Wednesday 9 October 2013

Robert Hardy: Satan walks with quiet shoes


Robert Hardy is a famous English actor, who was - at Oxford - both a tutee of C.S Lewis and pupil of JRR Tolkien. In a recent recorded interview he was asked about his memories and views on this subject, and in the process came-up with a very striking and poetic description of how he regards Satan's activities in the modern world. It seemed worth transcribing and recording:

Question: The Tolkien books are clearly a struggle between good and evil and I presume you share that belief and therefore they speak to you very strongly?

Hardy: Well yes I do share that belief.

I believe that Satan walks with very quiet shoes and very fast pace all around us all the time.

But, by contrary, I also believe that there is a God who will perhaps, one day, keep Satan in his place...



Ingemar said...

Perhaps? One day?

This is one of those times when I find the English penchant for understatement very grating.

Bruce Charlton said...

@I - I find it rather charming and idiomatic rather than understated as such - Hardy is 1. very old, 2. very upper class, 3. an actor (a profession with very few Christians) - so he does not want to seem arrogant or presumptuous in talking about what God will or will not do - and he is assuming that his audience will not share his beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Robert Hardy is a very wise and learned man. Even his succinct statements speak volumes. Our generation could really benefit from men of his stature.