Friday 16 June 2023

A (very) brief history of (my) theology

To supplement what I recently wrote about my philosophy - I will do the same for my Christian theology. 

After I became a Christian, I spent about five years - having initially been strongly influenced in my conversion by CS Lewis's "Mere" Christianity; exploring the varieties of classical theology - Anglican-protestant/ evangelical (Stott, Packer etc), Anglo-Catholic, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.

Before finally settling-upon Mormon metaphysical theology and philosophy, as the framework for my Christianity. 

(Note: This is little known at all - even among Mormons - and ignored, contradicted, or overwritten by a good deal of the dominant Mormon doctrine, discourse, and practice.)

Within a couple of years I had substantially modified, extended and supplemented this by considerations drawn from William Arkle and Owen Barfield (and Barfield's mentor: Rudolf Steiner).

The process was, pretty much, finished - for the time being at least - some five years ago; by my time spent focusing on reading and re-reading the Fourth Gospel, with the attitude that it was the first and most authoritative source of information on Jesus's life and teachings. 

The resulting schema was then made simpler and more coherent (as I conceive such things) by introducing my own conviction of a wholly-living/ conscious/ purposive created-reality; constituted by Beings - understood to be the primary and eternal realities of existence; and the relations between Beings as what provides the structure of known reality. 


callowman said...

Have you found any sort of community pursuing your theology?

Bruce Charlton said...

@c - No.