Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Everyday miracles versus official miracles


Most people imagine that a miracle is detectable when normal explanations are impossible.


That may be regarded as a suitable criterion for establishing an 'official' miracle - for instance in the bureaucratic process by which a Saint is recognised.

However, there is no requirement that a miracle be diagnosed by exclusion.

A miracle was either the explanation, or it was not - it is a matter of what really happened.

And miracles are purposive - they are matters of revelation, of faith.

An aware Christian is, or ought to be, aware of, convinced of and grateful for 'everyday' miracles in their own experience; but it is a profound error to try and use these miracles in public argument, as proofs (or, especially not, in claiming spiritual status) - because this leads to argument, to rational and empirical defence of miraculous status.

Everyday miracles are to be treasured, not used; best never mentioned, never described nor discussed.