Monday, 31 December 2012

Helpless by unbelief


The West is helpless from Christian unbelief - worse, it has become zealous to seek-out, corrupt, subvert, attack and destroy real Christian belief; no matter how obscure, peaceful or humble that belief may be.

Any real Christianity, anywhere, has become intolerable to the West.

The helplessness of the West yields hopelessness; and because there is no belief hopelessness can only seek its own extinction: hopelessness seeks distraction and intoxication; without distraction and intoxication the reality of the West is literally unbearable.

Because reality is unbearable it will not be borne: it will lead either to faith and hope, or the rejection of faith and the seeking of permanent oblivion.

Thus, the West can only escape hopelessness by confronting it. The path to hope goes through sober realism, horror, and repentance.

Hence there must be a withdrawal from distractions and intoxications - there must be a program of detoxification: first withdrawal, recovery - and then rebuilding life.


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