - in so far as that Self is active in a life.)


(Further note: The actual functionality of 'science' makes clear that it goes beyond the 'hard sciences' of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology; and extends to the 'social sciences' and academia in general - especially history. The German term Wissenschaft (which refers to all systematically-organised knowledge) is better descriptive of this social function than is 'science'. Nonetheless, I will use 'science' here - dropping the 'scare quotes' henceforth.) 


Science is part of The System because it has become a career bureaucracy; and is connected hierarchically and horizontally with the other bureaucracies. Of course, hierarchically, science comes under all the many top-down government initiatives. In addition; science nowadays is almost-wholly based on research funding, and funding comes from government and corporations (especially Big Pharma). Science is subject to the mass media, like everything else. Science is tightly constrained by law - for example employment and workplace laws, racial laws etc. Science works through publishing, and publishing is an oligarchy of a few multinational corporations; who enforce the usual System globalist, leftist, imperatives on all high impact outputs - via their bureucracies which extend into the selectoral and editorial processes.  


I could go on - but this will suffice to indicate that science, as of 2021, is simply one component in The System+, and that System is now (since early 2020) revealed as a single, international one; that includes a covert totalitarian 'world government' able to enforce simultaneous changes in nearly-all nations.

OK, science is part of The System and The System is global. 

Because science is indeed a part of the The System - science serves The System. 

What this means is that, science cannot formally be separated-from The System: science is caused-by The System.  

This means that when we hear of some or other of the conclusions of science; these conclusions are generated by The System - the conclusions of science are downstream consequences of a web of influences that have led-up-to them. 

On top; the very fact that we hear about certain conclusions of science, rather than others; is also a consequence of The System.  

In simple terms The System both generates the scientific activity that leads to the conclusions; and then another aspect of The System - the mass media - makes sure that the masses are informed of those conclusions in a way which serve the interests of The System. 

Science, so-called- is merely a phase in the pathway leading from one part of The System to another. 

What this means is that science cannot lead The System; indeed, science cannot ever be a 'reason' for The System doing one thing rather than another. The System constructs, interprets, disseminates and enforces...

In so far as The System goes (and in 2021 The System is everywhere there is power/ money/ status/ influence); everything goes in cycles and epicycles - round and round The System.  

We cannot 'follow the science' - because that would be circular. 

All of which leads onto the Big Question. If the System is indeed a massive circularity; whence derives its purpose, its direction - which is so evident over the decades - with The System trending always towards atheist, materialist leftism? 

And the answer is that The System As-A-Whole is directed by those outside of The System - the powers of evil, Satan and other demons. These, being spirits, stand outside The System, but are able to influence it.* 


We can, as Christians, now perceive that the great Strategy of evil, has been to construct a System of intrinsic evil: that is a System characterised by untruthfulness, by lies; and by the inversion of values. 

Such a System is therefore, innately, against God, the Good and organised against divine creation. 

Mainstream, official, high status science is - here-and-now - just a sub-part of that evil strategy.


+There still is such a thing as Real Science, but it is outside of The System, amateur and unofficial; and happens at the inter-personal, 'private' level; between those who are motivated diligently to seek and speak truth on a particular matter. 

*Note added: The spiritual war of these times is between those who stand outside The System: that is between those aligned with God/ Good/ Creation - and those aligned against these. Those who are inside The System are fighting on the side of evil, but are Not waging the the war. 


whitney said...

For as long as I have been alive The Book of Revelation has been fodder for innumerable public entertainments in the form of movies, TV, books and general speculation and the quote,

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

has entered into the public lexicon to the point where most people could just recite that phrase and everybody knows the number and yet this year, despite us being on prophecies threshold, it has disappeared from the public sphere. That seems odd to me

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Charlie (edited for terminology):

"Excellent post.

The eager converts to the Birdemic religion claim to be "following the Science" when in fact they are, as you point out, just following the System.

People are eagerly accepting all the Birdemic lies. Ironically, one of the causes of the acceptance is the vestigal religious sense each of us have of our own importance.

Many lapsed Christians or even children and grandchildren of lapsed Christians still have a culturally inherited sense of the importance of each individual human being created in the image of God. People RIGHTLY feel that they have importance, they have value.

But in the absence of Christian faith, this sense of importance gets curdled into a confused sense of self-importance. Instead of knowing that our souls matter, our actions matter, etc. we start to think that our votes matter, our opinions matter, our consumer preferences matter.

And this curdled belief that each of us is the center of the world leads us to the false belief that the System is here to SERVE us. Many people assume that the Science and the Media exist to accurately inform them so they can make the best decisions with their (very very important) opinions and votes and consumer choices.

In their narcissism, they fail to SEE the System as a separate entity which exists for the benefit of its managers, owners, and demonic influencers. And they fail to see that the System sees THEM as batteries, cattle, tax donkeys, life forces to be drained, and divinely created human beings to be dehumanized.

"Why would the media lie to me?" they ask, incredulously. "The Media and the Scientists and the Politicians exist to inform me, so I can make my judgments, which matter, because I matter.

It doesn't even occur to them that they are the TARGETS of the Media, not the Clients. The real Clients are those with the power and money to DIRECT the Media. But most people cannot see that. Because to see it is to realize that they are NOT important, and their egos cannot accept that reality.

There are many other causes of people's acceptance of obvious lies from the Science. Like conscious and unconscious deference to Power.

But narcissism plays a role. It fools people into imagining themselves to be the Kings who commissioned the Science and hired the Media scribes.

Geir said...

I re-read your book on the corruption of science yesterday and today and emailed the blog address today to many of my scientific (real science) colleagues (most of them retired and all self-declared climate realists). So I had to look up your blog again and behold, a recent blog post from you on the same topic. Most of my colleagues are shocked by the attitude by the government, the media and the universities with regards to climate change (it is not even a pseudo-science, it is rather like astrology and I term it assumpscence). I don't understand why they are shocked, as of yesterday when one of them posted parts of a textbook on climate change for the university of south Norway. That's why I sent them the link to the corruption of science and also to several of your other books which I strongly recommend to friends and colleagues. And you are right, what we watch now is the suicide of the Western civilization taking place.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Geir - Thanks.

Something graven on my memory was the expression of amazed shock from a high status/ decorated scientist when I made a comment on the fact that I did not believe academics simply because they stated some-thing. That I would doubt the word of a professional!

Needless to say, this 'scientist' would never speak or write a paragraph without dishonestly attempting to mislead and manipulate. Yet so habitual, ingrained, was this dishonety, and so praised and lauded was the individual - that there was no awareness of the obvious fact.

To put it more deeply - the leaders of modern science are so detached from truth-seeking and speaking, that they have lost the capacity (and desire) to recognise truth.

Truth has been operationally-redefined into committee votes.