Tuesday 20 February 2024

Golden Minutes: This moment may count for all, and yet there is no hurry

Two things both seem true, although - in a way - they might superficially seem opposite. 

One is that every minute counts, in the sense that a minute is a long time in the depths of our thinking. A really tremendous amount of thinking can be done, without any sense of hurry, in a minute - if we are in the right circumstances and frame of mind. 

So, it is as-if time expands to allow thinking - if or when that thinking of high quality. It is as if all of our mortal life might be transformed, or justified, in one golden minute.  

The other thing is that we don't have to be efficient in Life. Indeed, the attempt to use our life efficiently can be a terrible mistake. 

So it would be accurate to say that we cannot be efficient in life as it is meant to be lived

It's a bit like the error of being always "busy". To be busy and efficient and yet to live our life well, would require that we already knew in advance what ought to be the aims of our life (at various ages, circumstances and stages) and how that ought to be achieved...

Clearly it is not a good idea deliberately to waste time in our finite life that may end at any moment. Yet, on the other hand, should we really try to be worrying, timing, and organizing every minute for optimal efficiency?  

An "efficient" life, with every moment, every day, every year (!) "well used" would require that we already knew just exactly what we ought to be doing - and the problem was simply to Do It...

Yet, that isn't the case for many people - perhaps it isn't the case for anybody at all. We are actually finding our way through life; and (it seems to me) that:

The Most Important Thing is to be ready for those "golden minutes" when they arrive.   

This must mean leaving a broad margin to the business of living, so that such things can happen, and that we can recognize when they do - and "drop everything" to attend to them as they deserve and need.

There must be a lightness of spirit and a real seriousness about the ultimate things; which seems at an opposite extreme from the too common, too generally-approved, busy, "every moment purposive and filled", focus on the expediencies of everyday living. 

Yet if our life becomes a matter of acting-out a play that we ourselves have written - then there is not much point to actually living it; since all "best" possibilities are fore-known! 

Maybe something like this is a problem for serious Christians - the mistaken ideal of filling life with "Christian things", so there is no room for anything else (e.g. any "sin"). 

(Much of this Christian busyness seems to be about "justifying ourselves"; either to other-people - IRL or maybe online; or perhaps justifying ourselves to our-selves. As such; this is largely negative - a matter of trying to avoid criticism/ self-criticism. It seems obvious to me that following Jesus is not meant to be negatively-motivated - however much churches may imply or enforce otherwise.) 

On the other hand; the opposite is perhaps the besetting sin of mainstream secular people - that is drifting passively along the surface of "life" - as "life" is defined by some combination of the mass media, officialdom and the work-place; and/or or by other external pressures and motivators such as "social media", gossip, responding to requests, or even good works. 

Such things also "fill" life, and create exactly the wrong kinds of circumstances and mind-set for the golden minutes to arise and occupy.

(I hope the inadequacy and harmfulness of living in accordance with the mainstream is obvious to readers, without requiring further detail or argument.)  

It seems to me that while mainstream drifting, while immersed in the evils of mass-social media - is the most obvious form of passivity with respect to Life - an ignoring of the real business of living; on the other hand, busyness and efficiency is also a subtle snare: a less-obvious but perhaps lethally-effective way of wasting life, and ensuring that the Reallest and Goodest things (those Golden Minutes) are much less likely to happen; and (if they do happen) our minds will be preoccupied with "other business", such that we will no want to break-off from our planned-programme, and Actually Live Them... 

There is no formula for life - not even the formulae of Good Christians - and, because there is no formula, busy efficiency is not a valid life-strategy. 

(As usual...) It turns-out that living and values are about motivations, ultimately. 

This actual world we inhabit is - in a global and comprehensive way that is literally-impossible to avoid - deeply unconducive to Christian living. So that insofar as we are busy and efficient and planned; we will almost certainly be doing the wrong things, and blocking the right things. 

But equally any form of passivity, or living by reacting, of acting from external guidance and motivation - is also wrong. 

Maybe we should consider the most important thing in our life to be Golden Minutes, so that our first job is to enable God the Creator to arrange-for these in our particular lives. 

Our second job, and the completion of the opportunity, is then to recognize our Golden Minutes, and be ready and willing fully to engage with them.  

Sunday 18 February 2024

Lake Wobegon genius

We judge artists by their best work - or, at least, we do if we have the sense of new born kittens - since the worst stuff of even Shakespeare or Mozart is pretty worthless, just like anybody else. 

At at its peak, the Lake Wobegon stories read aloud by Garrison Keillor, are as good as any such things possibly could be; perfect little miracles of humour and sadness, laughter and tears. 

This best can be found on the - now almost unattainable, I'm sorry to say - 1989 BBC double audio-cassette Leaving Home. This is far superior to the first-released (more novelistic) collection "Lake Wobegon Days", and to most of Keillor's later and more discursive work. 

Like so many authors; Garrison Keillor never seemed to understand the nature of his gifts, which were essentially bardic ; and apparently he most wanted to be a writer of books more than a speaker, and a "proper" novelist more than an orator of twenty-minute stories. 

At any rate, the slender and time-limited best work has been pretty-well swamped by the rest. 

Thus as an oral teller of tales, Keillor is unsurpassed. But when he stepped away from the combination of his own voice and the short stories, he was largely unremarkable - not bad, but nothing special.  

The danger is therefore that Keillor will be judged on his average, or most-accessible, work; rather than his best. 

Another danger is that the best known (most quoted) thing about Lake Wobegon is the mediocre, pandering, ill-judged, opposite-of-valid sign-off line: "Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average". 

I cringe every time I hear that - but it constitutes early evidence of Keillor's self-destructive tendencies. 

For various tedious and irrelevant reasons that you can research for yourselves; it seems that Keillor's work has been suppressed and even purged; so I am glad to have retained some old cassettes (and an old machine that can play them). 

Meanwhile, you can get a taste of the good stuff here - not the very best of its kind, but still better than almost anyone else. 

Saturday 17 February 2024

Newly published joke from JRR Tolkien

Provokes one of those "supertruth" laughs (as RM Pirsig called them) - at my Notion Club Papers blog

Friday 16 February 2024

What psychology does New Age Spirituality, globalist totalitarianism, and traditional Christianity share? The fantasy of passive overwhelming

One might suppose that New Age Spirituality, globalist totalitarianism, and traditional Christianity would have nothing in common. 

But at the level of psychological aspiration they share what I regard as the atavistic yearning for a passive, automatic, spontaneous, immersive, largely un-conscious - and (here-and-now) happy relationship with life and the world. 

The problem (as I see it) is the yearning for passivity, the implicit assumption that only what is imposed upon us, and to which we are all compelled to yield, is real and authentic; and the basis for a stable and satisfying world.

This derives from the common (but false) belief that reality is that which overwhelms us; and anything in which we actively participate, and which we consciously choose, is merely delusion, wish-fulfilment, or the result of being-manipulated. 

By this way of thinking; all that we personally need to do is consent; and then we will be happy and the world will be much, much better. 

New Age sees this in terms of a cosmic millennial transformation of consciousness (raising the vibrational, or frequency, level...) that will happen everywhere to raise mankind towards the divine (as soon as enough people are ready for it)...

Globalist totalitarianism (the Agenda 2030, Great-Reset, Western Establishment ideology) sees this in terms of Them creating a sustainable, equitable, inclusive (etc) world for Us to dwell-within (if only We will allow the multi-mega-rich to organize this for-us and do what They say)...

Traditional Christianity sees it in terms of a restoration of (approximately) medieval theocracy, with the one-true-church shaping all of society, and educating all people in the necessary attitudes and habits (all that we all need to do is believe, practice, and obey).    

I understand all of these three world-views to be rooted in the assumption of essential human passivity; that the scope of our free agency (or "free will") is to consent; and that anything real and viable cannot (and should not, if it is really-real) depend on our individual creative efforts and personal choices.

Yet, contrary to the three listed ideals; my understanding is almost the opposite: that the divinely-destined (God-intended) path ahead is one in which individual creative efforts and personal choices - made explicitly, and with the fullest consciousness, are Absolutely Vital. 

(Lacking which, salvation shall be rejected, damnation will - passively - be consented-to.)

I believe that we need to set-aside the hopes or fantasies of being rescued from suffering, made happy. 

We also need to be aware that salvation (resurrection to eternal Heavenly life) must also actively be sought and chosen, in the most fundamental way. 

Christianity is no longer a Thing to which we might consent, yield and obey: it is now necessarily the objective of a personal quest.  

Both Personal; and a Quest


Wednesday 14 February 2024

Fake elections of non-leaders who represent not-nations

"Elections" are a mind-trap, a PSYSOPS: more so than ever. 

An election by mass vote-counting is a fundamentally immoral form of decision-making. But anyway, whether regarded as evil or good; fair and genuine elections are not on offer in The West - not in the UK nor the USA.

Neither are Leaders in evidence - that is, none capable of actual leadership; since all Western leaders are middle managers, psychopaths, or (increasingly) merely-puppets. 

Or the nominal leader is a rubber-stamp in a human form. One suspects that even a signature is probably beyond one notorious person: more a case of signed: The President...X... (His mark).  

And there are no National leaders - that is, none who even try to represent the welfare and interests of the nation that (supposedly) elects them; the nation that they (ahem) "serve".

Instead we have mixtures of people who serve the interests of globalist totalitarianism, of Sorathic globalist factions, of other-nations, of specific races... 

In sum: the Modern Western Leadership Class serve the interests of almost-anybody or any-thing except the nation that they nominally "serve". 

So... Fake elections of non-leaders who represent not-nations. 

The reality should be recognized, stated, rejected...

And then is best ignored - insofar as possible. 

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Bomber Command, World War II (1939-45); and the lies and corruptions of Geopolitics

Regular readers will know that I have fairly recently become very interested in the aircraft of World Wars I and II - which is the re-ignition of a similar "craze" when I was aged about 11-13. 

I have never known or understood much about WWI except that both sides had dubious motivations; but I did think that I broadly understood WWII - especially since I remember and had read a fair bit of historical material from before the massive distortions of the 1960s began to bite. 

But this re-visitation has been one major eye-opener after another; at the end of which my main conclusion is that my previous understanding of WWII was very defective and that I am not-at-all-sure my present understanding is correct either!

What is clear is that HUGE facts about the war - which were often once widely known (some, in a sense, that I did know but misinterpreted), really ought to have been either obvious, or were easy to ascertain - have made an equally-huge different to... well, if not my understanding, then to my confidence in my understanding. 

Naturally, given my starting point, most of these revisions have been at the expense of a previous stance of confidently regarding the British (and allied) side as clearly "superior" in some general sense. This has not reversed, but neither is it secure. 

There have been many surprises - but I will just outline one here. A particular aspect has been the strategic bombing of Germany - by Bomber Command. In a sense I was familiar with the criticisms of the strategy of bombing German cities - both the idea that it was not very effective, and that it was morally... dubious. 

What I had not realized until recently was that strategic bombing was By Far the major British war effort and expenditure - dominating all RAF policy, consuming most of RAF expenditure, and using more resources than the entire British Army and Royal Navy put together! 

Think about that for a moment... 

The major and (literally) overwhelming British strategy to win WWII was - for most of the war - quite simple: that Britain could destroy the German capacity to wage war solely by means of heavy bombing - after which the Army could essentially just stroll-in, and take-over.  

This was the extraordinary conviction of the RAF, and of Churchill. I say "conviction" but it had more of the attributes of a delusion - in the sense that the doctrine was not true, there was no actual evidence to support it (and never had been anywhere or at any time); And Yet belief in the doctrine held with absolute conviction and was immune to the evidence of experience. 

Britain crippled her war effort overall, almost lost the war at least three times* and bankrupted herself for decades afterwards, in pursuit of a delusion! 

This doctrine of The Bomber as a war-winner dated back to pre-war times, and its strength came from the fact that it was the major military justification for maintaining then expanding the RAF into by-far the most resourced UK military service. 

The delusory nature of the Bomber strategy was perfectly obvious at the time to empirically-minded people who studied the accumulating and consistent evidence of gross inefficiency and lack of effectiveness of bombing at its task destroying the German "war machine" such that Germany would collapse. 

In the early years of the war, there inaccuracy of bombing (and the inadequacy of the aircraft and bombs) meant that precision bombing of military targets was impossible - and night bombing meant that even hitting particular cities was not reliably achieved. 

After moral objections to the mass slaughter of (overwhelmingly) civilian non-combatants - a major breach of the rules of war - led to arguments that (what we would now call) genocide of the Germans was a valid goal of bombing. This was increasingly achieved as the war progressed and equipment and improved technologies and techniques (such as using radar-guided pathfinders to mark targets, and creating firestorms by phased types of bombs).

However, the fact is that - by the time the ability to annihilate cities was perfected (especially by the USAAF in Japan - where the building were flimsy and wooden) - it was too late significantly to affect the course of the war in Europe.  

The above discovery (or perhaps fuller realization) about Britain and strategic bombing in WWII - which seem to have the status of objective fact attested by multiple credible authorities - by-itself makes a big difference to my attitude to that war; and there have been several other equally major discoveries of a broadly similar nature. 

My take-home message from this is not that I now know the truth whereas previously I was in error; but that I have concluded that the truth about such matters is not something I can be sure of. 

Geopolitics - including war - at the scale of modernity; is by its nature almost-always a domain of dishonesty, and of insufficient and misleading information; whose morality is therefore nearly-always a choice of lesser evils.

This, despite that war is also a domain in which great courage, hope, endurance, comradeship, patriotism, and other human "goods" are probably commoner and more highly achieved.  

But - looking around at a world in which WWIII has apparently begun, I hope to keep these lessons in mind - and (despite the encouragements and temptations) to refrain from making Geopolitics a central feature of my system of values and hopes.  

*First was the Battle of Britain - where the RAF resisted almost until too late the provision of enough fighters to defend Britain - believing that fighters were almost unnecessary, and that the airforce ought to be about attack not defense. And two times more (1940-41, again in 43) when Britain almost ran out of essential supplies due to the U-Boat campaign; while the RAF deliberately starved the highly-effective Coastal Command of adequate resources (CC was a kept-small branch of the RAF that provided aircraft to protect shipping - especially the Atlantic sea lanes) - again on the excuse that nothing could be spared from the task of bombing Germany. The telling point was this happened twice - apparently nothing was learned from the first near disaster. The strong conviction/ prejudice of RAF high command, and crucially of Churchill; was that Coastal Command was an unnecessary and defensive diversion of scarce resources, that ought to go into the vital and war-winning activity of bombing Germany.) 

Monday 12 February 2024

Why the development of consciousness, or its denial, makes a Big Difference

The conviction upon which much of my thinking has been based over the past decade, has included that human consciousness has developed, or evolved (to a plan), or transformed - and I mean actively developed, from inner (and ultimately divine) causes - through the modern era. 

This is a metaphysical assumption; and so is the usual and opposite mainstream idea that human consciousness now in the West is the same consciousness as human beings everywhere else in the world, and at all points through history. 

(Another fairly mainstream metaphysical assumption - of totalitarian modernity - is that there is no such thing as human consciousness, that it is some kind of misunderstanding, or maybe a temporary accident; or that the human can and should be "transcended" by something "better" - by adding or replacing-with computers, genetic manipulations, AI &c.)  

Both the development of human consciousness and the universality of human consciousness are assumptions: metaphysical in nature. 

Neither assumption is provable by any kind of evidence (because evidence depends on assumptions: the empirical depends on the metaphysical) - we can just point-out observations that are easily compatible, or not, with these assumptions.  

But if one believes that consciousness has changed, one important consequence is that modern Western Man cannot go back, he/we cannot revert to an earlier stage or phase of civilization; since earlier stages were manifestations of a different consciousness. 

For example to fit Modern Man (with his different consciousness) into a medieval European type of society, would be like hammering a square peg into a round hole. 

Modern Man would need to be "made to fit" medieval structures and systems - they would not ever come naturally to him. In other words the need for hammering, represents some extremely different kind of social control and enforcement - which would mean that the resulting society was Not the same as in medieval Europe. 

This would be because - at a fundamental level - Modern Man experiences the world differently, "processes" his perceptions differently, has a different and greater self-consciousness... And therefore responds differently to incentives and sanctions. 

So, it is important to consider the validity of the - often unconscious and unexamined - assumption that "Men are functionally and essentially the same always and forever"; because if that is Not true but you believe it; then you will find yourself assuming possibilities that are actually impossible; and perhaps in trying to attain the impossible, you will be doing significant harm. 

Furthermore; if God has indeed made things such that Men are different in different places and times, then it is reasonable to infer that God has a different destiny for different times and places

...What is valid for one time and place may then be evil for another. 

This is not proposing any kind of "relativism" - quite the opposite! 

What I am advocating is to believe that there really is a divine destiny for places and times, for nations and eras; as well as for individual persons - and that it is our job to discover and live-by the divine destiny that applies to us, personally. 

(And, insofar as it is relevant; to be aware that our divine destiny may not be identical with everybody else's!)


Sunday 11 February 2024

Free e-books by Charles Williams and CS Lewis, from fadedpage.com

 Links are posted at my Notion Club Papers blog. 

The twentieth century idea/insight/error that men need to "balance" their animus with anima ("feminine" with "masculine") - what is the way ahead?

Jung's terminology can be used to describe an idea that had great currency through the twentieth century; which was that men had a female "side" (anima), and women had a male "side" (animus), and that it was healthier/ more-balanced/ better-integrated/ more spiritually-advanced when the sexes became aware of their opposite archetypal qualities - and achieved some kind of "blend" of the two sides.

Looking back, 21st century Christians can readily see that this idea has been socially-deployed in many evil ways; to confuse and even invert the sexual self-understanding of the population. 

And indeed that, in practice, the idea was applied one-sidedly as asserting the need-for/ benefits-from men to become more feminine, and traditionally male social structures to become feminized. 

This has been a disaster. 

So it seems necessary to conclude that making men/ institutions/ society "more feminine" is a very bad idea, with consequences that are turning-out to be spiritually, psychologically, and physically lethal. 

But, the widespread nature of the basic idea or feeling behind the anima/ animus suggests to me that there was "something" in it; and that the false and demonically-hijacked implementation was nonetheless rooted in a genuine insight (albeit misunderstood and distorted) concerning the nature of individuals and society. 

This true insight was (I think) largely negative and critical; and it was that men and women's psychology and social roles, Christianity itself, and Western institutions generally; were all one-sided and incomplete in their basic nature - in ways that made them partial, incoherent, and spiritually-stultifying at an individual level. 

In other words; there was indeed by the twentieth century "something wrong" (at least most of the time, for many people and situations) with the pre-modern separation/ segregation/ division of the sexes in the context of the distinctive twentieth century consciousness.  

So, we may be able to agree that there were serious, indeed fatal flaws with the understanding and actuality of "sexuality" a century-plus ago; and that explains why counter-revolutionary/ reactionary attempts to reverse the changes of the past century, and restore the previously-existing system and psychology have been almost completely ineffectual. 

(Much talk, but near zero effect! Much posturing, but mostly (unintentionally) revelatory of its fakeness.)  

By my analysis, the twentieth century demonstrated that Christianity lacks the theological and metaphysical resources to deal with the challenge of the anima/ animus insights. Such mainstream ideas as the androgynous/ sexless angels, the loss of meaningful sexual identity after death, the dissolving of all marriages by death, the uncreative and non-procreative activities of resurrected men and women... 

When combined with modern consciousness; all of these assertions of traditional Christianity seem like positive inducements to the sexual confusions and distortions of the 21st century!  

With such a confused and feeble basis in theology; "Christians" divided into those Liberals who passively followed the secular trend of individual and social feminization; and Traditionalists who tried to maintain and restore pre-modern forms...

The liberals ceased to be Christian; while the traditionalists failed - and continue to fail - to address the underlying inadequacies and deficiencies of pre-modern Christianity.

(Which is why people don't really want traditionalism, and why it never goes anywhere.) 

I believe that some of the most valuable clues to valuable answers can be found in Mormon theology (and I mean Mormon theology - not the actual current practice of the CJCLDS - which is mostly very different, and increasingly liberalized). 

When God is recognized to be a man and a woman, and when the highest spiritual form of heavenly activity is recognized to be an eternal marriage of resurrected man and woman; then there is a (simple and clear) theoretical basis for a way of considering masculine and feminine that is both new, and also seems to fit with what we know of pre-civilizational tribal Men.  

As always, we need to by guided by what Mormons call Personal Revelation; and which I have characterized as the explicit and conscious recognition of the primacy of an intuition that is rooted in Primary Thinking leading to Direct Knowing

The answer to what each-of-us individually should do; cannot, therefore, be discovered from general rules about sexuality and sex. There are so many exceptions to general rules of this kind, that the exceptions typically outnumber the valid applications! 

While eternal marriage of a resurrected man and woman in Heaven is the spiritually-highest state; not all of us currently (or foreseeably) desire, or are suited to, such an outcome. And although all human lives ought to be rooted in love; mortal marriage is not, and never has been, the right thing for everybody. 

(For instance, for many people - past and present - family love, that is love within ones birth family - is and should be primary.)

It is learning the divinely-destined life-lessons of our experiences in this actual current mortal life which ought to be our primary concern: here-and-now. 

It is what we are here for. 

But - in this evil-dominated world of official lies and officially-sanctioned sins - those lessons can best be learned when we have a coherent and spiritually-valid understanding of the ultimate basis of masculine and feminine.


Friday 9 February 2024

A moth-eaten, mangy varmint - again

The first Doctor Who suffered similar problems

A few years back I mentioned my terrible, terrifying, experience of a moth-attack that left me without woolen clothes. 

Since then I have been engaged in a years-long extermination-attempt on these evil lepidoptera; involving old-sweater clearances, rigorous hygiene of clothing/ wardrobe/ drawers, pheromone sticky pads, instant and long-acting sprays and - in general - bug-eyed destructive fanaticism. 

Followed by careful replenishment with brand-new jumpers - each pre-treated with assorted insect poisons, each lovingly cared-for to maintain cleanliness and freshness. 

All utterly futile. 

I had just recently thrown-out two plain crew-necks, which were presents; and was down to a single patterned-lambswool pullover; when, just yesterday, I found the tell-tale ragged hole that means the vile vermin had gotten my final jersey. 

Once again I am a moth-eaten, mangy varmint. 

That's it. I give up. The Moths Have Won

I love wearing wool - it is the queen of fabrics as far as I am concerned. But not for me. 

No More Wool 

- Henceforth clammy cotton, awful acrylic, and sweat-inducing polyester fleece shall clothe my miserable torso.  

Sins and repentance - (properly understood) an easy problem, and simply solvable

The main problem of the modern West is the inversion of sin; which is that the traditional sins (especially sexual, but also pride, envy, greed etc.) are not sins, but instead virtues. 

And the reciprocal invention of new "deadly sins" that are not sins, such as (the actual current usage of) racism (seemingly now regarded as the sin of sins - unless the recognition of traditional sexual sins as sin, is even worse). 

But value-inversion is made worse by a legalistic understanding of sin, in terms of categorical lists with operational definitions. This is literal rending of sins is necessary if any "sin" is to be made the basis of our totalitarian System.  

For example; the not-sin of racism is a specific concept referenced in bureaucratic strategies, regulations and laws - operationally defined in measureable terms; such as specific words, or percentages of personnel (pre-divided into good/ disapproved and bad/ being-promoted races); and by mandatory active participation in defined antiracist initiatives and actions (e.g. mass genuflecting, parades and speeches, display of posters and flags etc.). 

So, although the not-sin of racism is supposed to be a thought-crime, a wicked motivation; in practice it gets operationalized in quasi-objective terms: you are guilty of racism by saying or writing this taboo, or by failing to join with that ritual, or in terms of percentage "representation". 

In strategic spiritual terms; this legalism and literalism represents the reduction of (imperceptible) spiritual conceptualizations of sin, into a controllable material manifestation; in a world where official and public discourse recognizes only "the material" as real and significant. 

By the sustained operations of actual social reality; the populace are trained to regard the legal and bureaucratic definitions of detectable and measurable material manifestations of sin, asif they Just Are the sins themselves. 

In other words; because society treats sin legalistically and objectively in categories; that is how people habitually, unthinkingly, moralistically regard the reality of sin. 


Of course; what I have described as the current materialist-totalitarian reality of values; is a simple inversion of the old religious system of values, which was dominant from the medieval era until recently - which also regards sin in a legalistic and categorical way. 

Sins were conceptualized in terms of categorical lists of behaviours that would send someone to hell, unless he specifically repented each of them. Repentance was often understood as going through the entire list of one's sins, and repenting them each and specifically - before being allowed-into Heaven. 

(I find it bizarre to suppose that the whole world of creation and our-selves can thus be cut-up into discrete chunks, some of which are sins! My understanding is instead that reality is only validly divided into separable Beings; but sins are part of the continuous field of divine creation - they can be distinguished in terms of emphasis, but cannot ultimately be separated and divided.)  

Such a linear and sequential procedure of repentance might need to be done during mortal life (e.g. by confession and absolution) or afterwards (for instance in a Roman Catholic purgatory, or the "toll-booths" of Eastern Orthodoxy).

In practice; such a way of thinking and behaving was so dominant that people also came to believe that only these categories of official sins were real or significant sins. 

Consequently; many of the besetting sins of modernity - such as dishonesty, existential fear, and resentment - became invisible, ignored, denied. 

So that habitual and expedient exponents of untruthfulness (such as nearly-all modern managers, politicians, bureaucrats; and professionals such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, the police and military, and church leaders); will mislead, be dishonest, and outright lie systematically and for-a-living - on a daily, or even hourly, basis - while having a clear conscience! While regarding themselves as good-people, including Good and exemplary Christians. 

One side-effect of this categorical way of thinking about sin has been that people come to regard themselves and others as not-sinners (and other people as sinners) - the world of Mankind being divided into sinners and the Good. 

Such people regard themselves as basically good human beings; so long as they refrain from the listed sins (or the worst of them, at least) - or else repent them specifically. This leads to a sense of self-righteousness that is a gross distortion of the realities of our mortal life. 

On the other hand; the ubiquity of some of the listed sins can lead to a sense of despair and helplessness; and other people react-against this by asserting that if a sin is universal, or very common - then it can't really be a sin! - and is simply being used by religion to control the population. 

This also applies to modern value-inversion - for instance when white people are officially regarded and regard themselves as inescapably racist, and therefore experience inescapable white guilt - rendering them demoralized and obedient to those who offer rituals of expiation.


My point is that - from the Fourth Gospel Christian perspective which I believe is true - legalism and categorical description is a basically mistaken and itself-sinful way of thinking about and conceptualizing sin. 

From Jesus's teaching, we are all sinners all of the time; because we are not wholly-and-always motivated by Love. We are thereby misaligned with God's creative will, hence all of us (as we are) are utterly unsuited to dwell in Heaven. 

But this is Not a cause for demoralization, demotivation or despair; because Jesus has said that all who follow Him shall be resurrected to eternal life in Heaven.

The best way to think of sin is very generally; as whatever would prevent us (as individuals) from accepting the gift of everlasting life. 

We may each have one or more besetting sins that we find difficult (or impossible) to give-up in order to enter Heaven - but this is ultimately a matter of not loving Jesus enough, not wanting Heaven enough. 

If we love and desire above all to follow Jesus Christ; if we take the side of God and divine creation in the spiritual war, and wish to participate in creation eternally - then quite naturally we will repent, shed, leave-behind any and all sins (named or unnamed) in order to attain our deepest desire. 

If we desire to be re-made (i.e. resurrected) such that we become motivated only and always by love eternally - then sin is just the name for anything and everything which would prevent that process of re-making. 

Repentance is the word for our agreement to having stripped-away and left-behind all that would otherwise prevent resurrection into Heaven.  

It is really very simple. 

Christianity is a positive (not double-negative) religion; it is opt-in (not a matter of passing a test); God is our loving parents (not a judge administering laws), Christianity is a family (not a monarchy). 

We are not meant to worry over sin! Jesus came to save sinners - we need to focus primarily on the saving, not the sins: we will know the sins in consequence of our desire for salvation. 

If we understand Jesus's teaching in the way it was intended and exemplified (and which can be confirmed here-and-now by the guidance of the Holy Ghost); 

and if we therefore base our faith on positive love and the choice of following Jesus Christ to Heaven -- 

then we know that everything important about "our sins" will be recognizable clearly and simply, and we will know what to do, and we will do it - when the time of choice arrives. 

Thursday 8 February 2024

We do not think the work of God; but of Satan

Reality consists of Beings - in relationships. Beings are alive, conscious, self-sustaining, eternal. 

If something knowable is not a Being, then it is part of a Being or a consequence of relationships - but everything needs to be related to Beings.

(Outwith Beings and their relationships, nothing in knowable - there is by inference chaos.)

We know Beings by inferring their character, motivations etc - and causality is (something like) the kind of things that a Being wants and does...

The point of all this is that we modern people think we know stuff without reference to Beings - indeed that is the only stuff that is taken seriously as knowledge in the modern West. 

I mean so-called science, evidence, data, programmes and the like... What is studied is ripped clear of any reference to the Beings that generated this stuff - the stuff has a line drawn around it, and is treated as pure abstraction...

Except that it isn't really - everything knowable comes from beings -- but the input and sustaining activities of Beings (including the fact that it is Beings who are discussing these things) are just ignored and excluded. 

Real science is (or was) of course done by Beings (human beings) and interpreted by other Beings - but that is now forgotten or denied. Science is now supposedly (by implication) done by anybody or anything that is following some method, formula, algorithm - it is regarded and treated as a process ("science tells us"... "scientists say"... "follow the science"). 

And other attributes of Beings are supposedly processes - treated in abstraction, regardless of any Beings - like intelligence: so any-thing can be "intelligent" if it follows some process, yields some kinds of result. 

We can't stop doing this! We are thinking the work of Satan!

Love is (surely?) something to do with Beings, but it is talked about and dealt-with either as a temporary emotion, a kind of pulse of neurotransmitters and hormones. 

Or maybe Love is treated abstractly - as if it was a branch of occult physics, some kind of force-field, or vibrational state; which has impersonal properties such as being "unconditional" or "universal" - so that mere people, mere Beings don't affect Love. 

Such ways of conceptualizing Love mean that it can't be genuinely important, not really, to "society" - not when it comes to serious decision-making about serious matters... 

People yammer incessantly about Love in their gossip, in the news, and in songs, stories, and soaps; but what impact did this emotional-Love have upon the management of the birdemic in 2020 - the lockdowns, social-distancing, masking, pecking-campaigns? 

How did Love affect the closure of Christian churches in 2020; the fleeing of priests, the shut-down of Lourdes; the churches refusal to administer the Eucharist, wed people, conduct funerals? 

Despite everybody asserting its immense importance all-the-time; despite the constant whittering of pseudo-Christians and materialist-hedonists alike over "God is love", and that Love is "the most important thing of all": Love made not the slightest perceptible difference to anything at all when something that the Establishment regarded as serious was at stake. Neither did Love lead to rebellion or even dissent in thought or in deed; among the docile, obedient masses. 

We have created and we sustain a world in which (more and more) everything important is abstracted from actual people. 

Actual individuals are, indeed, regarded mainly as a threat, as potential errors and selfishness. 

Goodness comes from pure abstractions and rigorous processes. The most important decisions are made either by algorithm, or by pooling and averaging individual judgment - as with voting, committees, "democracy". 

What is needed is such a fundamental change in our current and recent attitudes and understanding as to be mind-exploding; a living world, a conscious world, a world primarily of Beings, a world primarily of spirit, a world that is God's creation and directed towards Christ's salvation... 

Yet anything less leaves us exactly where we are. 

For far too long, Christians have been pouring the new-wine of a life of Love following Jesus, into the old-bottle of abstract, materialist thinking that posits the irrelevance of Love and regards following Jesus as just-another-set-of-processes - firmly located within the usual kinds of social process. 

Christians do some different things; but they think in the same way as everybody else - so that when times are tough, their ingrained and habitual materialistic-abstract-externally-driven mode of thinking limits and controls everything they do. 

Christians shall persist in getting absolutely nowhere - except to remain a "lifestyle option" within a hell-bound totalitarianism; unless and until we begin and continue to think the work of God

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Clutching at Fake Straws...

Clutching at fake straws seems to be a favourite activity among those who might regard themselves as "conservatives" or "on the Right" or "based" - those sensible, moderate, realistic, constructive, pragmatic folk; who prefer actions to words; who seek to roll-back leftism, atheism and materialism bit-by-bit and by traditional means. 

I mean those incorrigible optimists (i.e. those who fail to realize the severity of the situation, and refuse to learn from experience) who continue to take an active interest in mainstream politics in general, and elections in particular. 

Those who get excited by the positive possibilities of allegedly-dissenting persons who participate in public discourse and feature in the mass media.

Those who seek radical change from reforming current institutions; by infiltrating and re-occupying enemy-held ground. 

Those most vocal in criticizing and boycotting those that seem most-extremely-evil among powerful, wealthy, high-status corporations and bureaucracies. 

Those who seek support for building new more-functional, more-effective, more-efficient organizations to outcompete the current market leaders.

And so on. 

Putting energy and resources and hope into such activities; is not just clutching at straws in relation of the vast bulking haystacks of current trends; but it always turns-out - over-and-over again - that these are fake straws...

Pseudo-straws whose covert connections and this-worldly motivations mean they are just another part of the haystack - part of the problem; not an alternative source of "nourishment".

Grasping at fake straws is not just a waste of time, it is a consuming distraction from what we ought to be doing..

Not just a distraction, but The Wrong Thing Altogether. 

Things are much, much worse than such people think; and failure to grasp this is fatal, because it reveals a failure of discernment; which is itself revelatory of corrupt collusion. 

This is a spiritual war; and if we are not fighting the war spiritually - then we are not fighting it at all. 


The most important life-learning is un-learning; and of deep metaphysics not surface experience

I've often written that the "function" of this mortal life on earth is to learn from the experiences that The Creator ensures we have during our lives. God can provide the experiences, but only we can learn from them. 

This learning is a positive thing. In the sense that ultimately, we don't Have To learn in order to follow Jesus Christ to Heaven (salvation does not depend on theosis). 

But the more truth we learn, the more of our-selves we can carry-through resurrection into eternal life; because we must leave-behind all of-us that is not-of-love. 

That's what learning is for - in a nutshell: the more we learn about Love*; the fuller and more complete will be our resurrection. 

*(Love is perhaps better understood as loving-creation -- Love is Not just some emotion, neither is Love something like physics - a force-field or frequency/ vibration state).

But a great deal of learning in this world and civilization is a matter of un-learning. 

A great deal of what we know in the Modern West is false and evil. 

A great deal of our "common sense" is actually propaganda and mind-games. A great deal of our motivation has been socially and by the mass media inculcated artificially and with  malign intent. 

Another way of thinking of un-learning is that modern people like us believe that many sins are virtues and virtues are sins; that is, our values are inverted; and we need to unlearn this inversion.

What this points-at is that our un-learning is mostly about basic assumptions rather than "empirical" facts: we need to unlearn our deep, false and evil metaphysics rather than surface ideologies and religions.  

So if you are puzzled today about what you are supposed to be learning from your actual and present life; it might be worth considering that it is probably more likely your basic assumptions need to be un-learned, than that there are necessary and positive life-lessons to be learned from the surface level of your life: from stuff like evidences, facts, and explicit theories. 

Because evidence/ fact/ hypotheses are all downstream from metaphysical assumptions - and when the deep metaphysics is wrong, then you cannot learn from surface experiences. 

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Exactly because the Fire Nation is the most/only Christian country - it is a misleading example for Western Christians

Fire Nation envy is apparently common among Western Christians, and indeed even the "secular Right", for fairly obvious reasons. 

Their leader, Advlay Ootinpay, is by far the most competent and effective world leader, the only one who espouses traditional and Christian values. 

And the Fire Nation is incrementally re-orientating itself away from suicidal, self-loathing Leftism and towards Christian common sense values; and towards national effectiveness and efficiency rather the the active self-destruction of The West

It is fairly natural to fantasize about what might be possible in The West if such leadership and policies were applied here. 

But such fantasies are not realistic: they cannot happen, and should not be attempted.

The Fire Nation is different from The West: qualitatively different. 


Before the 1917 revolution, The Fire Nation was almost certainly the most Christian nation in the world

Seventy years - more than two generations - followed; of what was quantitatively the most savage and sustained religious oppression in world history; with near-total annihilation of the religious leadership (which apparently numbered an unequalled 2% of the population - about twice that of Medieval Europe - bishops, priests, monks, hermits, and many nuns); plus uncounted tens-of-millions of devout lay Christians.  

Even so, after decades of this (albeit varying in intensity) - and also the infiltration and subversion of the remnant church hierarchy by anti-Christian spies; when communism collapsed, Christianity arose like a phoenix; and is again integrated with the running of the nation, permeating society from highest to lowest levels - in a way that continues to increase... 

At the most obvious level, The West cannot replicate this, exactly because the Christian social basis of the Fire Nation is utterly lacking. A Christian leader of The West could not lead but only impose; and would be widely and vehemently opposed. Christian laws would neither be obeyed nor implemented. 

Why the difference? 

Well; in the Fire Nation the hearts of the people are Christian; and the nation is "a people"

Ultimately, this reflects a difference in the innate national consciousness. 

The Fire Nation has much more of an unconscious, spontaneous, immersive, communal consciousness - something that has long since dissipated in The West. In the FN is less individualism, and - via their religion - the people feel themselves to be fundamentally a part of their country. 

The root of this difference in national consciousness is, I believe, some difference in the divine destiny of the Fire Nation compared with the Western nations. 

For The West to try and replicate the Fire Nation (which will not happen anyway, because neither the Western Establishment nor the masses actually want it) would be to go against our divine destiny; and would be trying to put the genie of individual consciousness back into the bottle of group-ism. 

The genie would fight against such perceived unfreedom tooth and nail - and rightly so!

Our Western consciousness is set-up differently than in the FN, and our divinely-intended destiny lies with that actual consciousness - not pushing against it. 

Our best and only hope is to go beyond the alienated isolation of the materialism and hedonism of Western atomized individualism; by discovering and living a spiritual and Christian individualism - what I call Romantic Christianity. 

Whereas the children of the Fire Nation validly regard themselves as obedient sons and daughters of one people; we of The West cannot legitimately avoid accepting a fully personal responsibility for our ultimate beliefs and values. 

We can respect or even admire the Fire Nation and its social organization, and their socially-integrated church and religion; but it is not a template for The West. 

Following our properly Christian path ahead starts with you and with me, and our relationship to Jesus Christ; that path does not lie with our nation or people, nor with any unified church. 

This is about as obvious as evil gets

We have now reached the point where those who are motivated by evil (i.e. by their opposition to God, divine creation and The Good) are now being about as obvious and explicit as evil ever gets. 

Whereas in the past those who intended evil would do so under the pretense of doing good (e.g. early socialism); we are now at a stage where the people who intend evil tell us explicitly, and pretty much exactly, what it is they intend to do - before they do it and while doing it. 

They do not do so under the guise of doing good; but instead they now simply tell us that the evil which they intend, is actually Good

In other words, we are now in a situation of very pure, very simple, value-inversion

The recent wars and mass invasions have been remarkable for the way in which those who have provoked and escalated them (i.e. globalist totalitarians based in The West); have actually "said out loud", have described, the destruction of people, property, nations and land that they intend and regard as acceptable. 

And this intended destruction is sometimes described in terms of near complete annihilation: they want to have no more such people, no such culture or nation, buildings and artefacts will be removed or destroyed, the landscape wrecked and polluted... That's the stated strategy. 

Now, they don't say such  things every time they speak or all at once - but they do make explicit official statements, and say them several times; they incorporate these goals bureaucratically in laws, rules, agenda items, mass/social media policies; they boast about their intentions, and baldly assert that their plans will induce greater human happiness*...  

And they do the same inversion for Goods. 

Any-thing and every-thing which is truly Good (for Christians; and indeed also things recognized as good in all known societies through all of history) is now routinely, systematically, explicitly; stated to be evil, wrong, a threat, the cause of oppression, exclusion, suffering and death. 

The (seven?) classic virtues are now officially vices; common sense realities are treated as wicked hypotheses, basic assumptions of Mankind such as a spiritual world, or continued life beyond death, or a created reality; are now treated as lunatic notions or sinister manipulations. 


You may say that things are not so clear as all that... 

That there are many and frequent statements that contradict what I have said above. That the modern world is characterized by inexplicit unclarity, by deliberately induced confusion...

Sure - there is also plenty of that. Evil lies and misleads as its basic mode: habitually and manipulatively. We dwell in a fog of dishonesty. Untruthfulness is the besetting sin of our era. 

All true.

But what is really striking about here-and-now is how very clear, explicit, and detailed the leadership class so-often are; about exactly what they consider is good and necessary, and who they consider is evil and why; about what they intend to do to us (and "for" us) in the near future. 

What this tells us is how deeply corrupted we of the West have become.

"They" baldly, bare-facedly, tell us that good is evil and sin is virtue. They fully expect to get-away-with-it, thereby gaining our implicit consent.


And that is exactly why They are so obvious about their evil.

They tell us of their evil intentions. And we hear, but do not listen.  

They get-away-with-it because we give our consent. 

This - here-and-now, on a daily basis - is evil with the gloves-off; as clear, obvious and explicit as it ever will be. 

Have you noticed yet? 

* "The fifteen minute city" is an excellent example. They describe their detailed plan for a world prison in permanent lockdown; then tell us that this is A Good Thing, for our benefit, to make us happy. 

Monday 5 February 2024

Choosing Hell... CS Lewis's The Great Divorce now a free e-book on fadedpage.com

Fadedpage.com is a great website run by volunteers who produce excellent free downloadable online books from authors out of copyright - your one-stop shop for Biggles or Enid Blyton, for instance. 

Well, they have just made available The Great Divorce by CS Lewis - which I regard as the best book I've ever read about sin, repentance, and what makes people choose Hell. 

If you haven't already read TGD: why not try it? 

Tauber time!

I have long been aware of the tenor Richard Tauber, and his reputation as a Mozartian; but it was only this weekend that I really appreciated what justly led to him being one of the great lyrical singers of the twentieth century. 

With my brother, and at his instigation, I watched through a film version of "Lilac Time"; which is an operetta loosely about the life of Schubert, that uses Schubert melodies for its arias and choruses. This 1934 movie was called Blossom Time, and had been adapted as a vehicle for Richard Tauber; despite that he could not act at all. 

The movie itself is hopelessly dull; with a silly script, woodenly performed (Tauber himself being the most ligneous of all); but about halfway through, "Schubert" does a public concert of some of his songs (in the plot, he is standing-in for a more famous singer - which is why the audience is initially so hostile). 

Here is the full movie on video: The relevant section runs from about 46-56 minutes. 

These small scale works demonstrate better than the operas I have previously heard, what made Tauber so special - and so famous for his technique and musicianship. Look out for the smooth legato style; by which Tauber sings continuously, with a flow of tone continuing uninterrupted between the notes. 

The musicality of phrasing, and the way he subtly points the meaning of lyrics, are both features of the German Art Song (Lieder) tradition - and show Tauber's high level of musical intelligence and training. 

He also displays the extremely difficult art of messa di voce; by which he can sustain a note while increasing or diminishing the volume, while maintaining the intonation and vibrato. 

A further exceptional aspect is when Tauber sings extremely quietly (pianissimo) - again while maintaining tone, pitch, and with clear diction.   

Last days of Atlantis...

John Martin's The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah - Not our fate

I find that thoughts of the the last days of "Atlantis" - especially of Tolkien's Numenor - come to my mind more and more often: visions of a vast society crumbling and rotting - while its citizens are oscillate between vague obliviousness, and a smug-spiteful-cowardly-passive-aggression that seems (in my imagination) to be distinctive and causal of civilizational decadence and corruption. 

Almost everywhere, there seems to be a lethal mixture of ignorance and bland idiocy, with pettiness and prideful inversion. People claim to be unaware of the important things that have happened and are happening, yet when they hear about such things almost instantly forget them; and unerringly focus on some minute irrelevance. 

If even some brief understanding of the scale and depth of lethal threats is able to form itself mentally; like as not people will instantly and stubbornly take the wrong side, grasp the wrong end of the stick, advocate some action that is counter-productive and indeed suicidal. 

What is most striking is that - from all the above - it seems certain that when collapse commences and continues; there will prevail a grossly false belief in the reasons; combined with an absolute failure to take responsibility for self-blinding, supporting evil assumptions and concepts, and for sustaining and amplifying the underlying causes of destruction. 

This is Atlantis because a great civilization had become so greatly evil such that it has turned-against itself in self-hatred, and engineered its own destruction. 

Yet all this is hidden, and the situation is robbed of grandeur, nobility and tragedy, by the depth and scale of dishonesty. 

The culture of lies, untruths and deliberate misleading is so prevalent, habitual, and vehemently defended and coerced; that Atlantis is ignorant of its own nature, and of what it is doing to itself. 

Even as Atlantis engages in systematic suicide, it is consumed by resentment. 

Even as it inflicts suffering and terror on itself, it seeks to shirk responsibility and to blame others 

Even as it despairs at the purposelessness and meaninglessness of its fundamental beliefs and aspirations - it scorns and persecutes all attempts to diagnose or cure the sickness.  

Thereby the sins of Atlantis sins are compounded. 

TS Eliot: This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a whimper.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Purposively destructive evil works like a perfect covert operation

A great advantage of that intentionally destructive, spiteful, "Sorathic" evil which characterizes the current Western national leadership class; is its covert nature. 

Because everybody is always trying to make sense of what are merely destructive impulse; and in doing so, people come up with multiple and incompatible theories concerning what positive goals They are trying to achieve. 

And - ultimately - all these theories are wrong! 

For instance; more Western people have (eventually) begun to notice that their rulers are puppets operated by multinational and foreign agents; and have noticed that these rulers are allowing and abetting the invasion of their nations by colossal numbers of foreigners. 

Having noticed what is going-on; people try to understand it in terms of what benefits (whether short-, medium, or long-term) are expected to accrue to a variety of persons and groups as a consequence of massive influxes of "aliens". 

This results in many and competing theories - each theory claiming that somebody different is behind the invasion; and each of these rival malicious actors is striving to get something from a range of benefits such as wealth, power, status, sex etc.  

Public opinion then fractures into rival theorists, with rival plans of how to combat the putative groups and prevent them getting... whatever it is that They intend to gain from the mass invasion of the West. 

However; if it is true that what is being aimed-at by those who are ultimately responsible for the invasion of the West at is simply the destruction of the West (its civilization, institutions, people etc.); and that the primary motivation is not gain but instead the spiteful gratification of those responsible -- then all these theories are irrelevant; even when a theory may be partially correct for some people, at some level.

Meanwhile; the work of destruction proceeds unimpeded, invisible, undetected.

There is only one of JRR Tolkien's writings that I actively dislike...

I discuss the essay in question over at The Notion Club Papers blog

Saturday 3 February 2024

A self-destroying weapon of global destruction. (This Sorathic World!)

Our actual and current Western Globalist Totalitarian Establishment is already, and every week increasingly, a self-destroying weapon of global destruction

The self-gratifying, spitefully evil-destructive zeal of the Western ruling class has consolidated, taken-off, and left the consent of the masses far behind. 

This spirit of spite is single-mindedly getting-on-with its destructive activities - with less and less regard for winning hearts and minds, or even for providing excuses.

Its implied motto is: Just Destroy It.  

(That is: Sorathic evil is now unmasked and in ascendancy.) 

The USA is not the ultimate source of this evil of destructiveness, because the US rulership are (like all other Western nations) merely a puppet regime. 

Also the US has many (sometimes even more zealous - eg. the UK) allies among the leadership class of Anglo-sphere and European Union nations.

But the USA is the main centre and focus of the destructive impulse; due to its recent decades of global hegemony.

US foreign policy is now simply to foment disorder and destruction wherever possible

National leaders and governments are being toppled, imprisoned, and killed by purposive US interventions all around the globe. Movements to promote internal hatred, resentment and terrorism are created, supported, funded. Nation after nation has been - is being - plunged into chaos and (more or less) civil war (more every month, or even weekly). 

This is why the US Empire and military is now (by any functional or rational analysis) so grossly over-extended. 

Picking unwinnable fights everywhere and with everybody is not an accident or miscalculation, nor due to unwarranted arrogance (except among some of the useful idiots among destruction-managers, who merely implement policy) - over-extension is a deliberate means to the end of the USA being utterly overwhelmed, destroyed, everywhere, all-at-once. 

(And consequently, it is also intended, in its death throes to bring-down the rest of the world with its arsenal of mass-destructive weapons, poisons, diseases etc.)  

The essence of the US globally is now, and increasingly, and purposively to operate as a pure agent of destruction: destruction of human life, economies; material, houses, the land itself. 

Deliberate destruction indeed of all that is Good - destruction of the human spirit. 

And also - destruction of itself from multiple global conflicts. 

Because meanwhile, "back at home", this once-formidable agent of global destruction is itself being destroyed. The culture is being destroyed by colossal immigration, which also (aided by deliberate inflation) is destroying the economy - which has already been destroyed by multiple forms of wrecking. 

The US national spirit is being destroyed by leftist ideologies - including deliberate encouragement and funding of  race war, sex war, generational war. Religion has been destroyed as a force for good. 

The micro-policies that pretend to promote quality, equity, diversity, sustainability etc - are each and all calculated agents of destruction of functionality, effectiveness, efficiency. 

The means of national social control (policing, essential organization, emergency services, communications, transport, supplies, maintenance and repair etc) are all thereby already substantially dismantled. 

Chaos - violence, neglect, disease, famine (all the Apocalyptic Horsemen) are being-prepared, and wil be able to operate without effective opposition. 

What this Big Picture shows is the extraordinary image of the US as a self-destroying weapon of global destruction. 

The US (and its allies) being simultaneously deployed in an escalating program of world-wide destruction; while the US (and its allies) are also being-collapsed from-within.  

The worst of it is not so much that this catastrophe cannot be prevented (it probably cannot - because destruction is so much easier than creation, and humans are so easily corrupted); as that people are unaware of what is being done.

Indeed, much worse - people of The West nearly all deny that this purposively destructive evil exists, and is dominant.  

Above all else in these times, and as a pre-requisite to everything else; we are called upon to be conscious. To be aware, capable of discernment. 

Only if we perceive evil can we identify its nature; only if we identify its nature can we reject it and repent its existence in ourselves. 

Only if we repent this evil can we take the side of Good in the escalating spiritual war of this world. 

Friday 2 February 2024

Because Christianity is about personal (and private) motivation, it is intrinsically unsuited to be operationalized as the organizational basis of society

Christianity is about motivation; and motivation is about what we want, and why

Motivation is an inner state; and what matters to Christian salvation is our motivation at the time of choice: at the time when we decide whether to follow Jesus to resurrected eternal life. 

So long as he wants to follow Jesus, and so long as his reasons for following Jesus are good - then anybody can follow Jesus. It is essentially a matter of personal choice; and if that choice is for salvation, there will be no difficulty about doing what is necessary to make this choice possible. 

Therefore Christianity Just Is a very personal and inward matter and directed to ends "not of this world". So; while inferences can and must be made for practical purposes about the motivation of other people; such inferences do Not map-onto spiritual realities. 

Historic Christianity was often (usually) contaminated by the demand to make it the basis of social organization: the demand to make supposedly "Christian" institutions and laws as the framework for a "better world": as, indeed, the framework for personal salvation. 

Yet, the Fourth Gospel especially, but also the Synoptic Gospels, seem to be pretty clear overall that following Jesus to resurrected eternal life was about a personal relationship and personal choice in relation to Jesus himself. 

Therefore, being a Christian is Not primarily a matter of obeying a religious institution, nor of requiring adherence to the dictates of a particular supposedly-Christian social structure (neither of which existed during Jesus's life). 

Indeed (as the IV Gospel informs us) Jesus's main arrangement for the guidance of his disciples post-mortally was the Holy Ghost; which Jesus said was directly available to each individual and sufficient to provide all necessary knowledge and direction for those who wanted to follow Him. 

In other words; Christianity is not about making a better world. At best, a better world might be an unplanned consequence of personal commitments to follow Jesus. 

Instead; Christianity ought primarily to be orientated towards life beyond death.

And Christianity's implications for this mortal life should follow (secondarily) from our motivation and expectation personally (as Sons of God) to participate in the creative life of the post-mortal resurrected heavenly world. 

Thursday 1 February 2024

Tolkien's The Notion Club Papers: Broad Relic = Flat Holm - An obscure reference elucidated

For those of you who enjoy the micro-minutiae of scholarship: I have hunted down the meaning of another of JRR Tolkien's references that his son Christopher did not manage to discern. Over at The Notion Club Papers blog...

Passivity and refusal of responsibility: Why the Millennial Spiritual Transformation led us to hedonic materialism and value inversion

I have often written about the (approximate) millennium - when so many people felt there was an approaching spiritual breakthrough, yet the spiritual changes that actually happened were the opposite of spiritual. 

So that we now live in a shallowly hedonist, materialistic, short-termist, gullible world - more evil than ever in history, because of widespread and officially-media encouraged (increasingly even mandated) value inversion. 

I have suggested that the millennial spiritual change was a change of consciousness (endogenous, primary and presumably divinely-destined); by which that which had been innate, instinctive, spontaneous and (often) traditional - lost their grip on our minds. 

We found ourselves cut-off from our previous immersion in a kind of general consciousness; and therefore both gifted and forced to choose. 

We must now choose; whereas in the past our values came naturally: partly inbuilt, partly absorbed from society (and most human societies shared most of these values).

We became able to choose our fundamental values: but more, we were (and are) compelled to choose them. 

We might therefore have chosen to believe and live-by almost anything! 

We might have chosen some purposive, meaningful and hopeful assumptions and values! We might have chosen to live in divine creation, with a god/s who loved us personally, and took an interest in each of our lives. We might have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ who enabled us to have a resurrected and everlasting life in Heaven; by following Him on the other side of death...


But instead, overall and overwhelmingly; we of The West (in particular) rejected these possibilities. Going from my own responses and efforts, and what I have seen in others; here is my best guess as to what happened. 

Instead of making positive and hope-full choices, (and en masse) we chose rather to believe that both the reality of the universe, and our personal lives, are causally-determined and/or random; and that our own life will be objectively arbitrary, a temporary blip, and therefore objectively futile in the larger scheme of things. 

Consequently the mood of our times is one of fear, resentment at our situation; at best barely staving-off a suicide-seeking despair by continual distraction and projection.  

What went so badly wrong? 

Why did so many people choose so self-destructively, so miserably - to believe everything to be pointless? 

Why have so many people doubled-down on this decision?


Looking back at the end of the twentieth century and the hopes and expectations of a better and more spiritual world to come; I think the main reasons were passivity and the refusal of responsibility

The hope for a global spiritual transformation and awakening; were passive hopes that this would be done-to-us. Indeed, the idea of un-sought yet profound change was (and often still is) regarded as a hallmark of validity, authenticity. 

So people hoped and expected that everyone would be made more spiritual; everybody's consciousness would be raised-up by some external force or change. People's attitude was one of waiting for this to happen-to-them. 

The most we would need to do, for this to happen, would be to assent to its being-done: we would need to agree to being spiritually uplifted, but would not need to seek it out (and indeed, there was a feeling that to seek it out would be to open oneself to self-deception) . 

The other big factor is a refusal of responsibility. This operates at many levels, and may masquerade as humility, or public spiritedness. 

Thus people may decline to take full and personal responsibility for their spiritual and religious evaluations because they defer to "The Church" as contrasted with "mere little me". Meaning whatever church they already believe is true, must be right. Or when (as usual) the whole church is not united; then deference is due to whatever particular authority within that church is regarded as primary. 

Or personal responsibility for belief is set aside in favour of some supposedly pragmatic benefit; such as a belief that some-thing ought to be believed because it is beneficial for raising children; or perhaps regarded as beneficial for society at large or in the long-term. 

In other words; my sense is that some people shape their religious convictions around what they choose to sustain on the basis of what they believe to be a socially-helpful fiction; rather than taking ultimate responsibility, and then discovering that they have (apparently) thrown-out some valued social benefit.  

But this kind of deference and pragmatism are, ultimately, to put the cart before the horse; since (for Christians) what is most authoritative and/or beneficial can only be decided on the basis of real truth. 

And when we have pre-decided against taking personal responsibility for discerning and determining real truth, we are not able to evaluate if it is truly better to defer and decline, rather than to make a stand for our inner convictions. 

In sum; I think that there really was a change of consciousness that progressively (and over some years) swept-through The West (and maybe the world?) at around the millennium. 

This transformation pretty-much closed-off the remnants of that spontaneous, traditional and often-unconscious modes of religiosity which had been in-place throughout Man's known history; such that we can now only become spiritual by a conscious choice, by actively seeking, and on the basis of taking very personal spiritual responsibility. 

That means aiming to make ultimate choices from our-selves and for ourselves.

And only after that has been accomplished, should we turn our personal attention to potential social benefits.  

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Beyond Problem-Reaction-Solution: When the establishment induce chaos, this causes a net-increase in chaos

Some years ago; David Icke insightfully described a behaviour and policy patterning that was repeatedly deployed by the leadership class, which he called Problem-Reaction-Solution- "PRS". 

The PRS idea was that the rulers would (repeatedly) create a problem, and this elicited a reaction from many "people" (i.e. in practice the mass media) and demands for something-to-be-done - and resulting action always turned-out to be a pre-decided pseudo-solution - a "solution" that was not really designed to prevent or cure the problem, but was something the leadership had wanted to do anyway

The "solution" was, indeed, always a further incremental step on the road to tyranny, intended to increase societal totalitarian surveillance and control. 

In other terminology: Problem Reaction Solution was, in a specific sense, a policy of Ahrimanic evil - which aims at the reduction of all thinking to materialism, and then control of this reduced thinking with the aim of pursuing the demonic agenda of evil. 


But I had not previously noticed that while PRS was usually tactically effective in enhancing top-down control of some specific domain of social living (e.g. increased control of the police, doctors, lawyers, or some type of corporation)... While PRS led reliably to the goal of  extending and deepening bureaucratic systems... At the same time, and inevitably; this local increase of "order" is attained at the cost of increasing overall and long-term dis-order/ chaos

Short-term and local increase in order is "bought" at the price of increased long-term and overall dis-order. 

This happens because the "problem" entails some kind of increase in chaos, some kind of break-down in functioning. 

And each time a problem is deliberately induced, every cycle of PRS - by deliberate design; the "solution" does Not solve the problem. (i.e. Because the "solution" was not intended to solve the problem, but instead to increase surveillance and control.) 

Therefore, every time PRS is deployed there is an unsolved problem, which means an increase in the problem; which means there is a long-term and a cumulative increase in social dysfunction and disorder

In sum; it can be seen that Problem Reaction Solution sequence can be deployed by the agents of Sorathic Evil to promote chaos and destruction under the guise of enhancing control. 

That is: repeated use of the PBS tactic actually promotes a net-destructive strategy

If we assume that the highest level of global leadership is Sorathic in motivation - that is, motivated to destroy, rather than to control - then it can be seen that PRS is a way of manipulating mid-system-level leaders, managers and bureaucrats

(Thus manipulating the middle-managers of totalitarianism as well as simultaneously manipulating the gullible masses.)  

The middle-management level of The System is therefore encouraged repeatedly to induce Problems: Problem after Problem! - to harm economies and trade (e.g. by sanctions); to provoke and promote wars; to organize and enforce mass migration into The West; to attack marriage and the family; to encourages hatred and resentment between races, sexes, classes... etc.

The Middle Managers believe that a PRS policy will enhance their control of society and the world - and they see the actual incremental expansion of surveillance and control bureaucracies (and their own wealth and high status) as evidence of the success of this strategy...

But meanwhile, the underlying reality is of civilizations, nations - and the world itself - collapsing into chaos.   

In other words: Problem Reaction Solution is a real strategy, at the mid-level of power structures; and superficially it seems to be "working"; in the sense that bureaucracy expands and expands to cover all aspects of life, and there are more and better paid jobs for the managerial class in administering The System - and indeed bureaucratic "power" continued to grow. 

But such bureaucratic power is only power within The System, and what The System recognizes. 

And the System recognizes only The System - all outwith The System is invisible to it, and treated as not real. 

The System does not, because it cannot, recognize chaos.

Therefore; when rulers deliberately engage in destruction, and the world consequently descends into chaos - the agents of Ahrimanic evil perceive only their own increase in System-control with an expanding System. 

Paradoxically; the overall-effect is that agents of total control are manipulated into implementing the agenda of total destruction

As the world collapses around them in consequence of their own purposive decisions and actions; the managerial-intellectual class (eg. of the UN, EU, WEF, Western national leadership, media Moghuls; financial and corporate executives and owners, academics, "scientists" and "artists") perceive only new chances for immediate personal enrichment, greater personal status, and opportunities to extend their bureaucratic empires. 

Note: This was triggered by a post from Francis Berger, and the response it elicited