Monday 3 April 2023

We get what we want in this mortal life (including spiritual enslavement) - but, in the primary context of the life-experiences we need to learn-from

Serhei's excellent and thought-stimulating guest-post yesterday brings into focus that there is an important sense in which Modern Men get what they want in this mortal life. So that the spiritual (indeed physical) state of 'slavery' cannot be enforced on a population without consent, but instead people must be induced to desire slavery - and indeed to demand it. 

Yet we need to recall also that the primary purpose of living this mortal life is educational; God provides us with the experiences we most need to attain and prepare for resurrected eternal life. The slavery of Modern Man is a spiritual evil. 

This is because - 1. Modern Men are meant - by our stage in development - consciously to choose freedom and personal responsibility - not unconscious, automatic obedience; and also 2. the failure to choose freedom is compounded since the masses have chosen subjection to evil Masters.  

In exploring this matter; I shall use a specific example of the birdemic-peck; and whether an individual chooses to believe and obey the official narrative; on the assumption that the birdemic-peck is an evil-motivated strategy of the demon-controlled Global Establishment.

Suppose I choose to reject the birdemic-peck, disbelieve it, not to cooperate with the wishes of the Establishment? What then? 

For the consequences to be spiritually-good; there must be a positive, spiritual, and 'Christian-compatible' motivations for rejecting the birdemic peck: good outcomes require good motives. 

(By 'Christian-compatible' - I mean such motivations as a commitment to truth, to real values and morality, or to genuine beauty.)

And then there must also be a conscious awareness that this mortal life is indeed for our spiritual teaching; and acknowledgement that (overall, sooner-or-later) we will encounter life-situations (life-lessons) from-which we are intended to learn. 

Therefore, when a personal issue, a choice, emerges in our life; it needs to be recognized with seriousness, a recognition that our choices matter - and not just for our happiness now and soon, but also as affecting our situation and divine creation and forever. 

Life is cumulative, nothing is undone, we don't leave-behind past decisions - these are incorporated into what comes after...

Yet sub-optimal or bad choices can be turned to good, and right choices can be turned to evil. 

For instance; if a keen submission to the birdemic-peck plan is later repented, and a choice made to reject the agenda of global evil and instead to work in alliance with divine creation... Then this learning-from-experience will set a positive tone for whatever comes after.  

But if, in contrast, someone rejects the birdemic-peck propaganda but for the wrong reasons - such as a fear of damage to psychological or physical health - then this will constitute a commitment to another of the agendas of evil; and subsequent life will become increasingly health-fear dominated, and move in a selfish and hedonic direction... Perhaps towards intractable hypochondria; joining the mainstream-approved pattern of clinging to lifespan, and despair at the inevitability of death.     

One who chooses to submit to the birdemic-peck thereby accepts the "package" - the motivations and plans - of which it is a part (which is why this is one of the Litmus Test issues); which is explicitly (as well as implicitly) an agenda for de facto enslavement.

Thus slavery is chosen. 

But the significance of this slavery is primarily spiritual. It is in essence not a matter of you being subjugated to surveillance, confinement and micro-control of lifestyle. That is a means to the underlying spiritual goal of having you live in perpetual fear and resentment, self-hatred and despair...

A condition in which biological death is seen as annihilation of your-self...

Or else a continued half-life may be offered (and maybe sometimes actually given, under conditions) to those who consent to it; as an enslaved, ghostly spirit of evil perhaps; a 'computer download', or a life energized or extended by means of the predatory/ parasitic exploitation of human energies and vitality. 

In sum; physical slavery is chosen because it is a means to the end of spiritual enslavement - consent to a process of incremental value-corruption leading to self-damnation.

(Because all damnation is chosen.) 


Andrew said...

I recall discussing various birdemic measures with the few people around me who saw through the agenda to a certain extent. But too often they would get bogged down in arguments about why certain measures didn't work (lockdowns, face coverings, pecks, etc.). I kept having to repeat that it was necessary to set all that aside, and instead oppose the measures because the whole thing is a Lie being pushed by liars. That would bring the issue to a point, and fewer still could really see it.

-Andrew E.

William Wildblood said...

my experience was similar to Andrew's. When I declined to be pecked I was often told I shouldn't worry about potential harm it might do me but should go ahead without fear. It was useless to say that my physical well-being was not the reason I declined, certainly not the main reason. The reason was submission to what I regarded as an evil agenda. But peck enthusiasts could make no sense of that.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Andrew - I find it difficult to avoid superficial arguments - when even winning these would probably do more harm than good, by reinforcing the basic assumptions. The point I try to recur to is that the at the time the extreme measures were introduced (which made matters much worse in some places) the birdemic mortality rates were no worse than a normal bad flu year, in in the UK not as bad as 2017-18 (which nobody had even noticed).

@William. That is by far the strongest argument. When 'They' are pushing so hard for anything, it Must be with malign spiritual intent - even when, as usually happens, we don't know exactly what that malign intent might be.