Saturday 5 June 2010

Driclor - a totally effective anti-perspirant/ deodorant

The one thing that modern culture hates and suppresses above all else, is a cheap and effective solution to a common problem.

There are scores, indeed hundreds or maybe thousands, of expensive, heavily advertized and *ineffective* deodorants and antiperspirants on sale in supermarkets and pharmacists. They neither stop odour, nor stop sweat.

They are expensive non-solutions to the common problem of smelly under-arm sweat - and they are Big Business.

But Aluminium chloride solution (which I buy in the brand called Driclor) is *totally* effective at preventing both perspiration and odour, and a single application lasts for three or four days.

The product is very reasonably priced, since a big bottle is about 6-8 US dollars and lasts me for several months.

YET - although it is sold in large pharmacies, it is not usually displayed on the shelves but needs specifically to be asked-for.

SO - here we have what seems to be a completely effective solution to a problem which affects most adults (insofar as most adults use some kind of underarm antiperspirant deodorant) - yet it is not advertized and is all-but hidden.

Presumably because if it were better known then the shelves would be cleared of the scores of ineffective, expensive and heavily advertized rival products. And probably Driclor itself would not survive this process, since the active product (aluminium chloride) is not patent-protected, and the company would no doubt be driven out of business by excess competition.

My point?

In modern medicine, in modern life, it is possible for there to be completely effective and cheap and widely 'available' solutions to common problems, and for these to be virtually unknown.