Tuesday 31 January 2023

An example of specific divine guidance in my life

I do not like blogging about my own spiritual experiences; partly from reticence and partly because spiritual guidance is designed for the benefit of the recipient not as general teaching. 

Furthermore, each experience of personal miracles, or of the guidance of the Holy Ghost, has been so different in its specifics; that the major lesson for me has been that there is no method for such matters. 

(Indeed, to teach or assume generic methods for the Christian life, or to convert personal mystical experiences into advice, seem likely to do more harm than good.) 

On the other hand; it may somewhat encouraging for other people to know that a long-term and deep personal question for which I sought a response for some years did, in the end, receive an answer - albeit slowly and by a very indirect and not-replicable route.

I am not going to discuss the answer I was given; but I will describe something of the strange and unexpected way that an answer was communicated to me - in such a way that the process got past my fundamental misunderstandings and false pre-conceptions, and convinced me intuitively of its validity. 

I have often observed that when a question does not get an answer from divine sources; this is almost always because the question is ill-formed, and contains fundamentally wrong assumptions. These are why God cannot answer us - despite His vast resources. 

Furthermore; we are (nearly always) looking for the wrong kind of answer - and often something which is self-gratifying, or perhaps fits with false ideas of our own nature and destiny. 

This may explain why I was not able to get an answer of value or validity to the question oft what I ought to be doing in my life. I had too many fantasies and day-dreams that blocked my understanding. 

So, God's problem, in trying to help me, was to work past a great mass of such preconceptions, false understandings, wrong notions of the kind of thing I sought; and the tendency to ignore the true answer if given me straightforwardly, because the simple truth 'wasn't what I wanted to hear'... 

The only positive thing I was able to do to assist the process was to maintain my intent to find an answer over a period of years. I didn't give up. 

Admittedly I wasted considerable time, money and effort on dozens of false leads; but I kept plugging away - and followed hunches. 

What proved essential in the end; I let myself pursue lines of enquiry that had some kind of here-and-now interest to me; even when these appeared 'rationally' to be dead-ends, or trivial. 

Thus I have recently been re-reading around the subject of Christian 'ceremonial magic' - in particular the books of Gareth Knight and Dion Fortune, who I regard as admirable people. But I had already read these authors in the past couple of years, and had become clear in my mind that such a ritual and symbol, organized, approach to Christian living was now obsolete: it simply does not work anymore. 

I have also been re-reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and focused on the episode when Childermass uses his 'Cards of Marseilles' (i.e. Tarot cards) to tell the fortune of Vinculus, and later to discern dishonesty and theft by Lascelles. 

Such reading led me to re-watch some DVDs of a nostalgic children's TV series from the early 1970s called Ace of Wands; which featured the hero 'Tarot' - a professional stage magician who also had some psychic powers such as telepathy, remote visualization and telekinesis. 

Having enjoyed this; I then got-out my Rider-Waite Tarot Card pack, which had featured in the TV programme; and looked-through some of its pictures.

Having replaced the cards, I absent-mindedly attempted to place it on a table; when the pack accidentally fell to the ground, and two cards jumped-out - and lay face down on the floor.  

It then came to my mind that these two cards would answer my question about what to do in my life.

I immediately thought that this was stupid, because (no matter how valid the process) I would always read-into the cards whatever answer I wanted: in other words, I would fool myself, and therefore the exercise would be useless. 

I don't believe in fortune telling; I don't believe that divination works (nowadays - although it did work in ancient times - up to the early years of the Roman Empire); and I certainly was not seeking 'guidance from the cards'.  

Nonetheless, I picked-up the cards one by one; and immediately recognized that the first card depicted myself and my condition: not as I fondly imagined myself, but as I actually was. 

This came as a shock, and I turned over the second card with some curiosity. 

The second card was one of the Greater Trumps, and I did not know its (supposed) meaning; so I looked it up in the leaflet provided - all the while thinking that it would be futile, because the descriptions are (like newspaper horoscopes) always so vague and ambiguous that they cannot possibly be sufficiently specific to serve as clear guidance for life...  

I read the sentence describing what the card meant, then - after a couple of seconds of dawning recognition - I realized that this was exactly the answer I needed and it was true

The generic phrases each and all had specific relevance to my condition.

The answer was obvious, banal, simple - and it was clearly the truth; yet I had missed it and missed it, for a very long time. 

I had to be set-up for this knowledge, in the right frame of mind and expectation; and I had to be surprised by the answer. 

What I think can be learned from the above is that if we persist in seeking an answer to an important question; then God can and will find a way to get that answer to us; and will prepare us to receive that answer

And God can do this even when we are (as I was) asking almost exactly the opposite question to the one we needed to ask; and when the mind is clouded and confused by innumerable wrong notions and hopes. 

Therefore; don't give up, and be prepared to follow where inner promptings indicate - even when these are pointing in apparently trivial or useless directions. 

And I think it is worthwhile to recall that the answer will be personal, very exactly tailored to you as an individual and your circumstances.

Also; the method by which God works to deliver the answer will be... Whatever does the job - and that method, too, will be one-off, unique - hence completely unpredictable.  

Which is exactly what is necessary. 

The significance of "Never Apologize"; and the Martyr of Repentance

The totalitarian rulers of the Western world are extremely powerful - especially in destruction. 

As well as having control of armies, police, and weapons; they have immense resources of surveillance and propaganda/ 'education'. 

Such a combination of capability and cover; means that people, organizations and things can be eliminated with impunity - since even great evils can be ignored, explained-away, or memory-holed. 

And yet... There are many evil but expedient eliminations that They do Not do.

They do not simply kill-off all their opponents; despite the continual hysterical clamour that They should eliminate such things; coming from mid-level functionaries-of-evil such as managers, journalists, bureaucrats and others of the almost-wholly-corrupted intellectual middle class. 

Why don't They just eliminate their enemies? 

The answer is one that the functionaries-of-evil do not understand; which is that from the top-level of global (Western) leadership this is a spiritual war - ultimately. 

Therefore; what is sought is not the physical elimination of enemies of evil, but instead their spiritual corruption

It is often said that They do not kill someone because They do not want to create a martyr. And this is true; but literally not 'metaphorically' true as is usually meant. 

When modern people talk of not making a martyr, they mean that a martyr might become a figurehead which could inspire resistance from others. In other words; the level of explanation is this-worldly, and materialist, and to do with social interactions. 

But this fear of material-martyrs is probably untrue nowadays; since - apparently - the masses are so demotivated that no thing, no conceivable person or event, will inspire resistance against Them! 

No, the problem with The System killing someone Good; is that when a Man accepts death rather than abandon Good when he could have saved himself by succumbing to evil: a literal martyr, a 'spiritual martyr', is the result. 

In other words; such a Man 'certainly' attains salvation after biological death: A spiritual martyr chooses salvation and rejects damnation as certainly as we can know about such things, this side of death. 

Such an outcome constitutes a disaster for the powers of demonic evil. 

From Their perspective this is not just a soul lost to Them; but an enhancement of the power of Goodness; and this is a power that is available (by direct, intuitive apprehension; and through prayer) to inspire and sustain mortal Men on this earth in their own resistance to evil and commitment to Good. 

Therefore, when an enemy of The System is identified... When any person resists (in any way) plans of the totalitarian global leadership... The objective is that he should be corrupted, not killed

This is the deep reason why anyone who tells the truth in a situation when lies are mandatory, or who does the right thing when public compliance with the agenda of evil, is always pressurized to 'apologize'.

And, conversely, the reason why he should Never Apologize

Because when someone apologizes for saying the truth, or for doing the right thing, or for resisting public displays of support for that which is motivated by evil intent... then that person has been corrupted into taking the side of evil. 

When anyone lies publicly, in some way that is expedient for him rather than truthful - that person is corrupted. 

When a public figure caves-in to pressure (which may, of course, be immense) - but does not admit he has caved-in, and instead dishonestly rationalizes his behaviour as the right thing to do - he is corrupted. 

And, in more general terms; anyone who sins and does not repent it - especially if he denies the sin or defends his compliance rather than repenting - then that person has been corrupted.

It is the prevention of repentance that lies at the heart of all these corruptions

If a public figure caved-in to pressure and behaved without courage, if he also apologized for true things he said and went-along with public displays of support of the Litmus Test agenda items; and if he then lied to cover-up and rationalize all this...

But then repented all of this sequence of sins; for instance stating that this and this was wrong and evil, and that he should not have done them and in doing them had sinned...

Then - by the infinite saving power of repentance - even such a recidivist sinner would be forgiven and washed clean of the stains of sin There-And-Then. 

And if such a Man was then killed for having repented: he would become a real martyr, a spiritual martyr.

It seems important for Christians to be clearer about this. There may be heroic martyrs of great personal Goodness and courage; but these are not the only kind of martyr because repentance may also be the cause of martyrdom. 

Repentance requires courage, and may lead to martyrdom; and a martyrdom all the more admirable because it is less likely to be recognized publicly - and may be unknown. 

A Martyr of Repentance is - nowadays - probably choosing to do the right thing despite very little possibility of recognition or reward on earth; and without any realistic likelihood of inspiring others into resistance to evil. 

I suspect that such a martyr of repentance might - for exactly these reasons - be even more spiritually-powerful than a martyr who might reasonably expect to inspire veneration after his death. 

Such are the deep spiritual realities behind Vox Day's pragmatically-orientated slogan Never Apologize

To apologize for thinking, speaking or doing The-Right-Thing, for speaking truth, for offending against the agenda of evil... such is the opposite of repentance. 

We are all sinners; and sin over and again all through our lives - because sin is whatever is Not aligned-with God's creation. 

Most people in this world are weak in face of social pressure to sin, and are so afraid of the powers of evil that they will not repent - not even in their thoughts (so far as I can tell). 

It is this refusal to repent which keeps them in thrall to evil. 

Yet if there is one thing that Men may do, which the demonic rulers fear more than anything else in this mortal world; it is surely to accept martyrdom. 

"They" will go to vast lengths Not to make martyrs - and will patiently lay siege to virtue with intent to corrupt it to the extent of denying that Good is Good (and instead apologizing for it); to sin while denying the sin and calling it virtue; to induce men to do all this and then not to repent

We are all sinners; and yet every single one of us possesses the ability to deploy this deadliest anti-evil weapon of repentance; this most feared of outcomes by the demons. 

A martyr must be prepared to accept whatever happens, including death, rather than fail to do the right thing. 

But, the demons will not willingly create a martyr; will go to great lengths to avoid such an outcome. 

Thus faith is indeed a kind of armour - even in this-world; so long as that faith truly is directed at eternal salvation.

It is by our investment in achieving expedient outcomes in this mortal life and world, that the powers of evil corrupt and control us; and lead us to self-chosen damnation through refusal to repent.  

Yet, no matter how deep in corruption and no matter the societal pressure towards evil; if a Man can recognize, acknowledge, and repent his sins and accept whatever the consequences - then, at that moment (and for eternity, if martyrdom is his fate), he becomes a light to dazzle The Enemy and push-back the darkness in this world.

Monday 30 January 2023

Spiritual corruption and the peck: Joining the side of evil is just the Beginning of the matter

I have seen some people reporting that the peck seemed to result in startling spiritual deterioration or corruption in some people. 

The further speculation was sometimes that this was due to some mysterious or hi-tech ingredient included in the peck.

I do not doubt that taking the peck was followed by marked spiritual deterioration and corruption in some people. 

But it is missing the point badly, and indeed falling-into exactly the gross materialism which is being imposed and encouraged by the global totalitarians, to attribute spiritual change to the physical actions of a physical agent that - by unknown mechanism - makes people unspiritual. 

Taking the peck willingly was a decision to join the side of evil in the spiritual war of this world

And in such a war, as we may see in he world today; the choice of sides has consequences. Joining the side of evil is just the beginning of the matter

One who has chosen to affiliate with evil will be led into more and greater evils - and this will continue without limit, for as so long as he desires to remain on that side. 

It follows naturally and inevitably that one who makes such an evil-affiliating decision as willingly to embrace the peck; will exhibit spiritual deterioration, which may be severe in some instances; and will tend to worsen with time*.

*Unless there is subsequent repentance; and, as Francis Berger writes: regret is not repentance

Sunday 29 January 2023

The desire for open-ended reincarnation and the sufficiency of mortal life

I recently had a very interesting online conversation with someone who - from multiple personal spiritual experiences - believes in the reality of multiple human reincarnations. 

That is not an unusual thing; but this person is someone who I have know over a long period of years to be unusually thoughtful, sincere, and insightful. 

So I pressed him to consider an eternal timescale; and whether - from that perspective - repeating and repeating the experiences of a series and variety of mortal Men living this earthly life - was really sufficient. 

Whether, in particular he could imagine wanting anything better: something better than mortal Men, and living in a world better than this earth?

His answer was no, he did not want anything more - this world, this "plane of existence" was the best he could wish for; even ideally he could want nothing more or better. 

Regular readers will know that I have an extremely different set of beliefs and hopes; and that for me this mortal life and earth do not suffice, and cannot suffice. For me, to contemplate an unending series of mortal reincarnations in a world of always sinful Men and with the inevitability of decay and death; sounds like something more of a curse than a blessing. 

I have characterized this in terms of the fundamentally entropic nature of this mortal life and world; and my desire for a life of eternal creation; that this mortal life is a vital phase between pre-mortal spirit and eternal resurrection - vital, but a phase nonetheless: therefore not something it would be good to remain 'in' forever.   

This kind of consideration and thinking is something that I regard as very fundamental to the human condition; in particular with respect to the gift of Jesus Christ. 

Salvation is aimed at people such as myself; but there are people such as my old friend - I think these people are actually rather rare, yet they exist - who want something positive (i.e. they are not self-damned hell-seekers; they are accurate discerners and foes of evil) that is nonetheless very different from what Jesus offers. 

Another type of person who rejects both salvation and damnation is one who sincerely desires some kind of Nirvana state of blissful loss of awareness of the self, cessation of thinking, removal of the feeling of separation from the divine; and where the divine is understood in an abstract and depersonalized way. 

I have often stated my belief that a large majority of those who profess this kind of oneness aspiration are insincere (ultimately, dishonest with themselves) as evidenced by their attempts to persuade others and argue their position. And as evidence by their behaviour of convergence with the evil totalitarians. In other words these 'mainstream' oneness advocates claim to be other-worldly and indifferent to this mortal life; but evidence the opposite in what they do and teach. 

Yet I think it likely that there are genuine Nirvana-wishers (perhaps especially in Eastern societies) who reject the theosis - the desire for spiritual development towards full creative divinity - that is an essential part of Christianity; and the personal understanding of the world. 

If what we assume about the ancient and ancestral hunter-gatherers, and their cultural equivalents in more recent years - is correct; they had a belief in serial reincarnation without end in 'this world' - and were fully-satisfied by this. 

So it is perhaps not surprising if there are some people alive today who share this basic world view. 

On the other hand; the destiny of Western Man as-a-whole is, by my understanding, towards Christian salvation and Christian theosis; and I am confident that (especially since the millennium) an increasing proportion of those who reject salvation are actually embracing damnation. 

In other words; it seems clear to me that a large majority of those in The West who reject Christianity have actually taken the side of evil; and are either being dishonest with others when they claim they have not, and/or else dishonest with themselves - and have never thought sufficiently rigorously and truthfully to recognize the fact. 

Yet even if I am correct and there is - as a strong generalization - only the two choices of Christ or Satan; nonetheless, each person is in fact unique, and came into this mortal life and earthly world as unique. 

It would therefore be a mistake to suppose that all sincere and thoughtful people who reject evil will also want what Jesus Christ offers. It would be a mistake to assume that all individuals Must fit into one of only two categories.  

On the one hand; I know enough about my old friend to regard him as one of the exceptions. On the other hand - I do not believe there are many others like him! 

But then, I do not believe that many of the hundreds of millions of self-identified Christians in the world, are sincere in their professed belief. 

It seems to me that extremely few "Christians" have asked themselves the right questions concerning what they most desire through an eternal future; and have genuinely considered whether what they want is the same-thing as what Jesus Christ actually offers to those who follow Him. 

Saturday 28 January 2023

What does it mean to Defeat evil? (Why evil is insatiable, and why success destroys itself.)

In this mortal world, 'evil' as a phenomenon, and evil-affiliated persons (human and angelic-demonic) cannot be finally-defeated - in the general sense that they are immortal beings that cannot be destroyed; and also that some of these evil immortal beings are committed (permanently) to evil.

But specifically, at the level of individual persons - evil is permanently defeated every time someone chooses to follow Jesus Christ through mortal death, to resurrection into eternal Heavenly life. 

And evil can be weakened, precisely because it inhabits these mortal realms that are dominated by 'entropy' - which means that evil being must 'consume' energies merely to remain as they are; and if starved of these energies they would weaken and weaken, down towards an irreducible state of mere passive existence. 

To rephrase the matter: An evil being (or evil considered en masse) must consume energies in order to maintain itself as it is - thus evil is by nature vampiric, or parasitic. 

The larger and stronger - more powerful - and evil being; the more it must consume; and all growth of power increases its 'appetite'. So long as evil is growing - its strength to feed itself with also increase. But without sufficient consumption; evil will weaken. As the strength of evil diminishes; so its ability to feed itself diminishes - leading to further shrinkage. 

In other words; evil works by positive feedback whereby change leads to further change of the same kind. growth leads to faster growth, weakening leads to faster shrinkage. 

Therefore; successful evil operates to pre-empt its own weakness - and will do so at any cost. An evil being cannot bear even short-term diminution of itself - because it will become self-perpetuating. Each evil being must avoid any diminution of its energy consumption, and will do anything to ensure this continued consumption here-and-now - even when short-term consumption will increase long-term shortage of energies. 

In sum: this is a metaphorical explanation of why Ahrimanic (bureaucratic, long-termist 'lawful') evil will always eventually devolve into Sorathic (spiteful, short-termist, 'chaotic') evil; insofar as it is successful into its goals.  

This is a picture of why evil is insatiable. 

Evil beings must (in some spiritual sense) each continue to consume the energies of damned souls - that is, souls who choose to reject salvation and embrace damnation. 

Evil waxes in strength and scope when (as now, and in recent generations) the supply of damned souls increases - but the greater the powers of evil, the more 'energies' that it needs to maintain itself; which is why there has been a kind of frenzy of evil building-up, on a perceptible timescale. 

(You might imagine the triumph of evil as akin to a 'bubble' phenomenon in economics, a Pyramid or a Ponzi scheme, or some other situation where continued success depends upon an ever increasing supply of victims. The more damned souls that are induced, the greater the energies to sustain growth in damned souls. The demand for damned souls is an exponential growth of demand for energies, but with a much slower growth (and eventually shrinking) in supply of victims - until the supply of victims is insufficient to keep the bubble growing - and the bubble bursts.) 

Thus evil has, overall, become rather like a malignant cancer whose growth consumes its host with increasing rapidity - and will reach a point when the host begins to die, the available energies are less and less adequate to maintain the size and strength of evil.

Then the evil beings (necessarily) begin to contest, and to consume each other - as if one part of a cancer was feeding upon another cancer. 

Of course this lethal trend cannot be described as any kind of 'victory for good'! 

But it does mean that individual souls of Men who look beyond survival in this mortal realm, become relatively stronger as the dominant evil of this world enters this frenzied terminal phase.  

And it means that saved souls do not only save them-selves, but also tend to diminish the strength and scope of evil generally. 

Friday 27 January 2023

Why the dystopia-mania?

Netflix have introduced a new category into their streaming services which is Dystopian Futures

In other words; one of The System's core propaganda sources is encouraging its audience to consume movies and TV programs which focus on future hellish societies; just as (since the summer of 2020) they introduced the category "Black Stories" as an approved category. 

This invites consideration; because on the surface it would seem to be counter-productive for The System to warn the masses about the nasty things The System intends to do with the masses... Yet, here we have it. 

The answer is quite simple, as indeed are all such matters of large scale System policy - because, if strategies were not simple, then they would be rendered ineffectual by the complex and varied multi-society implementation process. Only simple policies can be relied upon to have their desired effect across many nations and across extended timescales.  

The reason why Netflix is pushing dystopian narratives is related to their overall service to the core demonic agenda, which is the damnation of Men.

Overall (and on average) modern dystopias - under modern conditions - promote the agenda of evil; which is the agenda of The System. 

The damnation is Men is not an easy thing to achieve, because Men must choose it: that is, each Man must (as an unique individual) choose to reject the offer or eternal resurrected life in Heaven that is made possible by Jesus Christ. 

That is: a Man must be induced not-to-want Heavenly resurrected and everlasting life; but instead to prefer death and hell. 

In other words; Men must be made to want evil (not Good); and to desire evil entails that Men understand evil and its implications; understand the planned evil sufficiently to consent to evil, sufficiently to say yes to evil

Furthermore, Men be be induced Not-to-repent; because it is never too late (in mortal life) for any Man to repent and instead follow Jesus Christ. 

Damnation is never secure so long as Men retain an accurate sense of what is Good, and what is sin

Only when the evilness of sin is denied and its opposite asserted, is damnation secure. 

This means that - at some level - there needs to be a value-inversion whereby real Good is understood to be evil; and actual evil is understood to be Good.   

This is the spiritual function of Dystopian Futures - and indeed the reason for the mania for dystopian depictions in the mass media and arts, especially since about the millennium: to induce Men to consent to the evil which is planned for them, and to choose it in preference to Heaven.

There are many (unlimited in number and variety, although with some common themes) ways in which modern (especially post-2000) dystopian fictions can promote exactly the dystopias they 'warn' against. 

Maybe simply through depicting dystopia as inevitable - hence inducing the 'resistance is futile' mindset; which is just one step away from embracing the evil plans while trying, personally, to make the best of it. 

Depictions of 'apocalyptic' collapse likewise often promote an attitude of ruthlessly selfish personal-survivalism - indifferent to any spiritual or divine goals (which are implicitly depicted as unreal delusions when times get hard). 

For example; physical survival is assumed (but without stating it) to be the ultimate Good; therefore a 'whatever it takes' ethic becomes ultimate. 

Or; evil is promoted by opposing the depicted dystopias with leftist/ atheist/ materialist/ hedonic System ideologies. This means that both support-of dystopia and 'opposition'-to dystopia both share the same ideology, and both sides in the conflict are merely different aspects of the same (evil) System. 

For instance; Nazi-like 'racist' fictional dystopias are opposed (in-world) by 'antiracist' freedom-fighters - when in real-life antiracism is a core tool of the totalitarian System. 

Or when 'environmentally destructive/ indifferent' tyrannical and cruel rulers, are opposed by some 'eco-warrior types' aiming to save-the-planet - when in real life the environmental movement is utterly in-thrall to (indeed a creature of) the globalist agenda. 

And there are (many) fictions about  Artificial Intelligences. If these are 'evil' (i.e. cruel, selfish etc) this implies that there are also potentially 'Good' AIs (kind, altruistic etc). Fictions of 'Good' AIs, and 'nice'/ or beautiful robots - may have these depicted as better than (most) Men. 

In the end, the message is that AI is a real thing, and AIs are persons and might replace (in essentials) Men - and often the AI future is said to be inevitable anyway (again "resistance is futile"). 

Yet another strand of the propaganda is that futures are some combination of random materialism, scientific determinism, and the Man-made; such that divine creation is excluded completely from the range of possibilities. 

In dystopia Men inhabit a meaningless and purposeless world - because only the divine creation of a Good God has purpose and meaning; consequently those who are depicted as opposing dystopia in these worlds, implicitly accept the same nihilistic assumptions concerning reality, that are inevitable when creation is excluded from possibility. 

In other words; the 'dystopian' worlds portrayed are ones in which all depicted options, on all 'sides' in the dramatic conflict, are all servants of the demonic agenda - in one or another of its aspects. 

Past Dystopias were indeed sometimes genuine warnings against that which they depicted; but the vast expansion and promotion of the dystopia agenda during the past few decades is undoubtedly driven by evil motivations, and is intended to work in support of the evil System-agenda: to pave its way, reduce resistance, increase acceptance...

In a nutshell; 'dystopian futures' are depicted with the overall intent of - by one means or another - generating consent for a totalitarian and materialist society; and, further, inducing mind-sets, attitudes and responses to the unfolding global dystopia that support its development.

Modern dystopias encourage a wide-range of Jesus-rejecting, anti-God, spirit-disbelieving, leftist ideologies that feed-back-into The System, and indirectly but materially and spiritually support it; because in dystopia, all possible futures derive from exactly the same basic and fundamental assumptions upon-which dystopia has been built.     

Thursday 26 January 2023

Why do most people respond so willingly and cheerfully to "scare tactics, emotional blackmail, shifting goal posts and gaslightning"?

Commenter AnteB made a very incisive point in discussing William Wildblood's fascinating account of his conversation with a peck enthusiast. 

The most difficult thing for me is to understand how so few people, Christian or not, resisted a campaign that was so clearly manipulative and coercive. A whole battery of scare tactics, emotional blackmail, shifting goal posts and gaslightning were employed but few seemed to care or even register that something was out of place.

This expresses exactly my own incredulity and disgust at the behaviour of... well, nearly everybody in The West! 

Clearly this behaviour was not limited to the issue of the birdemic-peck; but reflects a fixed mental and psychological habit of The West

We have reached a point where the mass of people - including especially the intellectual middle classes (who are the most passively credulous of all population sectors) - will believe and act-upon any-thing that is monolithically presented by bureaucratic officialdom and the mass media.


Anything about-which The System has consensus today - here-and-now - will be believed and acted upon; and the same will apply to the System-consensus tomorrow. 

The fact that the System-consensus is incoherent and extremely labile (sometimes literally reversing in a matter of days) - is irrelevant. 

That the System-consensus is evil and/or insane - as, currently, with engineering and escalating World War Three - is irrelevant. 

The cognitive time-horizon has been (all but) closed-up to the present-moment; because past and future are defined and redefined - without limit - by the present-consensus. 

It seems clear that 'morality', reason, and political expedience have simultaneously been reduced to 'today's consensus'.

And this further implies that the crucial constraint on human bahaviour - almost its sole determinant, is now System-consensus. 

Proof of this can be observed by the immense efforts at manufacturing such consensus - for example the blatantly monolithic propaganda (clearly emanating from a single central source); and the blatant suppression ('censorship') of more, and ever-more, even slightly dissenting perspectives and sources. 

So; on the one hand, They can make Us believe anything at all that they wish us to believe; on the other hand, They can only make Us believe what They agree to agree-upon

We can only be made to believe that which is susceptible to System-consensus. 

The System has closed-in upon itself; and its main activity is now to to ensure its own current-consensus. 

Within The System - all serious effort is directed at alignment with other aspects of The System (bureaucrats servicing bureaucrats - and other synergies between sub-systems; in a web of mutual-influence, mutual adjustment, mutual manipulations).  

While those-who-stand-outside The System, and who control The System; are mainly concerned to create serial current-consensuses that will advance their overall agenda

The point being that The System has Us under control; and System problems nowadays come only from power games ('office politics') within The System. 

To this picture need be added that there is (of course!) a reality outside-of, and all-but unrelated to - the System-defined current-consensus; and this reality is always constraining The System - but imperceptibly to The System.

(The System cannot understand reality - but only itself; therefore when reality affects The System, the effects will always be explained as having been caused by The System, from within The System - not by reality. This is one deep cause for the 'doubling-down' phenomenon which has been noted as characteristic of the System ideology: i.e. atheistic-materialistic-leftism.)

And furthermore that "those who control The System" are ultimately demonic, plus the servants of demons (humans who may, remember, be more evil-motivated than actual demons). 

Therefore the ultimate goal of this System-control and serial-consensus-formation; is the damnation of Men and the destruction of divine creation and all that is Good.  

This explains why The System is indifferent to its own coherence - whether linearly (through time) or cross-sectionally (here-and-now). Its deep nature is oppositional - so coherence is not required. 

Coherence is irrelevant - consensus is all - and consensus defines reality for those who accept The System's current-consensus - which clearly includes most of the masses, most of Us, in The West.

For so long as We overwhelmingly regard obedient conformity to System-consensus as our highest value; for so long will this continue. 


Wednesday 25 January 2023

How Tolkien's Elves and Men overcome entropy, and live eternally, in very different ways

Over at the Notion Club Papers blog; I discuss how Tolkien draws a contrast between his Elves and Men in terms of how each race interacts with the problem of 'entropy' (change, disease, decay - and death) in the mortal lands of Middle Earth. 

Elves start-out with nearly of the advantages; but redeemed Men (after the time of Jesus Christ - which is considerably subsequent to the events of The Lord of the Rings) end-up with the best situation. 

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Powerless in the physical war; but powerful in the spiritual war

Modern people have, in my experience, a sense of absolute helplessness when confronted with The World. They perceive the only options to be adaptation or be-detroyed. 

Or else a minority are psychotically-deluded about what difference they personally can make to The World by their own actions and interventions; or they exhibit wildly-improbable optimism concerning how they may personally resist and elude the evils of the world (e.g. 'prepper'- or 'off-grid'-types). 

Thus despair is the great, unspoken, conviction of this era; and most people devote their main life-energies into Not-Thinking about their condition or the future. 

What is the point? - they say? Or, I can't Do anything by-myself against Them, and Thinking will just make me miserable.

And this supposed Not-Thinking is precisely what the evil powers who rule this world Most desire for the masses. 

Because "Not-Thinking" is, in practice, - always thinking exactly what The System puts-into your head; fake-facts and lying-concepts; rooted in unconscious/ denied fundamental metaphysical assumptions (about a purposeless, meaningless, purely-material universe of randomness and mechanical determinism) that lead inevitably to a deep conviction of fear and hopelessness. 

Yet Thinking is the only way out from that materialist trap we inhabit. 

Right Thinking... a Thinking that is rooted in True metaphysical assumptions is our saviour in this life - and the life to come. 

The Truth is that God the Creator is Good and our loving parent; and such knowledge is ultimately hope-full and personally-motivating. 

In the past; it seems to have been possible, indeed normal, for at least some people passively and unconsciously to assimilate Truth and Reality - and therefore spontaneously to possess a Good Attitude to life. 

Many people, then, were naturally Good: naturally took the sde of Good in the spiritual war of this world...

But this no longer happens. Those who don't Think, believe that which is wrong

In a world dominated by The System, and where The System is dominated by evil Beings - some human, some demonic; passive, the unconscious, un-thinking is automatically corrupted, and leads onto the side of evil. 

Right Thinking does not need to be complicated - indeed, the best thinking is very simple; dichotomous - because it asks the right questions in the right way. 

But Thinking does need to be personal and responsible. Thinking is of value only when done in awareness that it is a serious business with serious consequences; and when we are conscious that in Thinking we are engaged in real life and not a game. 

(By Thinking properly; we participate in divine creation.)

If we Think wrongly (which includes trying Not to Think), the consequences may be terrible and eternal; if we think right - then the benefits likewise are potentially positive, transformative and everlasting. 

This is vital. People must Think, and must also Think in awareness that Thinking makes a cosmic difference (for better or worse). And then people will be motivated to seek truth, beauty and virtue - because even though this seems futile in physical-material terms; they will know (from experience) that it makes a positive difference in spiritual terms.  

Although both are important; what we Think is far more important than what we Do... 

Yet only when we are seriously Thinking from our hearts and with our souls. 

(As usual, all important lessons are two-fold; and all important and beneficial actions require two changes; because all persistent errors are backed-up by a second error.)

Monday 23 January 2023

Tame radicals (more on "controlled opposition")

I am struck again and again by the fact that people who are famous, or notorious, for their extreme, wild, no-hold-barred radicalism; invariably take the Establishment line when it comes to the Litmus Test issues

This is the phenomenon sometimes called controlled opposition; although that term in misleading, since these radicals are not externally-'controlled' so much as self-controlled (both by personal disposition and by incentives). 

Yesterday I was reading about a typical phenomenon of this sort called 'chaos magic' - which was/is a self-styled radical, extreme, no-holds-barred (i.e. encouraging drugs and sex) group of magic practitioners; who were almost unknown to the mainstream public*, but who hold a kind of fascination and glamour for mainstream writers and commenters on the occult. 

(*The well-known comic book author Grant Morrison is perhaps the most famous chaos magician.)  

I discovered a blog maintained by one of the leaders and founders of these chaos magicians and - sure enough - this wild radical had made sure to include Establishment-approved, mass-media-harmonious, utterly-mainstream, virtue-signaling stuff about the current major Litmus Test: the Fire Nation war...

In other words; there is an implicit deal between the radicals and the Establishment

Radicals are allowed to be wild and extreme about anything... that does not matter for the Establishment. 

(Especially those things of which the Establishment covertly approves - e.g. any non-procreative sex/uality that tends to destroy real marriage and the family.)

And if radicals stick to this kind of radicalism, their transgressive (and often illegal) behaviours are tolerated; and individuals may also reap the rewards of that kind of fame called 'notoriety'. For instance, notoriety may lead to greater sexual opportunities. 

But radicals must support those strategic issues that really matter to the Establishment.

And radicals - just like everyone else - must track any changes in these core policies, and hold fast to the Establishment's current line; even though this will be incoherent, self-contradictory, and in opposition to the radicals own espoused principles. 

That is the implicit deal. 

The Establishment say, in effect: Do whatever you like and we will leave you alone; except for the Litmus Test issues - about which you must follow the guidance of mainstream media and totalitarian officialdom

Why do radicals go along with this? After all, if they really were radical and anti-Establishment - as they affect and often believe-themselves to be - they would rebel against the need to take the approved, conventional, mass mainstream views on exactly the most dominant and important issues of the time. 

They would surely insist on dissenting from exactly "whatever 'everybody' (all 'decent' people) is being compelled to believe (- or else!)". 

And when the current narrative is solidly, monolithically, espoused by all government ministers (even when led by a 'Conservative' government), when it is espoused by all senior spokesmen for industry and finance, by all major bureaucrats and officials (and even by school teachers!). When the narrative is espoused by the entirety of the mainstream mass media... And when this standard-approved-narrative is actively enforced by explicit censorship... 

Well, it would seem as obvious as anything ever could be, that any radical worth-his-salt would automatically oppose any such Conventional Collusion.  

But in practice; they do Not oppose, but instead support. And indeed there is seldom evidence even of any desire to dissent from the terms of what they must do in terms of 'the deal'. 

This is because radicalism is very seldom sincere or deeply motivated; but most often a pose (an excuse/ rationalization/ disguise) adopted as a means to some other end - often of a sexual nature

Therefore - to return to the 'chaos magic' people, or their spiritual mentor Aleister Crowley - we encounter the claim to be using sex and drugs as a means to the end of more powerful magic; whereas it seems clear (from revealed preferences) that the truth is the opposite: such magical rituals were/are a means to the end of sex and drugs. 

Such false consciousness permeates the entirety of radicalism - and indeed nearly-all of mainstream intellectual discourse; which is why the nature and focus of radicalism moves like a weather-vane in response to changes in Establishment strategy, when it comes to the core (Litmus Test) issues. 

We see this by the Establishment onslaught unleashed on once-approved radicals whenever they publicly dissent from any of the Litmus Test issues of the day. 

Such individuals may be 99% Establishment-approved in their views - but when one-percent contradicts a Litmus Test question (e.g. the transagenda, antiracism, CO2 global warming, Fire Nation war etc) , then the individual may have have his income and reputation rapidly destroyed. 

Such disgraced radicals are very seldom on the side of Good. Usually they are 99% evil-aligned; but they cannot be allowed to oppose Establishment core values and still retain their status and influence. 

They have made a deal with the devil; and have reneged on their side of the agreement. Obvously they must be socially-annihilated pour encourager les autres. 

Luckily for the Tame Radicals; they seldom care enough about their radicalism enough to get into hot water by transgressing on these restricted areas. They self-police quite spontaneously, often unconsciously; because in their hearts 'extreme' radicals serve the same master as does the Establishment.   

Sunday 22 January 2023

War among old, dying nations - whose death comes first?

The civilized world is voluntarily dying towards extinction, and has been for decades, due to chosen sub-fertility - less than two children per woman (and falling) despite conditions of peace and prosperity. 

Indeed, this gradual suicide has been going on for considerably longer among the upper classes, because increased wealth, intelligence, education and conscientiousness are all associated with reduced number of children (mostly strongly among women - the most intelligent women only average half a child each). 

The current world war is therefore one between dying nations - a war between nations that have all chosen to exercise their health, wealth, and freedom of choice to have fewer, ever fewer, children.  

Furthermore; substantially because of this low and falling fertility (but also because of increased average and extreme lifespan); the civilized world is now old

Modern societies are - on average and at the extreme - the oldest by far in the history of the world; with a substantial majority of the population in the second half of their natural (c70 year) lifespans. 

This is accelerating almost inevitably because a very small and shrinking proportion of the women are of reproductive age.

This fact of such old and declining nations must make a difference to the nature and conduct of war - it cannot help but be so; yet the subject is hardly ever raised, let alone its implications understood. 

This description of old and dying nations fits all the most developed world, and all participants in the current world war (especially when recent immigrants for the third world are excluded from the averages - as they should be). 

There are quantitative differences between nations, and between the sides, relative differences in trends; but all are essentially on the same trajectory. 

This is an extraordinary situation; given that the war is being fought on an existential basis - that is both sides believe that the their continued existence as socio-political entities depends on either not-losing (in the case of the Fire Nation) or winning (in the case of The West). 

On the one had; the war is being fought by nations that have (in an ultimate sense) chosen to become extinct -- while, on the other hand, they two sides are fighting for the proximate (short-term) survival of their 'systems'. 

There is therefore a dissociation of motivation, and profound incoherence at work. It seems that biological extinction is either regarded as inevitable, accepted or embraced; while ideological survival (for the Fire Nation) or global expansion (in The West) is apparently regarded as absolutely vital. 

None of this is surprising if - as seems true - the war has been engineered and escalated merely a pretext for mass infliction of human suffering and increased human annihilation.  

On the other hand, the spiritual aspects of such dissociations are very peculiar indeed! I am convinced that the chosen sub-fertility of the entire civilized world  is an index of profound and nihilistic despair. 

Despair and a covert desire for annihilation is the ultimate and underlying reality of this war - whatever the apparent strength of short-term surface motivators. 

And this is an extremely dangerous situation; spiritually as well as the more obvious physical risk. 

When nihilistic despair is the deep motivator it would take very little to trigger purposively and mutually destructive decisions. And to die in despair - and remain so - is to make the choice of hell. 

Since The West operates increasingly on the basis of value-inversion (at the level of metaphysics - of primary assumptions about reality) - the evil of The West is purposive and worsening. 

I am in no doubt that The East started the war as the lesser evil; but that is not good enough. There have been some remarkable and encouraging signs suggestive of a partial good-affiliation; but mostly of a negative nature (i.e. what they have Not done, rather than what they actively espouse). 

But to withstand the escalating temptations of war; The East would need explicitly and coherently to affiliate, with a positive trajectory, to the side of Good. 

As yet; the situation remains uncertain; and the effect of war (and the activity of demons) is to abandon Good in pursuit of expedient military goals, or for sinful reasons such as vengeance. 

All the time, things are changing; and one of these changes is that the participant societies are ageing and dying - and, especially, the causes of these demographic trends are continuing to operate, and perhaps increase. 

How will such nihilistic and covertly-suicidal societies behave in a war? History provides no valid examples for comparison; and the answer is currently a mystery.

...And likely to remain so since the reality and deep-causes of civilizational subfertility and strategic self-extinction are ignored or trivialized. 

But the outlook seems pessimistic. A society that chooses not to have enough children even to replace itself - and then not to talk about the inevitable consequences, or pretend that this is 'a good thing'; is an unrealistic and unwise society - operating on the basis of false priorities, and motivated by lies.  

Saturday 21 January 2023

A note on the motivation of vengeance - seeking revenge

Linked to the following post; modern Christians may wonder what motivates so many people among the 'leadership' class of The West; since conventionally allowed motivators such as greed, lust and pride seem inadequate - and only those of the most advanced evil are primarily spiteful-destructive (pursuing this even when it brings material harm to themselves). 

The neglected sinful-motivation is vengeance

Vengeance is seldom mentioned in contemporary life, being normally regarded as an obsolete motivation, a product of ancient warrior societies - yet this cultural neglect of a tremendously powerful human motivator is mistaken.  

We in The West inhabit a society where, for about seventy years, more-and-more people have been encouraged and rewarded for regarding themselves as victims; and embracing victimhood embraced leads naturally to the sin of resentment, and a desire for revenge. 

Thus we arrived at the current situation in which many or most of the world leadership class regard themselves as members of one or another of the multiplying victim classes; and consequently are motivated by a desire for vengeance against those they blame for this situation. 

The thing about vengeance is that it can lead to self-destructive behaviour on the part of those seeking revenge. In other words, the desire to inflict revenge may be so powerful that vengeance-seekers may sacrifice their own well-being in order to inflict harm on their perceived victimizers. 

Once we make the step of regarding vengeance as a genuine possibility - I think we can easily perceive it at work in the word today; and a prime motivator behind much of the worst that goes-on at the leadership level; as well as among those managers and minions who serve these leaders.

This is probably a major reason why the demonic overlords have pursued for so long and unrelenting campaign of 'affirmative action' for all resentment-motivated 'minorities, at the same time as multiplying the number of such groups and their membership.

More than two generations of accelerating systemic-preferential distortion has ensured an abundant prevalence evil-motivated personnel in the institutions of 2023.  

All in The West must take the side of evil (Nobody is allowed to be neutral - not even a bit)

True neutrality with respect to any question concerning values is not a possibility, and never has been; yet degrees of 'official' neutrality used to be conceded, and commonplace - as pragmatic realities in public life. 

While every person and nation will almost-inevitably take sides over any particular question - at least overall, and to some degree - it used to be allowed that people and nations could stand-apart from conflicts, and remain un-declared. 

Even during the massive conflict of World War II, there were several neutral counties in the heart of the conflict (Switzerland) or on its border (Spain, Sweden). 

And, as recently as a couple of decades ago; it used to be quite normal for people or nations to opt-out of taking sides on questions of value in public life. 

This is no longer allowed in The West; because the powers on the side of evil are now dominant, their evil is more advanced; and They have forbidden neutrality. 

Each and every person (with no allowed exceptions) must now - publicly and with a display of enthusiasm - actively participate in celebration and promotion of Litmus Test issues relating to sex, sexuality, antiracism and so forth. 

All must take the side of evil (called good, in the official system of Western inverted-values) - or be attacked as an enemy. 

Anyone - any single individual - who opts-out and tries to be neutral in any of the Litmus Test issues; may be punished by the full force of global media and public opinion mobilized against them; exclusion from work, removal of financial services, demonization of status - and many other possible punishments (officially imposed, and unoffically allowed and encouraged), without limit to severity or duration.  

We are seeing the same phenomenon in relation to the Fire Nation* war. No Western nation has been allowed to remain neutral on this issue - even Switzerland and Sweden have been compelled to abandon long term principles of neutrality. 

Furthermore, active participation in the war is also being compelled - until recently by participation in war-sanctions. And currently by mandatory military participation through sending weapons to the battlefront. 

And this military participation must be done publicly, proudly; and backed with explicit aggressive statements. 

Presumably the next step will be sending military personnel from all nations - with no opt-out allowed. 

This is not about military effectiveness - because from such a perspective it makes no sense. It is about ideological - hence spiritual - allegiance. 

Western nations are being compelled into active support for an open-ended campaign aimed at existential annihilation of the Fire Nation; either its destruction, fragmentation, or vassalage. 

Nations are being forced (by their puppet-'leaders') into making themselves existential enemies - not only of the FN, but of an alliance that (increasing month by month) includes the two most populous nations in the world, and indeed most of the world's population and land mass. 

Those who do not paint a target on their own backs by choice (like the UK did thanks to its cravenly-servile US-obedient leadership); will have it done for them, at the point of a sword.

In other words; the ideology of annihilation of the Fire Nation serves as yet-another factor in the suicidal self-destruction of The West - and all its (compelled-) allies, such as the North East Asian vassal-states of the USA, who are now actively and rapidly being prepared to operate as agents of their own destruction. 

In sum, underneath the cover of fake Geopolitical reasoning and led by the dominant Western power; the whole world is being set-up for an all-inclusive world war - the first ever - which will be sustained for as long as possible, and with as much all-round destruction as possible. 

Such a war will (if it happens) serve the dual purpose of lethally damaging Western civilization, and doing something similar to all those who - in any way - dissent from the Western-leftist-atheist-materialist ideology of the globalists. 


For a Christian; the vital matter is to recognize and remember that this is primarily 'just' the latest and biggest material manifestation of the long-established spiritual war; and that we need to discern and understand what is really going-on in terms of ultimate spiritual values. 

Not, therefore, to become distracted by merely proximate, materialist explanations of the war in terms of Geopolitics, economics, or even of ideology. 

These are merely means to an end; because evil is about damnation, that is about spiritual and eternal death - therefore not only, nor mostly, about physical death.

Note: Anyone confused by any of the terminology I use, here or elsewhere, should do a word-search on this blog (i.e. using the Search box on the upper left extreme corner).  

Today's Pirate sun (with glowing left eye-patch, and ironic grin)


Friday 20 January 2023

The simplicity of Christianity, the rejection of complexity and oneness alike; and the possibility of valid discernment

In the past Christianity - or more exactly 'being a Christian' - has often become extremely complex. 

Often so complex that ordinary people could not get it all and had to rely on experts (pastors, priests, theologians etc.). 

Often, indeed, so complex that no single person could learn it, nor hold it all in mind; and it required long documentation, professional education, and sub-committees of specialized experts who subdivided the subject into manageable chunks. 

Yet, there are places in the New Testament where it seems clear that someone could become a Christian in an moment, on the basis of extremely little and very simple information as to what this entailed. 

Of course; from that point - being a Christian might then mean submitting to some authoritative expert or group with respect to living in terms of a complex lifestyle and set of observances. 

Or perhaps not always - it isn't absolutely clear. Maybe it was originally intended that 'following Jesus' was cognitively very simple indeed; and the guidance of the Holy Ghost was not meant to be captured in scores/ hundred/ thousands of doctrines, laws, practices, mandatory and exclusional practices...

However it then was; I find myself increasingly convinced that Christianity Now, in 2023, is meant to be simple - not complex; because then it can be followed by discernment, with clarity and assurance, by individuals - each of whom has taken final-responsibility for his own salvation and spiritual development. 

Christianity is about binary (hence simple) choices; in a world where the mainstream secular world pretends that things are so complex that only (officially-accredited) experts can inform us what is good, true and beautiful - and what (therefore) we ought to do. 

On the other side; the mainstream-approved spirituality of oneness asserts that the highest wisdom is to see through duality and recognize that ultimately every-thing is one-thing; and nothing really matters except to go beyond the illusion of duality. In different word: we ought to stop discerning...

Stop all discerning except to reject all distinctions and divisions - including good v evil, truth v lies, beauty v ugliness, and coherence v incoherence). 

(i.e. The single allowable discernment is that all is one; and anything else is wrong, spiritually harmful, and should be shunned.)

It seems everybody important and influential is agreed that duality and binary choices are wrong; either because they are too-simple, or not-simple-enough. 

But my understanding is that Christianity and Christian life boils-down to exactly such prohibited simple, binary choices; and that is how we ought to know the world

We should see the whole of this inconceivably complicated world as a spiritual war between two sides, between which we can and must choose - and this choice is made possible to every individual person, in every relevant circumstance (relevant to the fate of our own soul) by understanding the matter in the correct way; which is simple and dichotomous.  

Complexity and oneness are thus equally the enemy of Christian discernment. 


Thursday 19 January 2023

Apocalypse now, or soon - seems more likely than ever

People are beginning to notice that the multi-billionnaire-ruled global Establishment are mostly wrong about everything that matters most. 

Despite - for a while, from early 2020 - having established centralized control of the whole world via the birdemic - "They" have been wrong about several major things. And wrong in ways that have not just damaged but sabotaged their plans. 

They were wrong about the Fire Nation - which turns-out to be socially coherent, economically robust and The military superpower. Wrong too about the Earth Kingdom (biggest and most productive of nations), and what it desires and intended. 

Consequently more than half the world has already slipped from Their grasp. 

There is no mystery about this because They are liars; and liars cannot know the truth. A government consisting of liars operates to ensure that there is no possibility of truth being knowable by anybody... False-information and dishonest concepts drives out sound knowledge. 

And the bureaucrats are cynics. Cynics pretend (to themselves, mainly) that they are realists; but they aren't. 

Cynics are, however, destroyers; and pervasive cynicism itself causes the chaos of selfish lying that it originally only diagnosed. 

This happens because cynics will recognize only base motives (projecting their own natures, and knowing that their own soaringly idealistic rhetoric is just a fa├žade for selfishness). 

So cynics live in denial of positive motives. Cynics cannot recognize positive motivations - no matter what happens - these will always be interpreted cynically. 

So in 2020 we - briefly - had a world government; but a government consisting of lying cynics, who created - and therefore operated on the basis of - fake and manipulative information; which was analyzed using methods designed to obscure truth; and interpreted with concepts that were merely masks for self-interest.

Consequently; as soon as "They" took totalitarian control, they rapidly began to lose their grasp of reality. 

Soon they lost the ability to predict the real effect of their actions. And now they have no idea what has actually happened in world since They took-over. 

They are become victims of their own hype, spin, censorship and propaganda. They have made a world where there is nothing else but untruthful manipulation in the wholly-controlled mainstream. And where the non-mainstream is cynically interpreted as motivated merely by (equally dishonest) anti-Establishment rivalry. 

All They can now do is to pretend that They are still in control; and spout ever-more, ever-more-false propaganda that everything is still going in accordance with their Master Plan. 

But, even as they do it; they haven't the first clue whether anybody still believes them! 

In sum; the totalitarian Establishment has no feed-back on what is happening anywhere, no idea who are their real enemies, nor what the enemies are doing. 

Cynicism and dishonesty breed paranoia and persecutory delusions; which are self-fulfilling. 

The first ever world government has already broken into multiple and competing factions; which are themselves fracturing. The structures of control are crumbling fast; yet are still sufficient to cause great damage - because it is so much easier to destroy than to create. 

If any one of the more-powerful factions can cohere for longer than its rivals, and if this group also have a primarily destructive, spitefully motivated, purpose; then there is a rising possibility that there may soon be a cataclysmically-destructive event of the kind feared since 1945

Such a spitefully-evil group does exist, and is dominant in the foreign affairs and military sector of the USA. 

The climate of Establishment opinion is by-now extremely irrational and paranoid; and getting worse; and Western rulers (political, corporate, media etc) have lost capacity to understand realities; and thereby destroyed their own capacity to make realistic predictions of the consequences of their actions.  

So, almost anything might happen - no matter how stupid, insane or evil; no matter if it makes no rational or human or natural sense.

When irrationality is mandatory, and both nature and the human are officially objects of loathing; it seems quite likely that decisions will be made that are sense-less and benefit no-one human nor any living-thing. 

When ultimate control is not human but supernatural, demonic, evil-spiritual; then wholesale global destruction can be regarded with equanimity, indifference, or positive pleasure. 

When spite dominates motivation - then destruction of those you hate comes to matter more than anything else. 

Then the only absolutely-intolerable outcome is victory of those you hate; and if it seems inevitable that your worst enemy is about to win - then all consuming destruction is preferable.  

This is the mind-set of some people, who are - at present- in a position to achieve what they most desire. 

It is vital that we understand: There are such people

And they will do it - unless they are stopped... 

The open question is whether anyone who is capable of stopping them doing it, is sufficiently motivated actually to stop them doing it. 

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Entropic-pseudo-creation - as opposed to real creativity

The past century has been characterized (indeed plagued!) by a pseudo-creativity which has usurped true creativity. 

This has even afflicted those were were potentially, or at-first, genuinely-creative geniuses - so that these individuals have turned against truth, beauty and/or virtue and end-up harming culture to a similar extent that earlier geniuses used to benefit culture. 

Likely examples would include Picasso, Schoenberg, James Joyce, Wittgenstein, Keynes, Freud, and several other heroes of the 'modern' era.   

Real creativity is characterized by its being aligned with divine creation and contributing to it. 

It generates 'energy' and leaves the field richer than it found it; and with (often) multiple positive potential new growth-points. 

Therefore real creativity is generative: the more creation happens, the more creation is possible. It is self-sustaining because it taps-into inexhaustible sources of divine vitality and purpose. 

Entropic-pseudo-creation, by contrast, uses-up the energies and potential of a field of discourse. 

In effect; it generates energy from the destruction of form and positive motivations; and 'burns' actual creation to generate the energy (and attractive appeal) needed to make, sustain and promote pseudo-creation.

False creation is therefore entropic because it depletes achieved divine creation; it erodes God's-work in order to do more of the devils-work. 

Entropic-pseudo-creation is therefore, like all evil, parasitic upon the Good. 

This kind of novelty or 'originality' therefore consumes the past - consumes 'the Good that is'; in order to construct novelty. 

And those who take-up this novelty, make it fashionable, attractive and rewarded; are doing essentially the same thing (albeit at the lower level of consuming cultural capital - by the degradation of status systems, education, philosophy, critical discourse etc). 

It is this entopic-pseudo-creativity that underlies the continual and accelerating social destructiveness that has characterized The West over the past century; and this partially-explains why it is necessary for the Establishment always to be destroying more-and-more that is Good. 

Because, in a deep and real sense - the combustion of the Good-past is what fuels the addictive novelties of the Evil-present.  

Whatever happened to Final Participation, in the decades since it was refused?

Owen Barfield formulated the concept of Final Participation some seventy years ago - building upon the work of Rudolf Steiner who died a century ago; and they both understood that this was the destiny for Man - a divine destiny which, if refused, would become pathology as its impulses were distorted in the process of 'materializing'. 

In other words; Final Participation is a spiritual and Good imperative; but if the primacy (and true nature) of the spiritual was to be denied, if this necessary Good was refused - as in fact happened - then the imperative would change Mankind; but in bad ways. 

Final Participation entails Men consciously choosing the reality which they affirm and live-by; and the divine destiny was to affirm divine creation and the spirit. 

Anything else would - does - lead to pathology.  

What we, therefore, find is that creative spiritual impulses get horribly-distorted into destructive materiality when their proper channel is refused. 

If we look at any one of the (from a Christian perspective) Big Lies that dominate public discourse in the world today; we can infer that it originated in some Good spiritual impulse that has been twisted into evil materiality. 

The major terminus of materiality in the modern world is that bureaucracy which characterizes the global totalitarian System. 

It is best if each works-out the examples for himself; but we could consider the horrible ways in which an underlying spiritual destiny concerning sex and sexuality has been made into an anti-Christian/ anti-Human/ anti-functional System of unnatural, dishonest and (spiritually as well and physically) destructive outcomes; in terms of material laws, regulations, subsidies and arts/ media propaganda. 

Because we inhabit a spirit-denying world; all that is truly spiritual Must-Be reduced to the physical material; and because the System officially regards reality as non-theistic, purposeless and meaningless - therefore all (in origin) Good impulses are necessarily transformed and twisted to evil. 

And this will continue until we acknowledge, understand and evaluate our ultimate assumptions regarding the nature of reality. 

All Christians, nowadays - in practice - distinguish between Christianity and The Church (but mostly unconsciously, and half-heartedly)

In a world where corruption is endemic among the major "Christian" churches - who, overall and where it matters - now serve the Satanic agenda of globalist-leftist-leftism; in such a world, all serious Christians exercise discernment in terms of the church of which they are members.

(And, even more so, when they are Not affiliated to any particular church.) 

Nowadays: the only Christians are discerning Christians

(As of 2023 and in The West; un-discerning obedience to church - to any church - is a fast-track to subversion, corruption, inversion - and damnation.) 

This discernment implicitly depends on a distinction between "Christianity" and "The Church" - and this is true whichever church is being followed. 

Sometimes, this distinction is explained in terms of the Mystical church versus Institutional church; yet, this concept also implies that Christianity is something different from the here-and-now actuality of any particular church. 

Such discernment is evident whenever church instructions/ teaching/ interpretations etc. are disobeyed/ ignored/ explained-away for principled Christian reasons. 

But not many Christians realize that in doing this very necessary discernment, they are - mostly implicitly - asserting that real Christianity is significantly distinct from the church. And, because implicit, this process is largely unconscious; and because unconscious, the implications tend to be missed - and discernment is only half-hearted. This often leads into a kind of sleep-walking toward damnation. That is; to changing sides in the spiritual war of this world, and supporting the side that rules much of the world (and all of The West), and is against God and divine Creation.  

Therefore; it seems of vital importance that Christians distinguish consciously and explicitly between Christianity and "The Church" - and this necessity applies whatever "The Church" is for that person. 

Once such a distinction has been acknowledged, then a process can begin in which a clearer and more accurate understanding of Christianity can develop. 

Because, typically, a great deal of what Christians initially regard as Christianity is not so; but is instead contradictory, or superfluous, or historically contingent. 

Developing this vital understanding of Christianity begins with whatever sources a person has already encountered: for instance; Scripture, tradition, church teachings, theology, philosophy, devotional sermons and books etc etc... 

There is no prior-evident limit to what might turn-out to be of value in clarifying the true nature of Christianity. So there will probably begin some kind of quest for understanding, and this may lead to novel sources. 

I would guess that convenient availability of sources is one factor, and that (over time, given willingness and intent) this will be shaped by divine providence. 

What is being sought is the true reality of Christianity distinct from any particular source of external knowledge  - and the tools of the quest may be summarized as our intuitive evaluations plus the Holy Ghost-guided ability directly to know truth (given correct motivations); supported by our innate ability to recognize and value coherence, and to discard incoherence.  

As I said above; I think all real Christians are at least part-way along this path - but have not accepted the full implications of what they are already-doing by living in accordance with their (very necessary) discernments.

They simply need to be honest, clear and explicit about what they are already-doing; and follow it through to the necessary and desirable conclusions... 

Whatever these conclusions may turn-out to be. 

Tuesday 17 January 2023

CO2 Global Warming - surely By Far the biggest, most destructive, lie the world has ever known

The Global-Warming-due-to-CO2 lie has now become so colossal in its scale that its effects (and costs) are beyond calculation. 

The lie has become so extensive and pervasive as directly to affect - in multiple and increasing ways - the lives of every human being; and to stress the entirety of world civilization. 

The lie works through soaring missions and strategies, down to an incremental accumulation of tiny details, and at every level in-between. 

The Global Totalitarian System (which conducted a successful and 'invisible' coup in 2020) has itself grown substantially on the back of the global warming lie; and the global warming lie has been one of the major tools by which global totalitarianism has extended its evil influence wider among nations, and deeper into the lives of Men. 

A neglected aspect of the GW-lie, is the way that it has channeled and destroyed the vague but strong spiritual aspirations which lay behind the concerns about animals and plants, nature, or 'the environment'. 

As recently as the early 1980s, these has a distinctly 'mystical' quality - for instance the adoption of Gaia as the concept of regarding earth as a genuinely living being - perhaps a real goddess...

For a while; 'Gaia' hovered ambiguously on the border between the materialist hypothesis of a homeostatically self-regulating planet; and the spirituality of an actual living entity with some degree of consciousness and intent - with whom Men might have some relationship. 

But very swiftly and decisively; the spiritual Gaia was reduced to either joke status or regarded as the preserve of benign but ineffectual hippies. 

The materialist Gaia won-out Big Time, and was sucked-up into a burgeoning globalist agenda operated by multiple national heads of state, multinational corporations, Big Finance and Big Media. 

The richest and most powerful people on the planet kidnapped Gaia, stripped her of divinity, clothed her in nothing but Carbon Dioxide, and enslaved her to do their dirty work of brainwashing and controlling the world!

The world is now ruled by a single, linked bureaucracy; and bureaucracy is intrinsically evil, as well as being the prime tool for literally-demonic policy; and CO2 Global Warming has been an important engine of this takeover.

The System operates by means of materialist assumptions; by the reductionism of all that is spiritual down to the material. This is done because 'the material' can be monitored, measured and controlled

Therefore; if men can be induced to live wholly-materially, Men can be wholly-controlled.  

CO2-Warmism is a grinding ideological vortex that has taken all our love-for, and feelings-about, nature and this world and our life upon it; has pulverized and discarded all beauty and the chance of true relationships of Men and the natural world...

And has made of this a fake-scientific discourse about the measurement and effect of concentrations of a chemical, and lies about how to control it and the climate. 

I find it hard to express the sheer vileness of what has become normal and compulsory in public policy and discourse... 

Every club or committee that is tasked with protecting The Environment; every book or magazine article about plants, animals or pollution; every classroom lecture or TV documentary on mountains, rivers, trees, wildlife; every farmer and horticulturalist in his daily work and annual planning...

All such are compelled to do obeisance to the God of CO2 and to obey his tyrannical dictates. 

Indeed, every formal group of every kind - arts, science, education, manufacture, services, churches... All must worship and submit-to the Global Warming lie.

(And even if they don't; all individual persons must still pay for the lie with their money, time and effort.)  

Unless they consciously dissociate from the Climate Lie; participants are ritually acknowledging the moral authority of the Global System...

A System whose motives are evil and whose operations are evil...

A System whose intent is to corrupt and destroy nature and 'the environment' - along with everything else that is true, virtuous and beautiful.   

Monday 16 January 2023

Pre-mortal spirit life is Heavenly - but is not Heaven

It was Jesus Christ who made Heaven possible: there was no Heaven before Christ. 

That was the main thing He did. 

Jesus brought Men resurrected life eternal; and it is resurrection that makes Men wholly and permanently good: that is, wholly and permanently aligned-with, and in-harmony-with, God's creation and its purposes. 

And Heaven is the wholly-good mode of existence. 

In pre-mortal life, when we were spirits, we did not dwell in such a state of perfection. In that childhood of the spirit; those were good who obeyed God - and this obedience was unconscious and spontaneous.

Pre-mortal life is analogous to the goodness of a good young child; whose goodness consist in obedience to good parents.   

But while pre-mortal spirit life is good - it is not wholly-good. There is, to varying degrees, evil in all pre-mortal Mens' spirits - natural evil, from basic-selves; from their original nature as Beings who existed out-with divine creation; and from desires that are dissonant-with, and perhaps opposed-to, creation. 

Yet, while pre-mortal spirits are living in loving obedience to God; this evil is prevented expression. 

However, some pre-mortal spirits do not love God, disobey God, and leave the divine presence. These are the fallen angels or demons. 

Demons can be understood as pre-mortal spirits who initially dwell in the Heavenly state; but (sooner or later) reach a point that cannot obey God, and cannot live (even a unconsciously and passively) in obedience to God. 

They are (from their basic selves, in their original nature) so evil that it (sooner or later, perhaps quickly, or perhaps after some development of the spirit) breaks-through and demands expression. They do not love God enough to obey - probably, some are incapable of love altogether. 

This is analogous to a nasty, wicked young child of good parents; the wicked child desires to do evil things, and rejects the good instructions of his parents by refusing obedience. Or else the child does not love his parents and sees no reason to obey them. 

Or, in extreme situations; the child is incapable of, or excluding of, love; and knows of no reason why he should not do exactly what he wishes - if that is possible.  

We can imagine a demon as being like a child who (from some mixture of innate nature, and learning) becomes so evil that he runs away from the loving environment of his parental home, and perhaps joins a gang of like-minded thieves or murderers ... whatever enables him to enact his wicked desires. 

(This running-away is thus analogous to the fall of angels, to the emergence of demons.) 

Such a child's rejection of parental goodness does not require a conscious awareness of what he is rejecting. He makes his choice on the basis of what he most wants to do, and seeks to escape an environment that prevents him. He is 'in thrall' to sin.  

In sum; the contrast between the Heavenly life of unfallen pre-mortal spirits, and the Heaven of post-mortal resurrected Men; is that in pre-mortal life Men still have (to varying degrees) a disposition to evil. 

The spirits are only partly-good by nature, but behave with goodness because of (unconscious, spontaneous) obedience to God.  

Whereas, after resurrection, Men in Heaven have left-behind all their evil nature, all impulses towards sin (i.e. all inclinations to depart from the purpose and harmony of divine creation). 

Resurrected Men have been transformed to wholly-good inhabitants of that state of eternally-good heaven. This transformation must be chosen, must be assented-to - or else it cannot happen. 

Therefore the state of Heaven is one of wholly-good beings who are motivated only to do good; whereas the pre-mortal state is of partly-evil beings who (for so long as they remain in this state) behave with perfect goodness - yet not from inner motivation, but from obedience to God. 

There are therefore several choices here, with varying degrees of consciousness. 

The choice of a pre-mortal spirit to become a demon is largely un-conscious, and rooted in nature and desire. 

The choice of a pre-mortal spirit to move-on to mortal incarnation is more-conscious choice to embark on spiritual development towards greater consciousness; with the goal of making a permanent choice for or against resurrection. 

In other words; pre-mortal spirits who desire to become more like God (analogously to a child desiring to become more like his parents) want to grow-up; and enter mortal incarnated life; which is somewhat like the phase of adolescence between child- and adult-hood. 

(Presumably some pre-mortal spirits do not want to grow-up, do not incarnate, and remain in that Heavenly state.) 

And at the end of mortal incarnate life; comes the possibility of making a conscious permanent choice to become wholly-good (wholly God-aligned) and undergo the transformation of resurrection...

Or else of rejecting this. 

(I believe that - in principle, in some times and places - there are several possibilities for those who reject resurrection; but in this era, in The West, it seems that more-and-more of those who reject Heaven will instead choose Hell. At least, that is what they say, and what their behaviour indicates.)

The sequence is therefore a process of development, a maturation, a growing-up - through a series of choices; and the main change throughout (if the sequence goes according to God's wishes) is on of increasing consciousness of those choices.

If God just wanted good-behaviour from us; then the spontaneous, natural, passive obedience of pre-mortal spirit life would suffice. 

But God wants more! 

God desires that we grow-up to become our-selves more god-like; and part of this is making a conscious choice to align ourselves with divine creation; and to do so permanently by means of resurrection. 

Only after resurrection can we freely participate-in and contribute-to the work of creation; because then we will be wholly-good in terms of our alignment; such that all our creative activities will naturally and harmoniously contribute-to the eternal development of divine creation.  

Sunday 15 January 2023

"The human sense of individuality has reached a peak" - William Wildblood

We are living at a time when the human sense of individuality has reached a peak. 

This is at once an opportunity, a test and a real danger. It is a danger in the sense that the consequences of a developed free will means our choices matter. 

In the past it may have been spiritually acceptable for our choices to be wrong if the culture in which we lived bent them that way. We were not regarded as so personally responsible because our individual sense of self had not been built up so much. 

Now we are responsible. The influences of the tribe, the culture, the society are no longer acceptable as extenuating circumstances. 

This also means that even believing the right thing is insufficient if that belief comes from outside. It must be personal, something we have reached through inner awareness.

From William Wildblood: Read the whole thing...

William's short post captures, in a compressed form, something of great importance I have often thought about myself.

I agree strongly with his point: In the past it may have been spiritually acceptable for our choices to be wrong if the culture in which we lived bent them that way... Now we are responsible. The influences of the tribe, the culture, the society are no longer acceptable as extenuating circumstances.   

Yet I see from all sides that many people cling to the assertion of their own irresponsibility; as if they were still children, or lived in the past when the relationship of Man and Society was different, and the two were less distinct. 

On the contrary: To make such a claim of non-responsibility is in fact incoherent. 

Anyone who can claim that he is not responsible is, by that fact, responsible - or else the distinction could not be formulated. 

(Only when someone lacks insight is he genuinely not-responsible; and then he could not claim it... Catch 22!

What is actually happening nowadays is a refusal to acknowledge actual responsibility. The individual chooses to pretend he has not made a decision that he has made - and thereby tries to give himself a private, and public, excuse - whereby he cannot be blamed. 

This usually happens because, in practice, the individual has chosen a cowardly course of submission to totalitarian evil in hope either of expedient personal advantage, or for fear of adverse consequences. 

Well, many of us lack courage - but it is the refusal to be honest with oneself that is so decisively self-damning; and leads to further sin by the habit of refusing the necessity to take responsibility and make individual discernments - even in the privacy of one's thoughts. 

It is this honesty with oneself and with God that matters ultimately; and which seems to be so lethally deficient in this time.