Friday, 6 August 2010

Blog posting suspended - probably until September - thanks!

Thanks very much indeed to all the people who have regularly read, and recently commented, on this blog while I have been posting daily.

I have found it very helpful, indeed essential, to continued thinking and writing to know that a reasonably cohesive group of people were reading and thinking about the stuff.

In many ways, the blog readership has proved to be better in this respect than when I publish stuff in the the scientific/ academic literature or mainstream media.

For example, in the mid-1990s I used to publish fairly often in the Times (of London) and from a writerly perspective it was like shouting into the void. (Although I was quite well paid for wasting my breath, so it wasn't _all _ loss!)

I will soon be having a holiday, and also trying to collect the blog entries into some kind of sequence to be published (online, free) as a kind-of-book (perhaps an on-going book which I might continue adding-to and editing, at least for a while).

My intention is to get back to daily blogging at the start of September; so I hope those who have liked it so far, will come back then.


Dennis Mangan said...

Have a happy holiday! And come back soon.

a Finn said...

Welcome back in September.

F said...

The pleasure was mutual. Perhaps the most profound intellectual moment in my life occurred when my Ancient History teacher told the class that one of the earliest written documents in human civilization is a complaint about how the young are disrespectful towards their elders and the world as a whole was getting worse. I've drawn comfort from this story ever since. My study of history tells me that sometimes terrible things happen and the good is destroyed by evil but, overall, the record is the reverse. In general, good triumphs over evil, but the struggle must go on.