Tuesday 19 January 2021

On tenterhooks...

I feel tense with expectation that we are very near to a crux moment - a moment prepared by destiny. The tension is ramping up and up; in a way that could only happen when the outcome (the direction taken) has not yet been decided. 

As always, the timing of this moment is not knowable - and certainly neither definable nor restrictable by human will. 

The way I think it works; is that God the creator is continually re-making the world (in many tiny details) to push towards a decisive situation - at which point human agency will, as always, decide

But that decisive situation is not a pre-decided blueprint - rather it is continually being revised on the basis of human decisions, as they are made. 

On the one hand, God is preparing something thing that is intended to 'put Men on the spot'; and on the other hand, as this 'moment' approaches, human decisions may advance or may retard that moment.

This is why predictions, timings, of decisive moments are never exact and cannot ever be exact; plus, Satanic powers are working to try and delay, blur, keep as brief as possible any 'crucial moment' of clarity and self-knowledge in individual Men's souls. This the situation wavers and sways. 

What I find extraordinarily exhilarating about these days (at the times when I can clear my own mind and rise to this occasion) is the absolute conviction that I personally am involved; that I personally make a difference to what is coming. 

I am a participant, not merely a spectator. 

This is simultaneously a privilege, a necessity and a responsibility - but, on the other hand, I do not find the situation at all difficult to discern. It is terribly obvious which is the side of God, Good and creation - and equally obvious is who is working against the side of Good (and how numerous; how rich, famous and powerful they are). 

The side of evil are out in the open, have taken the field, and are wearing 'uniforms' - displaying identifying armbands (those ideological Litmus Tests) by which they declare themselves: each to the others - and to us.

Although there is a tendency to hold one's breath and to count-down to human-defined deadlines - both are an error. We will know when It Happens - and not before. 

On the plane of self-aware primary human thinking (the thinking of our true and divine self) we need to be active - there is work to be done!. 

And in terms of knowing the moment, when It Happens? - that is something which will be known in our hearts, and not by the clock, nor from being told about it by someone else.      


Gary Bleasdale said...

A macro situation as monumentally hideous and evil as our current one, cannot be sustained for very long. And when it is "over", what lies on the other side of will have to be very different indeed - and for this to be the case, the space between one state of affairs and a radically different one will have to be quite short - i.e. a "moment", a "crux".

The existence of a defining moment, a "crux", is thus necessitated - gradual changes are off the table.

I agree that this "crux" is not predetermined exactly, in terms of when and how it will happen - but happen it must.

And yes, we must all be extremely active right now, spiritually. This is no time to slumber. On the one hand, our decisions are monumentally important - all good actions we cease to take is space given to the enemy, and space givne to the enemy strengthens him at all levels. In other words, our actions are absolutely necessary and important - vital.
On the other, we must also be conciously focussed on perfecting ourselves spiritually, so that when the time comes, we are not caught "unawares" and fail to rise to the occasion.

However, I struggle to imagine that the "moment" in question will be literally a moment - ocurring on a timeframe of minutes or hours - I envision it happening more on a timescale of days or weeks.

Matias F. said...

I feel that you already made a difference. Thank you for your blog, I have been reading it daily since 2010 and you have been a wonderful teacher.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - Yes. Although if there is a turn-around from our decades of descent, there will actually be a literal Moment of reversal.

@Matias - Thank you.

But we can see that a person's past does not always predict how he will react to our current situation. There seem to have been Many sell-outs among (apparently) once-faith-full Christians - e.g. those who eschew their personal responsibility for salvation, and instead obediently follow their church leaders - when the two sources have come to point in opposed directions.

R.J.Cavazos said...

Very astute. I and others I speak to also note a sense of impending something. I wonder though if this is an "everywhere" event? I notice the Italians said basta to shutdowns and so have the Mexicans among others. Perhaps peoples outside of the very strong statism in the U.S. and U.K. will exercise greater human agency first.

Jonathan said...

I agree that it is obvious is who is working against the side of Good: almost everyone. But I'm having a much harder time identifying "which is the side of God, Good and creation". Bruce Charlton, to be sure, and I'm confident of William Wildblood, too. Maybe my Mom and my girlfriend, maybe not. My list pretty much ends there.

Are there any public figures, even slightly public, that you think are Good? It really does bother me that there don't seem to be any. I'm not joking when I say I've recently started contemplating the possibility that man is inherently Evil, and wondering if I was mistaken to suppose that any of us have potential for Good. Because if Goodness exists, where can we look for an example?

Bruce Charlton said...

@J - I think there is one very public figure who has - but perhaps only the the past weeks - taken the side for good; as suggested (but, of course, not proved) by the unity of opposition from 'almost everyone' else in public life.

That's how it is. The champions on the side of good are usually just flawed Men, much like everyone else - Charles I for example. Very flawed, many errors, but died a Christian martyr refusing to yield to evil. The last Tsar was a similar, clearer case - because he was up against a far greater evil than the Parliamentarians.

When someone accepts the fury of the evil side, and if you judge that person's motivation to be on the side of God (e.g. in support of issues such as truth, beauty and virtue) then that individual may well consciously have affiliated to the side of God.

To do this lends great courage - which is nowadays extremely rare. But it does not confer saintly behaviour, nor indeed any overall improvement of character and we ought not to expect that it would.

But courage in the cause of good, is something rare that deserves respect.