Friday 2 June 2023

The single Will behind all conspiracies

'Conspiracy Theory' is correct, compared with the incoherent and non-explanatory nonsense that the world Just Happens to be driven continually in the direction of secular Leftism, generation after generation.

(e.g. The idea that sustained directionality through time in the face of entropy can be simulated by purely hypothetical/ non-sensical bottom-up 'emergent' properties of the system. On examination; such theories either exclude entropy and opposition; or a priori assume that emergence is real, rather than discovering emergence from observations.) 

But conspiracy theories (CTs) never go far enough; but always stop at some intermediate level where - it is asserted - some particular grouping of human beings is engaged in enhancing their own long-term self-interest at the expense of everybody and every-thing else. 

Different CTs assert different conspiratorial groups, and different sizes of groups - and the posited groups differ somewhat in terms of their ultimate goal (e.g. power, wealth, lust, spiteful destruction); but all CTs are wrong if they stop the analysis it the level of any group at all. 

When Gandalf says to Saruman that only one hand can wield the One Ring at a given time; he was stating a general truth about strategic power.   

Insofar as power is pursuing any particular direction across time and in the face of the many wills of this world - as well as entropy; power must be single

Of course, below that single point at the peak of the pyramid; there are many other agendas pulling in different directions, and resistances pushing in many directions. 

The resulting clash of wills leads to apparent 'chaos', and 'randomness' at the level of our everyday discourse and observation. Only if we take a step back, and infer what lies behind the trends, may we additionally infer that there needs to be a single will - not a committee of multiple, and selfish, wills - on top of it all. 

This single will is nowadays clearly 'the devil' in some sense. 

But it need not be the same single demonic will operating at all times in history. Because as Gandalf says, one hand at a time can wield the One - over time there has been more than one hand wielding it. 

Thus the devil may change his nature through time and will the progression of his plans (e.g. power corrupts), or perhaps one ruling-devil may be replaced by another ruling-devil, with different priorities. 

After all, the dominant nature of evil - especially in The West - seems to have changed considerably over the past several hundreds of years (from Luciferic, to Ahrimanic, and now to Sorathic). 

Part of this trend from seeking positive personal gratifications, through seeking materialistic bureaucratic objectification, to spiteful sheer-destructiveness; is simply because it is Much easier (in this entropic world) to destroy than to build. 

So that power-as-such (whether political, managerial, personal  or any other) is Much more effective in opposition, negation, and destruction; than it is effective in pursuit of any positive goal. Because of this, we need to distinguish purpose from destruction: purpose is imposed, while destruction Just Happens.   

Yet at any particular time, so long as there is sustained directionality to this world; there will be just one purpose and will standing atop whatever hierarchy of groups and conspiracies may be in-place at any particular moment. 

This explains why groups so often act against their own obvious self-interests - whether short- or long-term; and why every individual leader is regarded as expendable within The System - no matter how high-up, effective, or 'loyal' - and no matter how apparently powerful he may be. 

Ultimately, the entirety of the leadership class - all groups, and all the individuals within groups - are merely regarded as expendable tools for the single will that sits atop The System. 

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