Wednesday 14 June 2023

God and Men, Primary and Secondary creation

If real-creation exists - i.e. not just re-arrangement of pre-existing stuff - then it must be a divine attribute. 

If Men are capable of real-creation, then Men need to be - in some qualitative way - gods. This I accept: i.e. that Men, as Children of God really create And are gods. 

Note that God, capitalized, is the primary creator, and we Men (and all other Beings that really-create) are secondary creators, whose real-creation happens within the already-existing 'universe' of God's primary creation. 

The creating is therefore qualitatively the same process: when Men create, they are doing the same kind of thing as God. 

The distinction between God and gods is therefore between making the framework, and working within and from that framework; it is also a temporal creation, in that primary creation came first. 

Because secondary creation is real-creation, it qualitatively changes God's primary creation - including making it bigger.


The above is edited from a comment in response to a post by Kristor at the Orthosphere. Readers may find the difference in our views a helpful example of how metaphysical differences manifest. Kristor and I essentially agree on the issues and implications; yet Kristor's conclusion is the opposite from mine. 

Kristor assumes that Men and God are qualitatively different, and from this it follows that Men's creativity must not be the same as divine creativity. We both agree on the nature of real-creativity; but disagree on the nature and relationships of God and Men. 

I regard Men as Children of God, of the same 'kind' as God - and all men as destined (i.e. this is what God wants) to follow the same path as Jesus, who I regard as born mortal Man - in unique perfect accord with God's aims and methods; who became fully-divine while still mortal; and was then resurrected to immortality so that other Men could follow his path by following him - i.e. follow the path of Jesus but without having first to be in unique and perfect accord with God. 

Kristor - by contrast - regards Jesus as being one of the Trinity with God the Father/ primary creator; and Men as qualitatively distinct creatures from the Trinity.

For me, human creativity is a manifestation, in mortal life, of the same phenomenon that will be stronger and grow in immortal and resurrected life. 

Men are not and cannot be the primary creators; but we can - and God wishes us to - contribute to primary creation; can change and expand it in full-harmony with God's aims and methods - both in this mortal life, and much more so afterwards (assuming we are resurrected to eternal Heavenly Life). 

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