Thursday 26 September 2013

Self-remembering as a preparation for prayer


Like most people, I often find prayer difficult - here is a 'tip' I find useful.

As preparation for prayer, try to induce the state of self-remembering

That is, become aware of Me! Here! Now! - of yourself in the context of your surroundings, and time - this place, this moment of time - and of yourself as alive and aware and here at at the centre of it all, at this exact and unique moment.

(For me, this usually requires that my eyes be open.)

And then pray - give thanks.



Wm Jas said...

I was reading Ouspensky on "self-remembering" just minutes before reading this post.

Samson J. said...

Funny, I guess this is sort what I already do anyway. I find that "self"-remembering makes it easier to feel God's presence.