Wednesday 18 July 2012

Is Mark Hackard the best commentator of our time?


I was thinking about whose newly-published online writings I most look forward to reading - and I came up with the name of Mark Hackard.

He is an occasional contributor to the Alternative Right webzine - although MH himself is not ''Alternative' but argues from the perspective of a traditional, Orthodox, Christian Right:

I don't know any more about Hackard than it says on the AR spiel, not have I been able to find-out much more, nor discover much more of his writing, nor how he makes a living (if he does). I always wish he wrote more (or, if he does, that I knew where to find it) - but probably he writes the right amount.

I simply find that I am tremendously interested in what Mark Hackard has to say; and he seems to speak with an honesty, moral seriousness and (dare I say) wisdom that would be hard to equal among currently active online writers.



Gyan said...

Have you read Anthony Esolen?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gyan - yes, some.

Gyan said...

I did read what Hackard wrote on the Stolypin assassination.

It is a pity that the third volume of the Red Wheel is still not available in English

Brandon said...

I agree with you about Hackard. Everything he writes is a jolt of clarity and righteousness. He doesn't write often, but what he does write is of high quality. I once read that he was a legal researcher for a law firm in California.

Bruce Charlton said...

I should point-out that the comments sections on Alt Right should not be read, since they are abysmal and detract from the articles - in my opinion Alt Right comments should either be strictly moderated (but there would not be many left) or omitted/ deleted.

David Kreider said...

I completely agree - I consider him a young Joe Sobran.