Saturday 29 September 2012

Christianity must be chosen


Christianity must be chosen.

(As fallen Men) we start out turned-away-from God - and must choose (must will) to turn toward Him.

That means the default state is not choosing to become a Christian.


Over time, the consequences deriving from not choosing to become Christian will accumulate in the world; and this affects later choices, making it less likely that people will choose Christ.

This is the direction of history, and the trend of history; and why - at some point - history will come to an end: when no more people can or will turn to God.



Anonymous said...

I don't see why choosing Christ becomes less likely over time. In theoretical terms, the Church is the Body of Christ on Earth, so its growth ought to make Christ more present. In empirical terms, there are a lot more Christians now than there used to be.

Bruce Charlton said...

@lm - by the standards of Christians of the past, there are hardly any Christians now. Most clearly, there are virtually no Saints and Holy Elders.

AlexT said...

Another excellent post Dr. Charlton. You have basically summarized world history. It also ties in to your earlier posts about the impossibility of neutrality and the uselessness of the secular right. What they don't get is that a rejection of God is the same as the rejection of tradition and morality. Then again, the goodies are not cool, and the secular right is about being the cool and countercultural, more than it is about anything else.