Monday 12 June 2023

The side of evil in the spiritual war Is Not Trying To "Win" anymore

Among all the many Litmus Test agenda issues - which are all very important strategies of evil - what is the most important issue for the most powerful of the demonic factions? 

One can only infer such things indirectly; but I think two things are apparent. 

The first is that the Great Reset stuff - the Ahrimanic grand-plan which purports to build-upon the world coup of 2020 to create a new global totalitarianism - is increasingly a deliberate distraction from an increasingly merely-destructive, spitefully-motivated, agenda - focused on the Fire Nation war. 

My feeling is that almost everyone - even Christians on the right side of the spiritual war and Litmus Tests - is misunderstanding what has been and is going-on across the board; but especially in the FN business. 

I shall try and be plain: The side of evil is not trying to "win" anymore

What I mean is that - at the very highest level of evil-power and evil-influence - They are not trying to achieve any particular end result*.

They are not trying to achieve a carbon-zero world, not trying to cool the global climate, not trying to make an inverted world of sexual liberation; nor do they intend or hope to unite the world under a single demonic-controlled bureaucracy with a unified mass media... Nor do they intend to defeat the FN in the current war. 

Not any more.

All of these issues are Now merely means to a destructive end, excuses for destroying whatever is of God, whatever is Good, whatever is divinely-created, whatever is residually Christian - They seek to destroy even whatever is simply functional - including, and this is vital to realize, that which is functional within the agenda of evil.  

In this respect the FN conflict has become the single major issue for the powers of evil

While the conflict has been ignored or trivialized among some, and regarded as a traditional two-sided war of conflicting objectives by a minority of others...

While all this has been going-on, step-by-step we are being walked-into all-out and uncontainable WWIII - the objective of which is not victory but chaos and mass destruction on a scale far beyond anything seen in the history of the world.

The pieces are already in place, and the inertial momentum is rolling, and nobody with power or influence on the side of The West has even spoken against it, never mind opposing it. 

Quite the contrary, the leadership class of all Western nations are united in pursuit of an agenda which will lead to the annihilation of the countries they purport to represent: starting-with Europe and the UK, and extending outwards... who knows how or where exactly?

As things stand here-and-now; WWIII gets closer every week, and Will Happen. 

We can only see what we comprehend; and if we want to understand what is being-unrolled and implemented inexorably - we must first understand the nature and reality of Sorathic evil - understand its spiteful motivation and destructive aims.  

Which means recognizing, understanding - and repenting: that is, rejecting as evil - such impulses within our-selves. 

I am not claiming that this insight could happen sufficiently widely and swiftly to stop and reverse where we are heading in the world; but, for sure, nothing positive can happen (globally, nationally, in our hearts) unless understanding first happens. 

Because when an evil dominates the world; it is imperative that it become known as such. 

*Note added: Of course, inducing spiteful destruction and chaos is intended to win in a spiritual sense: i.e. to lead to the damnation of Men's souls.

Further note: The combination of military events - starting today and for a bit more than a week - would be perfect for the Sorathic escalationists to mount a Fake Pennant event. So perfect that it would be astonishing if some such is not planned, at some level - whether or not this actually happens. But - watch out!


Bruce Charlton said...

Jeffrey Cantrell comments (edited to be more obscure):

I totally agree. There have been several analyses recently about the pace of that war. The upshot is that western countries simply do not have the industrial capacity to sustain combat operations at the pace seen in the Fire Nation war. The last estimate I saw was 20,000 artillery shells expended daily on average, major armor being lost at a prodigious rate, etc. Western European military leads admitting that they cannot defend against a Fire Nation attack...

All this is happening, and yet the "leadership" in the West is clamoring to give away more of its material and for more fighting. I believe that what will happen is that the conflict will expand and facing a catastrophic loss, the West will threaten and then resort to gamma-ray-emitting weapons.

All of this is a parallel to what we saw with the Birdemic attack on liberty. A single, global, simultaneous shift in totalitarian edicts passed down by governments. Based on this evidence, the only root-cause theory that explains what happened is a spiritual war, demonically driven and implemented by those who are or chose to be in thrall to evil.

I'd like to think otherwise, but facts are facts and to believe otherwise is, I believe, another litmus test.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Out of curiosity, what is your preferred term for mainland China? I ask because it, along with the Fire Nation, seems to be the target of lots of globalist ire in my country (USA). Lots of Americans are being whipped up into believing that Taiwan is the 53rd State (after Israel and Ukraine).

If you haven't already, watch Jet Li's Fearless to get a sense of how the Chinese view themselves and the rest of the world: Americans are large, buffoonish, but capable of honorable behavior; British and French are treacherous, imperialist fops; Japanese are imperialist running dogs.

Chinese are natural guardians of diverse Asian peoples!

I am not kidding about any of this. An acquaintance who married into a Chinese family assures me this is accurate.

I call the traditionally Buddhist countries Garden Nations: Bhutan, Japan, Myanmar, Korea et al.

But back to the FN conflict: I find a lot of conservative friends just can't accept that the FN invaded to neuter a money-laundering, bio-lab, globalist snakepit on her borders. (Apparently it's the curret ticket-punching stop for ambitious national security bureaucrats, like the Baghdad Green Zone or Kabul last decade). They are avoiding a horribly unpleasant truth: the System is not "broken and in need of reform;" rather, the System is operating exactly as intended and is coming for them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@A-G - The Earth Kingdom - continuing the Avatar theme...