Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Modern Condition: Free to choose the divine within us in Final Participation; or free and able to reject it

In Original Participation we live dominated by the real (divine) self - of which we are unconscious, and towards which we are passive. 

As consciousness develops we become aware that the real self is a distinct 'entity' - we are able to distinguish thinking of the real self from other kinds of thinking (such as thinking in response to perceptions, emotions, memories...). 

Then we learn to block the thinking of the real self - to exclude it from consciousness. At this point (the Consciousness Soul) we have become free of our innate divine nature. 

From this point, to attend to the real self becomes a conscious choice. 

We can choose to attend to the real self, or choose not to attend to it - we can even choose to deny that the real self is real. 

We can choose to regard the thinking of the real self as delusional, a sickness, childishness, wishful fantasy... This is normal and mainstream in the modern world - both among the atheist majority, and among the majority of Christians. 

Final Participation is when, by contrast, we choose to ally ourselves with the real self and give primacy to the thinking of the real self: when we choose - moment by moment, from freedom - to allow the divine within us again to dominate. 


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Why attaining Final Participation (intuitive heart-thinking) is So difficult

Final Participation (thinking from the real self: from that which is divine in us - God Immanent) is inhibited or blocked by many habits, assumptions and convictions that are nearly-universal among modern adults. 

To an atheist-materialist; real self thinking is childish, psychotic, demented or merely wishful fantasy. 

To an orthodox- (i.e. Not Romantic) Christian; real self thinking is pagan, demonic; contradicts church tradition, church authority, The Bible and mainstream theology. 

To almost everyone; it is contradicted by mainstream institutions, officialdom and the law, economics, science, medicine and the mass media. 

That is to say: in this mortal life of today; the thinking of our real self is socially maladaptive (and very probably biologically maladaptive). 

For all these reasons; thinking from the real self tends to be incomplete, unintegrated or brief in duration. Soon we will cease to attend to our real self in face of one or several of these other factors. 

Consequently, the tendency is to ignore it altogether - especially when intuitive heart-thinking contradicts whatever other factors to which we give primary authority and to which we accord validity. 

But we can choose consciously to attend to the thinking of our real self; and give it primacy over other sources of thinking. We can choose to allow it to dominate. 

And, in a world of loving creation - such as Heaven - thinking from the real self (Final Participation) is wholly (indeed necessarily) adaptive; it both fits-into and contributes-to that world. 

Hobbit music? From the Jaye Consort

This album was the first recording of Medieval Music I ever heard (borrowed from my history teacher and mentor John Reeve). This pioneering band (from 1967) is hilariously rough and ready, improvised and (obviously) done in a single take - in a pretty convincing recreation of how things might actually have sounded IRL. You will hear why I call it Hobbit music - due to the rasping intermittent drone of the longest instrument depicted on the cover. I can just imagine the rustics at The Green Dragon Inn, Bywater falling-about with laughter while dancing to this Estampie. 

Friday, 26 February 2021

The Boomer Business

 A current fashion among US bloggers seems to be engaging in a two minutes hate session directed against "Boomers" - which is that rather loosely-defined (last) Baby Boom 'generation' born on or after 1945; the oldest members of whom were active in the sixties counter-culture movements; and who are now retiring and dying. 

The idea is that this generation is actually the worst in history; but imagine they were the best; and therefore live selfishly and smugly in a state of unearned entitlement. 

The above statement is partly-true but significantly-false, and because of this the anti-Boomer movement does more harm than good... 

(But then, if that was not the case, then anti-Boomer jokes and memes would not be so popular, would they?)

The truth is that the Boomer generation were the worst in history up to that point. But the later generations were even worse, and have continued to deteriorate. 

Since the anti-Boomer satire comes only from the younger-than-Boomer generations; Boomerism is one of those 'beams and motes', or 'pot calling kettle black' examples of projection and displacement

Projection - because post-Boomers are criticizing Boomers for their own deficits; and displacement because doing so enables post-Boomers to avoid acknowledging their own - worse in the same direction - generational defects. 

It is also an avoidance of the Real problem in the world today, which is not about generations; but about the spiritual war between Good and evil, God and Satan - and the necessity to understand and discern-between these sides, and for each individual person to make a conscious choice which side he will take.  

The poisonous legacy of neoreaction/ dark enlightenment

In reflecting on the (apparent) demise of, that legacy of the middle-late noughties neo-reactionary, dark-enlightenment, alt-right movement; I was reminded of that movement's critical built-in falsehood with a poisonous legacy - which was to state that Christianity led to Leftism. 

This idea probably originated with Nietzsche - but was propagated by Mencius Moldbug and seems to have spread from him. 

I have often explained why this is wrong, and I cannot be bothered to re-hash it now. Christianity-causing-Leftism is one of those inverted-truths that is so very obviously false (to those whose assumptions are Christian and who are informed about history), that explanations have no traction. 

Indeed - because those who believe this are not Christian and are not informed about the history of Leftism in relation to Christianity - to explain seems actually to reinforce the error.

(Much like trying to 'explain' or prove why men and women cannot really change their sex. Anyone who believes they can is already too far gone to respond to explanations.) 

The real truth is that it was the decline of Christianity that led to Leftism, Indeed, the only two sides in The West are Leftism versus Christianity (i.e. Satan versus God) - there is No political 'Right', distinct from Christianity - it simply does not exist, as has become apparent over the past year.

This is why neo-reaction cannot accurately be described as a half-way-house to Christianity (a 'gateway drug' to use that false analogy), or supportive of Christianity - even though some individuals traversed that path to some extent. 

(There are innumerable paths to Christ - including alcoholism, crime and sexual debauchery - this does not justify any of these activities; any more than having-been a route to Christianity for some people endorses the Secular Right - or the validity of someone like Jordan Peterson!) 

The Secular Right movement was founded-upon the same 'anything-but-Christianity' assumptions that have generated mainstream Western culture for the past century; and which continue to sustain the evolving sexual revolution and the other Litmus Tests of the past year.  

Thursday, 25 February 2021

The end of Reaction Times?

The 'Dark Enlightenment' cluster-linkage analysis

I feel that I ought to note the passing of the blog aggregator site, which was the all-time top referrer to this blog - accounting for 130,000 page views over the years. 

The site was called Reaction Times, and had the insightful subtitle "The restoration will not be televised". 

It was one of a group of a briefly-trendy neoreaction/ alt-right/ 'dark enlightenment'/ manosphere-type blogs from about a decade ago (I don't remember exactly when it began). 

It did not include many Christian bloggers, but I was one of the handful. It is possible that some of the current regular readers originally found this blog via the neorxn link. 

Anyway - since February 15 the site has been inactive and down - with the message "Service Unavailable - Server currently undergoing maintenance".  I sent an email to the administrator, who used to run a blog called Free Northerner - but got no reply. So I guess it is all dead. 

Did it fall or was it pushed? I don't know. Certainly, few of the original blogs that it originally aggregated, remain active - and that whole 'secular right' movement (often associated with Mencius Moldbug) has all-but fizzled-out; either from despair, convergence or (at best!) religious conversion (as was inevitable, and necessary). 

Anyway, I thought that someone should note the passing of a once-vigorous web presence. For all its faults as a not-specifically-Christian aggregator; nothing better than neorxn has replaced it - so this probably counts as another loss. 

Be still, and know that I am God - what does it imply?

The phrase: Be still, and know that I am God comes from Psalm 46. 

If taken in isolation; it seems to refer to instructions for some kind of meditation, or meditative prayer. 

It contains two aspects: be still surely refers to what we need to do. Presumably we should cease to move physically, and stand, sit or lie still. 

But implicitly we should also still our minds - that is, cease to be distracted both by external 'inputs' and by internal 'chatter' of the associative chit-chat of memories, speculations and day-dreams. 

But and know that I am God - might imply two almost opposite things: 

It might mean that when you are still you will attune-with the stillness of God - and therefore achieve some awareness of a divine state that is unchanging, timeless, peaceful.

Reality is still - and if we are also still, we might experience reality. 
So, by our stillness we can know the stillness that is God. 

But I understand the phrase to mean something very different indeed: that when we are still, we can know the presence of God as a living, changing, active Being: a person with us 

It is our stillness that allows us to become aware of God's moment-by-moment creating of the world, of reality. It is this contrast, not a similarity; which enables us to experience the presence of God. 

We may briefly become still - but God is never still. 

Thus, by our stillness we can know (by experience) the dynamic, living consciousness of God; God in our presence here-and-now. 

Our duty to the "so-called dead" (with reference to some ideas of Rudolf Steiner)

This interview with Christopher Bamford is a good introduction to some of the core (and, I believe, most interesting and important) ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Bamford is not a fluent speaker, but he is (I think) pleasant and engaging; once he gets past the first six minutes (which are mostly answering questions about about the sales of Steiner Press publications).   

After a very good concise definition of the essence of Steiner's ideas; Bamford moves-onto a discussion of the 'so-called dead' as Steiner calls people who have biologically died.

I have found these ideas of Steiner's to be helpful in triggering my own thoughts on the subject - not by my agreeing with what Steiner believes happens after death (I regard him as mostly-wrong about this!) - but mainly by Steiner taking the matter seriously, and in the right spirit. 

The right spirit is to recognize that there is one world that includes both the living and the 'so-called dead' - and also, I would add, pre-mortal spirits who have never been incarnated. 

I think of this, however, in an individual way. I don't believe I am directly concerned with all the dead, or even most of them - but with certain specific people

One point Bamford mentions is that the relation between living and SC-dead is potentially (and ideally) two-way and reciprocal. 

Some of the dead remain concerned with, and interested by, the doings of some of the living. 

And also we personally each have an interest in some of the dead - including some duties to them, because there are ways that some particular dead person needs you or me specifically - he or she can benefit from our actions.

Having established the general principles; how might I get to know who exactly needs my attention? 

As usual in personal relationships, this does not work by formula. But I think sometimes I have had a strong and sustained inclination/ motivation to (in some way) pay attention to some particular person - a prime example is my fascination with William Arkle (which I have described here). 

So - I believe that we can know this much without much difficulty. But if you were to ask me to tell-you exactly what we ought to be doing for a specific dead person; then I think we get into the usual difficulty with human relationships that any summary is grossly inadequate and can be dangerously misleading. 

For example, if someone tried to discover what exactly was his duty to a mother, brother, wife or best friend... Then how could this (even in principle) be answered satisfactorily in any kind of explicit, comprehensive fashion? It could not. 

And if you (unwisely) did summarize your duty in some sentence or list of bullet-points - then this reductionism of the personal would be far more likely to mislead and misdirect than to help. 

The correct and simple answer to 'what is my duty?'; is something like loving attention

Our duty to the specific-dead is loving attention... and whatever flows from that

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

"So you want to change your fundamental (metaphysical) assumptions?" Romantic Christianity in practice

Probably, you are hoping that this can be done in such a way that your new, chosen, Romantic Christian-type assumptions will become automatic, habitual, pervasive...

The bad news is that what you want is not possible; the good news is that the impossibility is part of the divine plan...

Romantic Christian assumptions must (to make a sweeping generalization) be consciously-chosen and will therefore happen in thinking. (Because thinking is the mode of conscious choice.) 

We usually, spontaneously, want our lives to be 'effortlessly good' - including effortlessly purposive, meaningful, deep and rich. 

But then, when we are learning something, some skill or practice (for me that was various types of academic work at school - then medicine, biology, systems theory, Christian theology...) we want that learning process to be effortless. 

Yet we soon learn that learning is only learning if it is effortful - if 'learning' is not hard work, sustained and focused; then there is no learning (but, at most, only parroting). 

(No insult to parrots is intended by this expression...)

We do not want to make mistakes - to err. But all that means in practice is that we deny our errors and double-down on them - and/or we curtail our ambition to much less than it should be, in our desire to avoid mistakes. 

Thus the 'imaginative living' of successful Romantic Christianity has characteristics of deliberate-day-dreaming - in that (because it is a kind of thinking) we know we are doing it, while we are doing it.  

'Magic' is thus contained within thinking

It is therefore necessary to value conscious thinking - and to repent our spontaneous desire to be overwhelmed by 'romanticism breaking-in upon us such that we are passive and helpless to resist.

We need to acknowledge that thinking is (or can be) real, and value our consciously-chosen thinking more than the unconscious and spontaneous. 

Then we may be able to intensify that imaginative thinking - so it becomes more satisfying and dominant within our lives. 

Yet, this mortal life is one of learning from experiences; and we should not expect to make cumulative-progress in our life project. We should not expect the desired mode of thinking to become habitual and spontaneous - but always to require conscious choice. 

After all we Will die, sooner or later - and before then, probably lose our higher faculties to disease, degeneration or just irresistible distractions. 

Yet - on a timescale of eternal Heavenly life - that does not invalidate what learning we do achieve; nor does it invalidate those (perhaps brief) times when our thinking is as it should be. 

It is in overcoming difficulties, and despite them attaining (for a while) - and in thinking - the desired mode of being; that we live in accordance with divine creation. 

In short - we can attain Heaven on Earth in our thinking - but we are not supposed to reach that state automatically. 

Our mortal 'job' is consciously to choose salvation - and keep on choosing

Join with demons or become mini-gods? Because we can choose, we must choose

The big, bad fact of these times is that people actually do choose their reality; and they are (en masse) choosing the reality devised by the powers of evil. 

If we consider meaning and purpose in life; then it can be seen that purpose dictates meaning; meaning derives-from purpose. 

Meaning derives from purpose - and purpose is external

We necessarily choose our purpose, because our purpose is outside us. Having chosen our purpose, we consciously derive meaning from that purpose.

Thus purpose is chosen. Therefore we actually-do choose the meaning in our lives; or more accurately we already have-chosen the meaning of our lives - but, that meaning can be changed if we change purpose. 

There are only two purposes, into which all others may be classified: with God, or Against. 

This has a precise meaning in that God is the Creator, and we live in divine creation insofar as our life has meaning (since the alternative is un-formed chaos, without knowledge or purpose). 

And God's creation is on-going, moment-by-moment - a living 'process'. (i.e. God is create-ing.) 

The purpose of a Christian is called 'salvation' - which means the choice of resurrected life eternal, in Heaven (with those others who have chosen salvation); to come after the transformation of biological-death. 

This is the choice to become immortal mini-gods (Children of God), whose life is participation in the work of divine creation. 

Therefore, salvation is bound-up-in affiliation to God the Creator - a wish to be part-of and harmonious-with ongoing divine creation. 

What we - each as an individual - decide is whether harmoniously to affiliate-with creation (this is called Love of God); or else try to use creation for our own purposes (this is called pride). 

If we pursue some other purpose than harmony with creation; then we are essentially subordinating divine creation to our-own-purposes. (Or trying-to...)

This is termed 'pride' and all other sins can be reduced to it - hence, for Christians, pride (in this meaning) is the master sin. 

In other words, if we want to live in Heaven, then we will put-first the harmony of God's creation and the people in it - and this virtue is called Love. 

(This is not something theoretical - but what all members of a happy and good family are doing; for so long as that family is happy and good - which, on this world, is always temporary and usually partial.) 

Love is the motivation for those who wish to live in Heaven as it actually is; therefore is is part-of salvation. 

(Someone who cannot love or does not love would not wish to be a part of Heaven; since Heaven 'entails' putting divine creation first.) 

It is the fate of modern Man that the choice to join the side of God and creation is unconscious. A choice that is unconscious, passive, will be a choice to subordinate to the group-mind; and that group-mind is (here-and-now) corrupted to the side against-God.

The group-mind of Man was not always and everywhere corrupted to oppose God and creation - but It Is Now. Therefore, in 2021, the default is anti-creation, prop-evil. In 2021, if we are ruled by that which is spontaneous and appears 'natural' - then we will be opposed to the divine. 

But the seduction to the side of evil is by pride. An implicit 'deal' is offered by evil, which is that: "We will support your personal purposes, If you you join our side." 

Such a person (and this appears to be the majority of people) has come to understand his own life as a matter of manipulating creation to maximize his own personal purposes or gratification.

This 'deal' ("join us and get what you want") is fundamentally dishonest - because 'joining' the side of evil is actually a voluntary submission; after which evil has no reason to honour the deal. 

Nonetheless there are many deal-takers - who are choosing the path to join with the demons*. 

In sum; the most important decision relates to our purpose in life - since this dictates meaning. If there is no conscious choice of purpose - then that purpose will 'naturally be dictated by the group-mind, which is on the side of evil. 

(In a world where God and creation are denied - this is the normal, default choice.) 

Yet we may consciously choose Heavenly Salvation as our personal purpose. This amounts to 'creating our own reality' - which (in a materialist world that denies life beyond biological-death) sounds like mere wishful thinking... 

In truth; it is explicitly taking responsibility for your purpose in living. 

*Few people apparently want Heaven, or do not put it as the priority - or else they do not, in mortal life, understand what is on-offer. But if mere ignorance of Heaven is the problem, we can expect that such people will choose Heaven after this mortal life. On the other hand, if a person is (by that point) too deeply corrupted by evil motivations, too deeply committed to his sins (sin meaning other, personal, priorities) then Heaven will be rejected. The main barrier to salvation is not ignorance but 'having other priorities'.  

Monday, 22 February 2021

If you are having trouble commenting on this blog...

Then that would fit with my own experience in trying to comment elsewhere - intermittent and unpredictable failures and deletions... 

Maybe this is the beginning of the end? 

Alternatively, you could send an e-mail comment, and I will moderate it in the usual way. 

Reading is bad for you; or, What help can we expect from writers?

What help can we get from writers? Not much! 

In the olden days (before 2020) I could go to a book shop or library and browse the shelves among thousands of books - and it was hard to find a single one that was of material assistance in addressing my condition, my deepest needs.

Even old friends among books, are only helpful when I am in the right kind of mood to work-with-them. 

Real books are more like people than they are like supposed 'texts' - that is, when we are really reading a book (which may be a very rare occurrence - or perhaps never, for some people): the book is alive. 

Which is presumably why we can get such strong feeling about books - whether positive or negative. It also explains why (like people) books change; and (again like people, at least nowadays) books usually change for the worse

So, we meet up with a book after a gap of some years, and are appalled at the corruption it has undergone in the meantime. We are sure that it did not used to be so nasty when we knew it before; but clearly, the the meantime, the book has made bad choices, not repented them, and doubled-down on its wrongness.

In the past it was probably possible for a book to 'do us good' with the reader in a passive relationship; and the good being done passively and without consent. 

But as human consciousness has developed, all good things become a matter of conscious choice. We can be (and are) only corrupted by submission to the external, including by the effects of book. 

Stealth propaganda and manipulation can only be negative, nowadays. It is not possible to improve modern people by 'smuggling' Christian ideas into stories (as CS Lewis tried to do with Narnia and may have succeeded in doing, 70 years ago - but not now). 

Modern atheist-materialist cultural assumptions are indeed like Lewis's 'watchful dragons' in detecting and rejecting Christian goodness - nonetheless, these dragons must be identified, exposed and confronted. 

Because the aim is for people to join the side of God by conscious choice - in mortal life as it will be after biological death. 

To get benefit from a book, we must actively work-with-it - the book (as a text) does not Do Us Good.

(That Books Are Good-doers is a falsehood sustained by many people, who ought to know better - leading to the idea that 'bookshops' and 'libraries' are A Good Thing - regardless of their content: and that it is necessarily beneficial to encourage people to read more, and to read more books). 

(Related lies are that places called schools and colleges are good things; and people paid to do something officially-called science or the arts are benefactors of mankind).  

Regular readers will know how much I value JRR Tolkien's work, which I have met-with many times over the decades - and we still have a great relationship. 

Yet 'reading Tolkien' clearly does most people no good at all; and apparently merely encourages them in their wickedness and folly - as is evident from the worlds of Tolkien fandom and scholarship (which mostly consist of explicitly evil-affiliated people, working in explicitly evil-affiliated 'Tolkien-themed' institutions).

The best that can be said of them is that they are - on average - Not As Bad as the very worst examples of people and institutions. Nonetheless Tolkien-related institutions and persons are (like everything else in The System) net-bad, and getting worse annually and inexorably. 

So I am compelled to acknowledge that even the best of books are powerless to stem the corruption of our times. 

It takes two 'people' to read a book - the words and the reader; and for that relationship to do good, the reader must be capable-of, and motivated-towards, knowing and choosing Good. 

Otherwise - no matter the potential transcendental excellence of 'the text' - the reading-interaction will be unavailing in pursuit of good; rather like Jesus and the Pharisees. 

Those who lack eyes to see, ears to hear, and do not even want resurrected eternal life; will fail to recognize even the Son of God, never mind benefit from a 'good book'. 

Indeed, the goodness of a book will incite those on the side of evil to greater evil - directed against the threat of good - as with the army of Tolkien commentators, critics and interpreters - biographers, movie-makers and fan-fiction authors; whose true motivation is to subvert and spoil Tolkien, and if possible covertly-invert the understanding of his values. 

The intent is to ensure that readers approach his work with false assumptions and expectations - which, of course, tend to be self-fulfilling, and are resistant to counter-evidence. A potentially good relationship of Man and book has thus been poisoned before it has even begun. 

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Two options for being a Christian - here-and-now (and one of them is not viable)

We have, in The West, experienced a couple of centuries of high level critique and rejection of Christianity - perhaps most famously/ influentially by Nietzsche, who blamed in-practice Christianity for that attitude of passivity, guilt, self-hatred, and covert suicide that now dominates The West (even though it is several generations since Christianity was excluded from all significant public discourse in The West). 

The implication is that either we go back to pre-modern 'traditional' Christianity - along with everything that might entail such as monarchy, top-down rule by the church, agrarian societies etc. 

Or else we re-make the philosophy of Christianity - which entails making a distinction between actual Christianity and all traditional attempts to describe, explain, instantiate and implement it. It means re-examining the assumptions of that Greek-Roman philosophy within-which traditional Christianity is explained. It means re-examining the assumption that Christianity be church-led and church-controlled. Re-examining the usually historical understanding of Christianity; the several assumptions underling the assertion of of the primacy of scripture; and very idea of tradition itself...

In other words; the choices are traditional Christianity (in some version or another) and re-making the medieval world; or else Romantic Christianity (in one form or another) and using this as the basis of an unknown and unknowable future. 

But if we conclude that the traditional path is both (overall) undesirable and (actually) impossible* - then there is only one choice: Romantic Christianity. 

*I shall not attempt to persuade anybody of this; but I tried for several years to think through the implications - honestly - and found the project to be literally impossible; as well as harmful to embark upon. This despite my being perfectly clear that the Medieval Traditional world was objectively better - more God-aligned, more good, more motivated to be in accord with divine creation than is the world in 2021. Much better. Until you understand how these two convictions (better - and also bad/ impossible) are simultaneously possible, then you do not understand the point I am making (whether or not you agree with it is another matter!)

Monetized bloggers/ vloggers, clubs and conferences, are all System insiders

For a Christian to respond properly to the current situation - it is necessary to recognize first the The System is evil, and second that The System includes all formal institutions. 

By formal institutions, I means those that are monetized, have accounts, employ people - are regulated by law. This means that even a small club or conference, any blog or vlog, is inside The System, if it has any of these 'corporate' characteristics.

That does not mean that such must be avoided - indeed they cannot; because The System is everywhere, and we live by means of it - but that we absolutely need to be aware of the fact

The only groupings that can be (although not necessarily are) outside The System are those that are affective, based on shared interest, voluntary, amateur - personal

Such discernments are required because of the imperative of System-distancing. This distancing is a spiritual imperative; it means that although we cannot avoid participating in The System in order to live - we need to be aware of such participation: aware so that we can acknowledge and repent the ways in which it inevitably leads us to sin. 

That is, we need continually to generate and maintain a spiritual distance between our-selves and The System.  

This isn't actually difficult, in the sense that evil is clearer and more obvious than ever before; but it is difficult in the sense that evil-affiliated people and institutions are everywhere and in a large majority - and include many people/ institutions that we like and rely-upon.

The evil-affiliated include many who regard themselves as being opposed to evil but - overall, by their support of a 'reformed' System - are not genuinely opposed to, but in service to, evil. 

I am not saying it is logically-impossible for (for instance) a blogger who has monetized his blog to be genuinely against The System - but it is unlikely that a genuinely God-affiliated individual would monetize his blog, thereby linking it positively with the global bureaucracy. 

In practice, such individuals always aim to reform The System - and that has become impossible. So they actually live in hope of being saved by a System which is evil by strategic intent: that is, they put their faith in evil.  

A self-identified Christian church that owns buildings, is an employer, pays taxes, presents accounts etc - Just Is is an integral part of The System. So many and so various are the System-links - and so strategically and pervasively evil is The System - that the net-evil of any such church is almost inevitable in 2021. 

It is therefore essential that this System-evil explicitly and clearly be recognized; in order to be repented. If the institution is not doing this, it Just Is is evil affiliated. 

And likewise if a person is not explicitly and clearly aware that his Church is evil-affiliated; then he will be placing his faith in evil.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Project Despair - how democracy/ bureaucracy/ the global System is an important element

2020 saw the near-deletion of nearly all the worldly causes of hope. Whatever you most appreciate in your life - whatever you looked forward to - chances are it has been suspended with diminishing likelihood of its ever returning. 

This is particularly despair-inducing in The West; because there is negligible other-worldly expectation of life-beyond-life. 

(As the weeks go by, one after another slender loophole of worldly hope - of some-thing to look-forward-to - meeting family, a fulfilling career, holidays, hobbies, a social life, romance, sports, fellowship, real-education, singing or dancing, arts or crafts or culture... whatever - withers, is closed-off, and tied shut.) 

When all institutions have been incorporated into a single, hierarchical and cross-linked, global bureaucracy (The System) - then there is no personal responsibility for any evil - and we are realizing that personal responsibility is the only real responsibility. 

In a world where all decisions are ultimately underwritten by committees, by voting; then nobody is  responsible for anything

And when all institutions are part of The System, there is no possibility of replacing evil rule by something genuinely-better. 

And since the problem is in the non-responsibility - then some other System is not an answer. And we are learning what should have been obvious; that individuals are not allowed to make a positive difference - because all judgment is ultimately ruled by committee. 

Another aspect of the situation is that (because non-responsible) committee systems are intrinsically evil, hence destructive. They will always destroy The Good - overall and through time. 

Therefore the mere operation of The System drives the world further and further into an evil for which nobody is responsible, and about-which nothing constructive can be done. 

Hence the despair. And hence my name for this demonic strategy which has been unrolling for several generations: Project Despair

The strategy was very simple: first remove all next-worldly considerations from life (God, the spiritual and creation) - so that people become utterly this-worldly; second, eliminate all this-worldly hope - leaving people with nothing

To my intuition, despair is settling upon the world is a fashion that is almost palpable; as the reality of our situation settles in - and this is a despair for which (when people are honest with themselves, and this cannot always be avoided - at least unconsciously) there is no conceivable worldly solution

In other words - logistics and practicality aside; people cannot even imagine, cannot even daydream, a way-out from the situation we are spiraling-down into...

The choice is stark: despair or Christ. 

And Christ is necessary, but not sufficient - because each must work actively for his own destiny in this world; and for his own salvation in the next. 

Friday, 19 February 2021

Man has never lived in an godless world before - therefore history is misleading

The most difficult thing to recognize about the current situation in the world is that it is very simple! We live in a godless world - where the divine is excluded from all significant public discourse. 

To whatever question why; the answer is ultimately Godlessness.  

Therefore, historical (and any other kind of) scholarship is not just useless but actively misleading as a guide to where we are and where we are going. It is just another distraction to add to those deluged upon us by The System. 

And this is why the most educated are (in general) the most clueless. 

But even among people who have recognized what is happening and where we are going, there is an unhelpful desire to seek insight by scouring history for analogical precedents - especially about the Roman Empire; but also elsewhere. 

These are mostly a kind of displacement activity (much like the focus on national personalities, policies, elections and minor quantitative variations in a world of unprecedented qualitative uniformity); a kind of self-psychotherapy, subconsciously-intended to cover the reality of helplessness when faced with the global and inexorable nature of what is coming. 

I am not at all advocating despair and passivity - quite the opposite (as many other recent posts make clear); but intellectuals need to be clear that brain power and hard study leading to abstract national/ planetary generalizations are of zero strategic value for improving the outcome of where we are and going. 

My attitude is: by all means read history, theology, philosophy, whatever etc.- but do so for your own personal purposes; and do not expect it to help other people. 

What helps others in a general way is very simple, child's level analyses, rooted in the spiritual war between God (and the Beings who support creation) and the devil (and the Beings who oppose the divine). 

That is really all which needs to be said theoretically: the rest is working-out the implications in our own lives. 

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Is it wrong - or necessary - to identify and criticize mainstream (i.e. fake) 'rightists ' and Christians?

As of 2021; anyone who is in the mainstream is not on the side of God, the Good and divine creation - and is almost certainly overall and in-effect against these - regardless of whether that person (or institution) self-identifies as Christian or affects to be against the Left. 

The question is whether people such as myself (or Vox Day) should expend time, effort and zeal in identifying and criticizing mainstream fakes?  

One main viewpoint is that criticism should be focused upon the worst examples of Anti-Christian activity - the explicit and extreme Left; rather than on the less extreme, or mixed, commentators; or 'liberal Christians', or cowardly and compromised, incoherent Christians (who are, after all, a minority). 

And therefore that it is wrong when Christians are ruthless (even aggressive!) in pointing out the flaws and fraudulence of mainstream supposed Christians or anti-leftists. 

This viewpoint argues that such people do some good, overall - or especially when read selectively; and that 'moderate' mainstream pundits may form a bridge (or 'entry drug') to The Truth (i.e. to better, realer, persons and institutions). 

There is also a would-be Christian argument of the mote/ beam in eye kind; whereby it is suggested that nobody should criticize anybody on moral grounds, unless or until they are themselves free from sin... 

But I regard these arguments as mistaken (when they are not merely deceptive and tendentious - i.e. when people are covertly trying to excuse themselves from courage and clarity, under guise of 'tolerance' for others). 

My position is that it is necessary, but not sufficient, to criticize mainstream fake Christians/ anti-leftists; precisely because they are much more likely to influence people; and because their misrepresentation of Christianity tends to block conversion to the real thing (in multiple ways). 

If these people (or institutions) are allowed to stand without their fraudulence being clearly stated, they will do the maximum of harm, and any good they do will tend to be swamped. 

(Which is, after all, why such people are tolerated in the mainstream - why they are even subsidized and encouraged by the forces of evil.)

The fact that primarily-bad people may do some good is irrelevant; because the same applies to out-and-out evil people; who, by taking their bad ideas to extremes, may reach a reductio ad absurdum, waken up their audience, and provoke self-disgust leading to conversion.

...Much as the utter degradation of extreme alcoholism may lead to its own cure, in the Alcoholics Anonymous model - while socially-acceptable, keeping-up-a-facade alcoholics, may be able to deny their situation indefinitely.

An out and out, aggressive, public atheist - like the philosophers Freddie (A.J.) Ayer or Anthony Flew - is probably more likely to reach the end of the road, and convert to (real) Christianity; than is a liberal (fake) Christian of the Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Justin Welby kind, that dominates and leads the mainstream denominations.   

It is also worth bearing in mind that the idea of the Antichrist is one who is 'mostly' (i.e. superficially) Christian - and self-identifies as Christian, while essentially (and by motivation) working-against Christ. 

This is precisely what mainstream 'Christians' are and do; especially obviously so, if you agree with the validity of my 2020 Litmus Tests

As for the mote/ beam in the eye argument; it results from a mistaken understanding of the nature of evil - which has become much clearer over the past year. The good are those on the side of God and divine creation; the evil are those who take the side of the devil in opposition to God/ Good and Creation. 

Thus, good and evil are distinguished by allegiance, not by personal qualities. A nasty and badly behaved person can, with absolute legitimacy (so long as he recognizes and repents his sins), call-out a kind, compassionate and altruistic individual who serves Satan. 

Not only can, but should. 

However, although necessary; negative critique of fake mainstream Christians is not sufficient; and should be part of a way of life that includes positive examples of exemplary persons (and, if any can be found, institutions) - who are on the side of God. 

Yet there may not be many such. Indeed, as of 2021; I suspect there are very few individuals who are widely enough known (i.e. sufficiently 'mainstream') to be discussed as exemplars of those who take the side of God - although there were plenty in the past.  

In the meantime, it is inevitable that among the Rich, Famous, Influential and Powerful - there are going to be nearly-all fake-Good people; no matter how much we would hope it to be otherwise...

And that yearning we all share to find someone - anyone! - among the mainstream RFIP, who is 'on our side', is exactly why the fakes need to be exposed. 

Is it A Good Thing that Civilization is purposively destroying itself?

It may be that - belatedly, after a year of its becoming blazingly obvious - more people are noticing that world civilization (led by The West) is purposively destroying itself. Indeed, there is already not much left of active Western Civilization - since it all closed or forbidden. 

This began some decades ago - or maybe longer - as evidenced by chosen sub-replacement fertility (encouraged by the sexual revolution) beginning with the upper classes and spreading downwards to include all but the most feckless and low-intelligence (plus a handful of traditionally-religious groups). 

However, the global coup of early 2020 began actively accelerating (and making compulsory) this process; such that world civilization collapse has (I believe) become inevitable on a short timescale. 

It is being more widely-noticed that the authorities seem happy for this situation to become known explicitly as what it always was: permanent. And plenty of 'normal' folk are 'cool with this' - for one reason or another (related to mass atheism and leftism).  

Given that the dominant Global Establishment have made The System (i.e. the single linked-bureaucracy: all major social institutions including the mass-social media) into a purposive agent of evil - how should we regard this strategic destruction? 

On the one hand, we need to acknowledge that the destruction of the evil-System is being done for even-more-evil reasons. In other words, this represents the take-over of Ahrimanic, partially-good, 'lawful evil' by Sorathic - wholly destructive - 'chaotic evil'

On the other hand, we can be confident that God will be making the best of a bad situation through his continuing work of create-ing this world; such that evil may be led into working against-itself. 

What was intended to promote evil may - unintentionally - tend to sabotage evil. 

But (and this is important) evil sabotaging evil does of itself not lead to Good - unless there is Good for it to lead-to.  

It is only by the existence of Good in the world, that God can work to promote further Good. 

In other words, God can take a small amount of Good, and amplify it; but does not (cannot) impose Good where only evil motivations reign. 

Thus there is every reason for the Good (i.e. those on the side of God and divine creation) to remains strong, and hold themselves in readiness. 

When collapse comes it may not (likely it will-not) be reversible; yet there may then be great opportunities for Christians to do great and permanent Good - with the invisible assistance of divine providence. 

My attempted completion of Frodo's poem: O! Wanderers in the shadowed land

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are in the Old Forest...


Frodo tried to sing a song to encourage them, but his voice sank to a murmur. 

O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
despair not! For though dark they stand,
all woods there be must end at last,
and see the open sun go past:
the setting sun, the rising sun,
the day’s end, or the day begun.
For east or west all woods must fail…

Fail - even as he said the word his voice faded into silence. The air seemed heavy and the making of words wearisome. Just behind them a large branch fell from an old overhanging tree with a crash into the path. The trees seemed to close in before them.


It's a lovely lyric; but - thanks to the increasing threat of the Old Forest, it never gets completed. The commentary in Christopher Tolkien's The History of Middle Earth seems to suggest that the poem was never taken any further. 

So, I thought I would have a shot at providing a final line for the poem - by completing a rhyming couplet beginning with For east or west all woods must fail… 

I can immediately inform you that I failed to attain an altogether satisfactory result; the the best completion I managed, the one that is most in spirit with the rest of the poem is:

For east or west all woods must fail…
East or west, all woods must fail.

But that is very obviously pinched from Robert Frost's poem that ends with a repeated "And miles to go before I sleep"...

The ideal last line would either complete the argument, or else explain why the poem stopped. 

So, here are a few other suggestions, from which you can take your pick - or yourself try to do better. 

For east or west all woods must fail…
If not at Harvard, then at Yale. 

For east or west all woods must fail…
It's like escaping from a jail!

For east or west all woods must fail…
And that's the ending of my tale.

Perhaps the best, however, is surely:

For east or west all woods must fail…
Alas! I've trodden on a nail.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

In which I find the grave of Tolkien's Aunt Grace, and discover the date of her death...

 Over at The Notion Club Papers blog.

A life of heroic destiny in 2021? On finding Christian motivation

It seems more necessary than ever to live a self-consciously 'heroic' life - if, that is, one is to survive and even thrive - both psychologically but essentially spiritually - in the world of 2021. 

Christians have had so much removed from them; and the spirit of Antichrist is so strong and pervasive (among the Establishment and the masses); that there must be a new, strong, pervasive, clear and simple inner-motivation to get us going, and keep us bold and active, in face of unrelenting dis-couragement. 

We need - in short - each to be a hero of faith... 

A hero of our own spiritual destiny.

But not like a hero of the past, who was admired by his community, who accomplished something for his society - and who returned to 'a hero's welcome'. 

The modern hero will be doing the work of divine creation, not human society; and Men will either ignore him or treat him as a hostile - as stupid, evil or insane. 

Heroism 2021 will be other-worldly - not this-worldly; and will be something private: between the individual and God - it's fruits only objectively evident in Heaven, or to those on earth who are attuned with the Heavenly. 

Mainstream culture regards Man as a kind of animal, as a bundle of instincts; the product of arbitrary causes and random accidents. Small wonder, then, that modern Man is such a pitiful creature; such an ignorant, passive, gullible slave to evil. 

Traditional religion (including Christian) also has an insufficiently-motivating understanding of Man's stature - since the individual was always seen in terms of service to fellow Men - to one or other aspect of human society, human institutions... 

Yet it is now precisely 'fellow Men', and especially institutions/ organizations/ corporations - including the religiously-self-identified churches - who are The Problem. 

It is a index of the depth and pervasiveness of our corruption that one's fellow Men do not want to be helped

To be externally guided is (here-and-now) to be on the side of Satan.  

Men are demotivated because they subordinate them-selves, even their souls, to external guidance. 

Their motives are secondhand, feeble, insufficient to sustain heroism - which is why Men have being so readily recruited to the side of evil, and their thoughts and actions redirected to demonic ends.


In my opinion it is an evasion to try and organize resistance when the problem is in ourselves.

What is needed is that we wake each morning to a sense of our personal destiny: our immortal task in mortal life - in order to benefit the society of Heaven. 

Each of us is unique and has an unique place in Heaven - it is for that which we need to prepare with heroic bravery and dedication.

Since our destiny is unique, we must discover it by intuitive consultation with our innate divinity; reflection, conversation, study; by our innate power of discernment; trial-and-error-and-repentance; prayer and meditation; and guidance from the Holy Ghost...

To be a hero of faith in 2021 is simple enough that anyone can start from wherever they are: Now! 

And complex enough to be a lifetime's activity and excitement. 

It is a way of thinking, a way of living. A combination of conscious choice, good habits, and a spontaneous upwelling of divine-directed motivation.    

Traditionalist Christians of the past may have regarded this kind of heroic endeavor as a spiritually prideful fantasy. 

But that is hardly a possibility in our world where Christianity is so despised - and so feeble where asserted; where mass apostasy is a daily haemorrhage; and where churches are so conformed to the Satanic System that any vividly Christian life-experience receives zero external validation. 

Nowadays - far from inflation and Luciferic pride - the heroic Christian is likely to be sabotaged by irony, self-consciousness, and mockery. 

Anyway for Christians of 2021; matters are simplified by the lack of alternatives. 

The minority of remnant traditionalist Christians and the mainstream liberal pseudo-Christians have alike contradicted their own core assertions (e.g. abandoning sacraments, gathering, or priestly-pastoral service); have willingly and pridefully colluded in their own destruction - and have thereby invalidated their claims. 

Either we do it ourselves or it won't be done

And if we do it ourselves, we need to have strong inner motivations.  

And these motivations will need to be positive, high-hearted, joyous, brave and exciting - if they are to be sustainable in such a dis-couraging world as this. 

To begin must be a conscious choice; and it must start-out as an imagination - a fantasy; with an element of self-conscious play-acting the hero of density (with ones-self as the sole audience). 

There is no need to be embarrassed about such foolish contrivance! 

Embrace the absurdity, enjoy the fact of being A Fool - for Christ!

So long as our motives are genuine (and that is between our-selves and God) - reality will follow our day-dreams.